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Friday, July 22, 2016

HHI 2016

We have been home almost a week and I am finally getting around to posting about our wonderful trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.

All packed up and ready to go!

Up too late so fire hat, boots, and a baseball bat it is!

Breakfast at IHOP with Angry Bird Suckers!

We left about 11:30pm on Friday the 8th of July and arrived late morning!  We headed straight to the beach for a few hours of fun in the sun before we could gain access to our rental home!

The house was absolutely perfect!  It was less than a 1 minute walk to the beach, had a great open floor plan, and lots of privacy for each family!  We were so fortunate!  And don't even get me started on the pool and hot tub!  Our kids were in heaven!

After getting into the house and settling in, the Gravers arrived!  We just ordered takeout and hung out for a while!

Hot tub and pool!

Walkway to the beach right next to our house!

Grey was intent on celebrating his birthday in HHI so we saved a few gifts, an Angry Birds Pinata, and some cake for everyone!


 Sunday was our first full day in HHI, and we spent it at the beach in the am and at the pool in the afternoon!

We tried out a highly recommended restaurant on Sunday night called Skull Creek Boat House.  There was about an hour wait, but luckily there were activities for the kiddos and music!

She insisted on wearing my sunglasses!  Is she a diva or what!?!?!?
 She is also quite the performer!  There was a stage and that girl was all over it!

Meanwhile the boys played with Huge Legos!

The drink of the trip for Kristen and I was Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade...and this night was no exception!!!

 The next day was more of the same and then we headed to Sea Pines for some fun at the Salty Dog Cafe!

We had to wait even longer for dinner that night, but the kids had an absolute blast.  There was a children's DJ that played any request, had a slew of dress up clothes, held Hula Hoop contests, face painting and Hair coloring!  It was a kids heaven!

Grey is getting "too cool" for pictures so I have a ton more of Tatum!  She is a diva that loves to pose!
Grey was all about the hula hooping that night!  He actually got the hang of it too!

The whole Crew: Matt, Ashley, Conley Crew, us, Pat, Kristen, James, and Lane!

Tuesday was James' birthday!  We started the day with Donuts!  James isn't a cake fan so he preferred donuts over a cake!

We also got a visit from the Woodys!  Clint is stationed in Savannah right now which is only about an hour away from HHI....so their fam came and spent the day with us!  It was soooo fun!  Tatum called Clint the big man and asked about him for days!

James opened his gifts and then the kids had a ball with the "cop" gear!  If I was taken to jail once, I was taken 100 times!

Tator and Haley!

We capped off a lazy day at the pool/beach with an evening walk on the beach.  It was so peaceful and you almost didn't notice the extreme humidity!

Grey, Dylan and Blake!

Wednesday was more of the same.....beach, pool and then family pics on the beach!  And we can't forget our trip to the Minute Clinic.  Poor Grey had a severe ear infection and was in a lot of pain.  He spent most of Wednesday laying down with a warm compress on his right ear.

Thankfully, my lil man got on Amoxicillan and rebounded in time for dinner!  We headed to Old Oyster Factory and then to the beach for pictures!

Thursday , we headed to the beach in the morning...the kids were all about catching minnows in the tide pools!

Thursday, we planned to go on a pirate ship as a family but there were only 3 spots left...so Sky took the kids!  They were postponed and then eventually cancelled due to iffy weather.  Grey was super upset, but rebounded quickly!  We met for pizza in Sea Pines and then to Greg Russell!  I watched him as a child and it was so fun to take my kids to watch him about 30 years later!


My lil man was the star of the show.  He was called up to talk to Greg at the very beginning of the show...Munchy was smooth as silk!  He even was able to answer the question of how many steps the lighthouse had correctly!  It was pretty awesome!

We took home an autographed DVD/CD from Mr. Russell!

Friday the kids were finally able to go on their pirate ship!  I asked them to give me their best and meanest pirate face!

The kids had a ball, but Tatum was not herself.  She had been talking a lil funny, fevering a bit, and just a little less spunky than normal.  We just thought she was worn out.... (to be continued)

To say the kiddos had fun would be an understatement....my poor wiped out Tator Bug!

Friday evening we just got takeout and planned to do another evening walk on the beach...the kids were dying to play flashlight tag!

Unfortunately it was super windy and everyone was getting pelted with sand, so we didn't last long!
The kids still had fun!

On a whim, we decided to head home Friday night.  We had to be out of the house by 10am Saturday morning and we figured the drive would go better at night with the kids sleeping!   Sky was a champ and drove all but 2 hours!  I am worthless at night as a driver!

Tatum slept pretty much all day Saturday and didn't eat a thing!  We finally decided to take her to the doc and learned she had a double ear infection and strep throat!  Poor thing!  She was a trooper and recovered pretty quickly!

Just a few more random pics people sent to me:)

All in all we had a wonderful vacation!  It was so relaxing!  My only complaint is that it went too fast!