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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

1st Day of 2nd Grade and Pre-K (and more)

On the Saturday before school started, we planned a super fun day with the Zuchegnos!  A last hurrah before the rat race began!  We started out at ZipZone where the kids did a ropes course!  It was super cool!  We are going to take Greyson back to do the higher ones with a zip line.  You have to be 7 and at least 50 lbs so he was the only kid big enough!

 After that we headed to the Union County Hot Air Balloon Festival!  We didn't stay for the hot air balloons to be launched, but we still had fun!  We ate and the kids played in the bounce houses!

 Monday was Open House at school!  We met Greyson's teacher and she is Uh Mazing so far!  After that we played on the playground to wait for the Zuchegnos to be done meeting their teachers!  It was hot and Grey was not so neat with the water fountain!  LOL

After Open house, we continued our ritual and headed to Red Robin and Krispy Kreme!  The kiddos are wild when they are together!

Tuesday was a chill day...but we did spend some time with Lane and James.  We had a nerf gun battle in the basement and ate popsicles on the deck!  Tatum was sporting her new soccer shoes and shin guards with Sky's old army hat!  She is one of a kind!

Before we knew it, August 16 arrived and off to school the kiddos went!!!

Tatum is still home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays....so Thursday after gymnastics we both got our hair cut and colored!  I darkened mine and Tatum got some pink in hers!

She also got some new boots!

Addison and Tatum were playing at the Cresses while Amber and I waited for the bus in the car.  Before we knew it, the girls pulled out of the Cress's garage in the Barbie Jeep with an umbrella!  It was too funny!

Mimi bought Tatum and Charlotte matching dresses and Tatum was not so excited to wear hers....she didn't like the holes in the shoulders!  She wasn't dramatic or anything!

Sunday evening, Greyson had his first soccer clinic!  He is playing in an OYAA league.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Not sure soccer will be his Thang, but thats okay!

Monday was Kristen's birthday so we grilled burgers and had a strawberry Cake!

Thursday was Tatum's first day at dance!  She seriously was made to dance or perform!

After dance and going to Costco with Dad, Tator was pooped!

 I'll wrap up the post with some pictures of Tatum from her school.  She absolutely loves it!  Everyday when I pick her up, she hugs everyone in the class!  She won't leave without hugging her teacher!