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Monday, January 23, 2017

January Happenings

It took the whole Munekata clan a while to get back into the swing of things after our unbelievable trip in Hawaii.  The time difference, the weather, the routine....it was all a lot for all of us to adjust too.  Grey never naps and he was guilty of passing out in the car several times!
 I wish this girl had some personality!!!

In Tatum's school, they have share day every Friday.  This day they were supposed to bring in a stuffed animal that represented the pet they had or wishes they had!  Our lil dog lover:)

Sunday, Jan 8...April was in town for a wedding so the kids and I visited her at her hotel!  I think its time I make a trip to Denver to visit April!!!

Grey is back to swim lessons and Tatum is back to clowning around while he swims.  We are so proud of Grey's improvement.  He is totally comfortable and is really coming along with his freestyle stroke!  

This poor girl has been having night terrors a lot!!!  She screams and shakes and talks Jibberish!  Its so scary to watch and the poor thing has no recollection of it happening.  She is only calm if she is laying with Sky or I.  This particular evening, she would only sleep on the bean bag with me.  She looks comfy doesn't she!?!?!?

This share day was for her favorite food!  She brought in a picture of blueberries!

Last Wednesday, it was a LUAU party for Tatum.  She wore her Hawaiian leggins and flower in her hair!  How perfect is that timing!?!?!  SHe was the weather watcher that day too!

Auntie Dani was Grey's hero last weeek!  She bought him an Angry Birds Toy/Game!  

I bribed Tatum with skittles to smile for this picture!  I guess I have to up the annie to get her to look at the camera!!!!

On Friday, we headed to Youngstown for a long overdue trip with my grandma and the kids Baba.  She just lights up when she sees them and the kids adore her!  She took us to dinner Friday night and brunch Saturday morning and even spoiled the kids with a visit to Chuckee Cheese!

We headed back home Saturday late afternoon and relaxed the rest of the weekend.  It was in the 60s yesterday so we spent plenty of time outside!  Its such a tease, but I won't complain for a second!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas at Glen Ross and Hawaii!

Santa comes to Glen Ross every December and since it was so cold, he came to the clubhouse instead of coming around on horse and carriage!  Santa was legit and the kids loved it!

The weather turned cold the week before we left for Hawaii!   It was perfect timing for us to escape to a tropical paradise!

But first, we had to celebrate Christmas with Auntie Dani, Uncle Greg, Uncle DJ, and Charlie!

We also had to have our dance celebration at Tatum's dance!

Poor Tator got sick a few days before we left....just a cold and a terrible cough!

Before we knew it, it was time to go!

Stopping in Denver was fun!  We ran into Tara Brown, had hot chocolate, rode on escalators and off we went!

12 hours of traveling later, we arrived in Honolulu!  Tatum was thrilled!
Travis Marks, Magda and their two girls were there from the 16th to the 22nd so we spent lots of time with them!  Beach, a Luau at Paradise Cove, more beach, Malasadas, local food, Honolulu city lights and yet more beach!

 Uncle Map arrived on Sunday night we we beached it up with him on MOnday!

Poor Tatum started to get better but then took a turn for the worse and started spiking fevers.  We took her to minute clinic and believe it or not, she had the flu!  She was a trooper and got better after a few days.  She was a tad cranky but really didn't let it slow her down.

 We spent Christmas Eve at the Bowl game at UH stadium!  Hawaii won and the weather was awesome!

Nothing better than the magic of Christmas Morning!

And what beats Christmas Day on the beach!

 Hunting for crabs in Ko'olina!

Cousin Jill was in town so we met her at her hotel in Waikiki and played with Chace and Emma at their pool!  The water slide was all the rage!

Later that night we left the kids with Tutu and headed to Waikiki to have dinner and watch my favorite band, Kapena!

Lili koi Margarita with a Li hing rim!  Yum!

The rest of the trip was more and more beach, some shopping at the mall and lots of relaxing!

Windy Windy Mountain!

We also had the family over for the first time in years!   Auntie J, Cousin Nicole, Reyn and Reid, Cousin Liane and Roy and their two girls...Jordan and Kaylie!  We had a great time!

Just peeing in the ocean!  She insisted on taking off her suit every time!

Before we knew it, it was time to head home!  We left after the Buckeyes got stomped by Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl at about 8pm.  We flew through Houston and got in to Columbus about 1:30pm!  It was a wonderful trip but its always nice to be home!