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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Visit from Uncle Micah, Charlotte's Birthday Party and Greyson looses a second tooth!

The last few weeks have just flown by.  Uncle Micah had to be in Louisville, KY for work so he flew in early and spent a long weekend with us.  The kids just adored having him here.  We spent time at the pool, went to Red Robin, the boys golfed, and we broke in the kids new Slip N Slide compliments of Uncle Micah!

Tatum tested out some lipstick all by herself!  Pretty sexy!!!

Lauren took the kids to Michaels one day and Tator was pretty excited!  HA!

Two siblings just walking and talking:)

Three of the cutest cousins I know:)

All ready for Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Party!!!

We also celebrated my birthday this week!  I have no idea how I am 38 years old!  I felt pretty darn special though.  The kids and Sky got me a cake, flowers, gifts and took me to dinner!  I got some great texts, cards, and gifts from other friends and family too!

Last night (July 25) grey lost his second tooth!  It was more than ready, but it took Tatum bumping him and making it bleed to go visit Kristen to pull it out!  He was pretty excited!  That adult tooth is halfway in already!

And this is my little dancing diva!  

Happy Hump day!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Star Wars Birthday Party!

On Saturday we had a birthday party at the house for Greyson!  It was Star Wars themed and we had fun with it!  This diva loves having her picture taken!

Jedi Training!

May the Force be With You!

 Since Greyson is mildly obsessed with water guns and nerf guns, we had all of his guns out and some fun games ready for the kiddos to play!

I made light sabers out of foam pool noodles and bubble cylinders!  The kids had a lot of fun with them:)

Saturday night, Ashley, Danielle, Kristen and I went to get pedicures and to dinner up in Delaware.  We had a lot of fun!  It was a nice break after kid overload!

Sunday was church, pool, and chillin!

 My parents had bought the kids a huge flamingo floatie so this is how we rolled to the pool Sunday afternoon!

Its been a really busy week!  A few people are on vacation at work, Greyson had some appointments, Sky traveled and we celebrated James birthday too!

Uncle Micah arrives tomorrow!  We can't wait for his visit!