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Monday, September 12, 2016

Labor Day Fun, football season and Strep Throat!

 We have pretty much settled into our new routine.  Although I love the weather finally starting to cool off and the start of college football, I miss the laid back flow of the summer.
This was our little stud on picture day!

They can be so sweet together sometimes!

Last week after getting Grey on the bus and getting a quick workout for me in, Tatum and I stopped at Starbucks. I needed a coffee and Tatum just had to have a Cake Pop!  And of course she had to pose with it!

 We were all so excited for Friday!  It was Buckeye kickoff eve and Uncle Map planned a last minute trip to come visit us!  The kids had school and then Tatum and Sky drove to Cincy to pick up Uncle Map from the airport!

Grey and I met Kristen and the boys for a dinner on the patio at Watershed Tavern right down the street from our house.  The boys were playing rock paper scissors and I just thought it was so cute!

 We headed home and just chilled and snuggled waiting for the rest of the crew to get home.  Grey was so worn out he passed out on the bean bag!  School everyday is really taking a toll on him!

The next morning, the boys golfed, and the kids and I just chilled.  Little Miss Stubborn made it quite difficult to get a picture of her in her Buckeye gear!

But we did manage to snag at least one good one!

And how bout my handsome man!?!?

Cutest buckeye fans I have ever seen!

 The Symanzkis came over after the came!  The kids had a ball and the adults had a fun time eating, drinking, and watching football!  They left about 8 and we headed down to the Zuchegnos for Smores.  They had friends in town.  We hung out til about 11!  It was def a good time!

Sunday am, the boys golfed again and then we headed out on DJ's boat!  It was perfect weather and such a nice break from the normal routine!

Grey was all about the water, but Tatum wasn't as much of a fan!  She preferred to sit on the boat and watch!

Matt and Grey tubed first...

And then my brave lil man did it all by himself!  He did awesome!  DJ didn't exactly go easy on him either!

 Tuesday was back to the grind...sorta!  Tatum and I got Grey on the bus, did a workout class, got our nails did, and headed to dance!

We got to hang out with Charlotte too:)

 Before we new it, it was Friday again!  Tatum was decked out in her jersey!  That face and that dimple is going to cause some maaaaaaaaaaaajor issues later!  LOL

 Friday night, we just ate an early dinner had ice cream and then let the kiddos play at the nearby park!  I was asleep before 8!  It was a very stressful work week and this mama was done for!

We were able to access school pix online....here  is Grey!  Its a smile I have never seen before, but its definitely better than last years!

 Saturday was a day filled with no plans!  And boy was it nice!  Sky took the kids to get haircuts, then to the gym and Kroger.  Meanwhile, I walked, mowed the grass, and got laundry done!  We watched the Buckeye game and Grey and Sky picked up Costco Pizza!

 Before the evening was over, we had two sick kiddos on our hands.  Grey was coughing and complaining of a sore throat and Tatum had a whopping sore on her tongue that was very painful!

 We headed to the minute clinic after a rough night of fevers, vomitting, and pain:(  Tatum had a 102.3 fever and Grey had a 101.6 fever and they both test positive for STrep!  Grey also had fluid in both ears:(  The sore was nothing to be concerned about...that they are common sometimes with viruses.  I am still checkin in with the pediatrician to be sure.  These two cuties were awesome at the minute clinic despite it taking a lil while...and they were ready for the Browns game!  Too bad they lost:(