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Friday, August 11, 2017

Baba Visit.Chicago, and Grey's 7 Year Check-up!

It's hard to believe school starts next week!  We have been trying to make the most of the end of our summer!

The kiddos lovin on each other at Kroger before Tatum's gymnastics:)

Sky traveled for 3 weeks at the ended of July.  He was home on the weekends, but was gone Monday-Friday!  The kids were actually great so it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds!  The last week in July, Skyler had to go to Connecticut for work and he opted to drive.  To cut 2.5 hours off his drive, we drove to Youngstown on Saturday afternoon and spent the night with Baba!  Charlotte even came with us:)

What's a trip to see Baba if we don't visit Handels!  The kids sure did like the hill next to it!

Fat and happy:)

If my girl isn't an actress when she grows up, then something is very wrong!

Hands Up!

These kids just adore Baba!  Greyson and her have a special bond!  Hard to believe she will be 90 this year!  She is amazing!

Fun in the tub at Baba's!

Hi Mom!  Hope you are having fun in Chicago!

One last pic before we head home!

Takin a spin!


We had a pretty uneventful week while Skyler was gone.  Grey had his last day of gymnastics and his 7 year checkup!  He was 49 inches tall and 57lbs!  He is 50th percentile for weight and 69% percentile for height.  Based on his growth model, they project him to be about 5ft11in.  It will be fun to see how tall he really turns out to be!

This past weekend, Skyler and I got away for a much needed weekend trip!  We went to Chicago...it was Sky's first time!
Channeling our daughter's favorite pose!

My Asian husband looking like a tourist!

Lauren Alexander kept the kids and they were spoiled rotten!  They saw the Emoji Movie, went to Dave and Busters, made S'mores, and slept in a fort!

Navy Pier!

View from our hotel (Doubletree on Ohio Avenue)

Wrigley Field!

Classic Skyler pose!

Drinks with Travis and Freddy!  

Hello from our fort!

En Route to brunch Saturday Morning in an uber...Porsche Macan!  Random but a nice lil ride:)

We met Travis and his girlfriend and some other friends at a restaurant in Lincoln Park for a bottomless Mimosa Brunch!  We had so much fun drinking, eating and playing shuffle board!

We spent two + hours there and then headed down the street to a fun patio for more drinks!  Check out this Mega Mule!

Travis got some Bourbon Bowl all for himself!

After about 6 hours of day-drinking, Sky and I took a boat tour on the river through Downtown.  

It was a beautiful day!

 That night we planned to go to a nice dinner.  We were both fully dressed and just about to walk out the door when I got super sick!  I never threw up but kept dry heaving!  I guess I'm showing my age!  I went to bed and Sky got Jimmy Johns and watched tv:(  It was a bummer to miss a date night, but we still had a great trip!

So random, but a photographer was in my gym one day taking photos for some online ads.  This was one of the pictures and was chosen for the ad!  Ha!

This is what happens when Mom doesn't pick out Tatum's outfit when Dad is dropping them at the sitters:)

Tuesday we hit up Target and the kids got some new backpacks!  Guess whose is whose!

The Cress family has been traveling a lot so when they were home on Tuesday, the kids were so excited to play!  The girls were superheros!

Sign of a successful summer day!

On Wednesday, Lauren put Tatum in her old cheerleading outfut!  How stinkin cute!

Thursday Tatum asked for pigtail braids and then asked me to take her pic!


Conley and Grey doing "homework" at Tatum and Crew's gymnastics!

Thursday evening, we hit up Costco, Red Robin, DSW, and Krispy Kreme!  Grey has been begging for these shoes called Leaps....he claimed they would make him jump higher!  I personally think they are ugly as sin, but they weren't expensive and the kids were beyond excited!  They both got a pair!

They look a little homeless, but I sure do love them:)

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