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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cub Scout Fun and more!

Last week, Greyson's Cubscout den got to tour a fire station and learn about fire safety!  Lane and Tatum came along for the ride and I think they had more fun running around being crazy kids!

 Skyler has been traveling some so the kiddos take full advantage of playing and hanging with Dad when hes around.  He is such a sucker for falling asleep with the kiddos!

My grown up boy ready for school!

When Sky isn't home and I work, a friend gets Grey on the bus.  Her name is Heather and she has 3 kids.  Mitch is 4 and he and Grey are thick as thieves:)
 If this girls doesn't look like trouble, I don't know who does!!!

Last week, Jen and her kids, Dani and Charlotte, and the kids and I headed to the Bare Bowl in Delaware to make Christmas ornaments for Mimi and Pop!  It was pretty sweet!

This is my spunky gal ready for Gymnastics!

The kiddos all dressed and ready for Veterans Day!

I have been fighting a cold and cough, so we laid pretty low this weekend.  We did make it to Costco and ToysRUs Sunday.  The kids had a ball making their Christmas Lists by running through ToysRUs!

Monday was a Pack meeting for Grey.  They made cards to send to deployed soldiers and got all of the awards they had earned so far!  Grey just was just a bit excited!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween and Date weekend!

So the last week was filled with Halloween fun!
Grey was a Harpey Eagle from Wild Kratts for his school dress-up day!  
After the parade we hung out in his classroom and made Spookly the Square Pumpkin!

 Tatum's dress-up day was on Halloween so she just sported some Halloween clothes to get in the spirit!

Saturday was a sad day....the Buckeyes lost their first game of the season to Penn State:(

Apparently Tatum knew it because she sure didn't want a picture taken in the morning before the game.

And her feelings about losing the game were clear!
 Last Saturday we headed out for a date night in Delaware...the Zuchegnos and us just headed to Mi Cerrito.  We ate waaaay too much and drank waaaay too many Polomas!  Sky discovered this new drink...it is made with Tequila, Grapefruit soda and a splash of orange juice!  The first one was served in a bowl....weird!  So we asked for the next 10 or so to be served in glasses!

Even though I did not feel great, we dragged ourselves out bed and made it to church!  Not sure why this pose happened...I think my kids are crazy!

Halloween day arrived and Tatum decided to dress up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!  Can you even stand it!?!?!?

"Mom...I'm cold"

Monday evening was finally time for Trick or Treat and Tatum and I got all dressed in our Poppy the Troll costumes.....

And then we got right back out of them!  Tatum freaked out at the wig and demanded to have it taken off!  Therefore, we were Dorothy again!  #drama
Charlotte was Rainbow Dash and came over for some pics before Trick Or Treat!  Precious:)

Grey was Bobafet from Star Wars.  I got so few pics of him because he was too busy with his friends!

Sky and Pat took the kids trick or treating while Kristen and I passed out candy.  Tatum pooped out after about 40 minutes and then hung with us!  

Me and my girl!

Tatum on share day at school!

Another football Saturday....and this week was a much better outcome!!!

 My company hosted a movie morning at the theater for Kristen and I took the kids!  We saw the Troll movie and it was fabulous!

Ater that, we were off to Cleveland for a date weekend!  We got in town about 5 and chilled for a bit before heading out to dinner.  We went super casual to have some dinner and watch OSU blow out Nebraska!

Shocking that Sky wouldn't pose for a decent pic!  #jackass
 We gained an our this weekend too!  So we slept in and had a lazy morning!  It was so nice!!!
Then we headed to Progressive Field to watch the brownies.  It was pretty terrible, but at least we got to see Zeek!  The Browns played Dallas and Ezekial Elliott is the star running back for the Cowboys...so it was fun to see an OSU alum doing so well!

We enjoyed the pre-game festivities outside the stadium!  It was a perfect day!

We headed home after the third quarter and were greeted by 2 super excited kiddos!  It's nice getting away, but its also so very nice to come home too:)