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Friday, June 30, 2017

Grey's 7 Year Pix and then some...

On Tuesday, June 27 we met our friend Pat Zuchegno's sister, Lauren, who is starting a photography business at a park called Shale Hollow for Grey's 7 year old pix!  I am not sure how this lil man is 7 next week!  She was able to perfectly capture our lil man...every face and mood...she tells a story without any words!  We could not be more thrilled with how they turned out.  It helps that Grey is a handsome little devil!

My personal favorite!

This past Saturday evening the Zuchegnos hosted a movie night outside!  The kids had a blast and I may have had a few drinks!!!  Fun was had by the adults too!!!

Nothing exciting happened in the past week other than the usual!  We were taking a golf cart ride to drop something off in the next neighborhood over and ran into a friend of Grey's from school, Jack!  They were thrilled so they had a play date yesterday!

We are looking forward to a relaxing long 4th of July weekend!  Bike parades, cookouts, and Fireworks are in our future!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Late...but Video of Tatum's Dance Recital 5.27.17

Greyson loses his 1st Tooth!

On Wednesday, June 21, Greyson lost his first tooth!!
It was the bottom middle left tooth!  The adult tooth was almost all the way in behind it and the baby tooth was hanging by a thread.  Neither he or I would pull it out so we went to Kristen's!  She loves pulling teeth!  it gives me the willies!

She pulled it out with no problem!  Grey didn't even know it was out until we told him!

The tooth fairy brought him a crisp two dollar bill!  

To celebrate, we headed to Zoombezi bay on Thursday!  It was the first time I took both kids by myself!  It actually went great.  We ran into the McFarlands and a friend of Grey's from school!  

We are looking forward to a pretty chill weekend!  One birthday party and maybe heading to Powell Fest!  TGIF:)