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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tatum turns 4!!!

We have been talking about Tatum's birthday for what seems like years!  LOL  It was so fun to see her so excited for it!

My cutie at picture day at school!

Although Tatum had a Moana dress that we bought for her Moana birthday party, I still had to make her a "Four" outfit!  I was pretty happy with how it turned out:)

 The Friday before her birthday, my parents came in to celebrate.  Tatum spent the day with my mom, dad, Dani, and Char!  She had a ball!
 They all surprised Grey at school to bring him lunch and eat with him!  He was excited to see them, but took his food and said he was going to eat with his friends!  Ha!  Kids!

Mimi got to take a lil snooze with my baby girl!
 Friday night we had pizza and ice cream cake and tatum opened her gifts from my parents and sister!

The aftermath!  Tatum in her new Moana hooded towel about to pass out!

The morning of Tatum's "official" birthday!

A Hatchimal from Mom and Dad!

A Butterfly chair from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom!

Believe it or not, Tatum's birthday was jam packed with not one, but two parties.  Addison's birthday is Mar 14, but her party was also planned for March 4.  So we spent 12:30-2:30 at her party and then headed over to Chuckee Cheese for Tatum's party!  

To say they had fun would be an understatement!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
You are so full of sass and spunk!  I wouldn't change you for the world! 
You love Moana, Trolls, Peppa the Pig, makeup, and Barbies!
You still like Shopkins, but they aren't your obsession anymore!
You are starting to really get an opinion about what your wear....you love dresses and you HATE anything that is too tight or itchy! (which is just about everything)
You would run around bare foot and in your undies all the time if we let you.
You still don't love the idea of going to school, but once you are there, you love it and do so well!  You get along well with the kids and seem to obey the teachers very well.  You seem to only ever cop an attitude with your Dad and I!  
You are still a great eater and can eat your mama under the table!  You have grown a bit pickier in your old age, but eat pretty well for a 4 year old.  Mac N Cheese is still your favorite meal...but you love eggs, bacon, spam, pancakes, salami, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly, strawberries, yogurt, etc...
You love your fruit snacks and sweets!  You are not a big chocolate milk girl, but you love lemonade!
We are so proud of the little girl you have grown up to be!
We love you to the moon and back and can't wait  to see what this next year will bring us!