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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tatum's 4 year check up and the rest of March

March was a whirlwind.  

We danced...

We had cubscouts...

Tatum had her 4 year pictures taken.  We did a "glitter mini session" and it was amazing!  I couldn't be more in love with the pictures!

We took advantage of some nice weather!

Grey and I went to our annual Mother Son Superhero Party!

Grey built and participated in his 1st Pinewood Derby!

We cheered Kevin and his hockey team on at the state tournament!

I was lucky enough to go to Cancun as April's Plus 1 for Mike Pakula's wedding....and the kids sure had fun without me!

Conley and Crew had their birthday party at Goldfish Swim!

Grey had spring break so we did some fun stuff!  We kept Charlotte one day and we hit up the library!  C was lovin the bubbles!

We also visited the Alexander girls!  
All three kids were wiped out after playing with the Alexander girls!

Tatum got a new nightgown and was pretty excited!

Grey Got a haircut!

The kids went on golf cart rides!

My beautiful family:)

Sassy and Mr. Cool!

Dress-up day at dance!  Recital costumes are in!

Fun with Snap Chat!

And finally, we had Tator's 4 year checkup!  Despite 4 shots, Tatum did awesome!

Tatum is still a "big girl"!  Height: 41.75 inches (86th%) and Weight 41.9lbs (89th%)!
Tatum and I also went to Grey's school and took him lunch...then spent recess with he and his friends!  

We also got Tatum's school pictures back!