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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Settling in to the new routine

So its been a whirlwind these last two weeks. Skyler was gone all week last week and I was jam packed with 2 curriculum nights, Jiu Jitsu practice and testing, dance, gymnastics, and August has been our busiest month at work.  Don't get me started on the drama either!  Lots of frustration, tears, and headaches, but thankfully this week is looking up!

Grey has been doing awesome at school!  He comes home each day with a great report.  His teacher, Mrs. Wortman, seems amazing!  She geniunely cares about the kids and seems to be sensitive to it being the kids first year in school full time.  Grey gets off the bus completely wiped out!  He has had his grouchy moments in the evening, but its a fair trade off!

Tatum has been doing awesome at school, but she hates the drop off part.  She cries every time and stays in her funk for about an hour according to the teachers!  I am trying different tactics, but so far, we still get tears!  On a happier note, she is absolutely loving gymnastics and dance!  

Grey is also psyched about joining cub scouts!  We went to a picnic on Sunday to get the lowdown, and we will officially join on Thursday at an ice cream social at the school!  I can hardly wait to see him in his uniform!

I am really looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend with little plans!  Weather looks good, so I see boating and picnicing in our future:)
Grey accepting his red stripe on his belt at Jiu Jitsu!

Cousin love:)

A snapshot from school!

My man and I!

Daredevil Grey!

Silly faces!

Two peas in a pod these two!

Daddy's girl:)

Tap tap tap!

Hey Mom...take a picture of me!

Grey's lovely homade Soaring LIzard Costume compliments of his mama!

Another snapshot from school!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Catching up and the 1st Day of 1st Grade and 3 Year old Preschool!

For us, summer is officially over!  How did that happen!??!?!

The summer really flew after HHI....my blog is proof of that!

The last couple weeks at the Alexanders were full of fun!

Grey used some of his birthday money to buy a fishing pole!!!

Tatum played hard and crashed hard too!

Donuts at Alexanders!

I also turned 27!  EEEEK!  We celebrated with dinner at Martinis!  It was super fun and delicious:)

Silly Church Pic!

Im Promptu Playing at the Polaris Splash Pad!

Dressing up in Mommy's boot!
We hit up the newer Delaware Splash pad and it was awesome!  This diva sure enjoyed it;)

After Hilton Head and Swim lessons, both of the kids are doing awesome in the pool!  Grey can tread water for more than a minute, swim a whole lap, and go over the high dive!  Tatum is finally wearing her floaty and jumping off the side of the pool like a champ!

We also celebrated Charlotte's birthday at the end of July!  These kids and their mimi!

I have been experimenting with some new hairs dos for Tatum!  French braid up front, pony in the back:)

We had Grey's 6 Year checkup which I already blogged about, but this pic was perty sweet:)

We spent lots of time with the Cresses this summer!  Who doesn't love pizza on the dec?!?!?!

The Alexander girls took the kiddos to the Ohio State Fair and look what we came home with!?!?  Not one, but two fish!  Grey named his Grey Junior and Tatum named hers Elsa:)

Danielle's friend Hilary visited from Philidelphia and we hit up the outlets and went for Sushi!  We had so much fun!  This roll was called the Angry Bird so we had to take a pic for Grey!

Our friend from Ecuador we met...he met his wife playing a game on Facebook!

Grey's new swag from North Face!

Grey jumpin off the high dive!

My sweets before church!

All the kids enjoying ice cream at our park!

Queen Ella and Princess Tatum!


The Olympics have been going on for the last couple of weeks and Tatum is obsessed with gymnastics or as she calls it, Nastics!  Coincidentally, her gymnastics class started two weeks ago!  She is loving every minute of it!

Last Friday we watched a movie outside at the Zuchegnos.  We had a ball!  It was a nice way to round out the summer!

Scored this electric skooter at a garage sale!  Grey is in love!

Monday was orientation at Grey's school!  These boys (James and Grey) still look so itty bitty!

After orientation, we headed for a date with the boys at Red Robin and Krispy Kreme!  It was nice one on one time with our boys that we hardly ever get!

Before we knew it, the first day of school was here!

Sky made pancakes and spam (ew) for the kids!  Grey's pancake had a G on it:)

The first day for both kids went amazingly!  Mrs. Wortman, Grey's teach called to inform me he was a 'perfect gentleman' all day!  And Tatum fit right in!  The director told me that two teachers asked who the new girl was because she was so friendly and outgoing!  Her preschool has an app where we get a daily report and pics!  Its awesome!

Yesterday it was just Tatum and I!  Grey went to school and Tator and I went to Nastics!

We baked chocolate muffins and strawberry bread too!  A neighbor is getting Grey on the bus MWF for me and I wanted to take yummies for the first day!

Grey had a ball and her kids and Grey got along great!  Tatum wasn't quite as excited for school today, but I got a pic of her smiling and playing!  I know she has fun!