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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rough week...

First Clint's dad passed away and then Danielle's father-n-law had a massive and very unexpected heart attack last week and passed away.  It was a very emotional week and even affected our lil Grey boy.  He said that he wants to go visit Baba before she dies:(  Breaks my heart but makes me really happy that he has such a sweet heart and loves his great grandma so much!

Other than that, it was a very typical week...
Tatum at school!

Tatum skipping a nap and passing out on Mommy at 7:20pm!

Sassy in her Lularoe!

Grey's day at Enchanted care in his Eagle Wings!

A quote that couldn't be more true!

Partying at the Glen Ross Golf Course for the nail biter game between OSU and Wisconsin!  We won in OT:)

My baby passed out on me two nights in a row!

She even held my hand....lil thang just couldn't get close enough to me!

Ready for Church!
 While Danielle and Greg were in Cleveland at the calling hours and funeral, we kept Charlotte!  I was happy to help and I think it helped Dani relax knowing we had her.  She is perty darn sweet!

Grey seriously can't get enough of her!

Tatum working hard on the computers at school!

Yesterday was parent watch week at dance!  Tatum definitely wins the sassiest girl award in her class!  Put tap shoes on that girl and look out!~

This morning at the bus stop!  It is crazy hair day at school for Tator!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pumpkin patches and Cub Scout campout!

Tatum's preschool class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch last week and I think her favorite part was riding on the bus...

These kids really do love each other even though they fight like cats and dogs!!!

This girl fights naps with the best of em...

Weather duty at school!


Last Thursday was absolutely beautiful....so we met Krista n her girls at the zoo!  It was a great day:)

Share Day at school!

 Sky doesn't mess around....when a campout is scheduled....he makes sure our boy has the biggest tent out there!

We had fun setting it up for a test run last Friday!.

And then the campout day arrived!  FUn was had by all!  It was a long day, but it was a lot of fun!

Sky headed out early Sunday right after the campout to attend Clint's dad's wake and funeral.  Poor Dennis was diagnosed with ALS less than a year ago and lost his battle on Thursday.

It was nice that my parents were in town at the same time...we hit up the outlets and had some dinner!

Monday evening was yet more cubscouts!!!  We had a pack meeting and Lane/Tatum played together the entire time:)

These pics came up on my time hop and they just melt me...the kids are growing up so incredibly fast!

Yesterday my mom and I kept Charlotte....we hit up JoAnns and dance and then just hung!  I made dinner last night and then my parents got on the road!

Just like that it is Wednesday morning and the kids were off to school and me to work!  I think both Tatum and I are ready for Friday!