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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Safety Town, Festivals, High Dive, and more summer fun!

 Summer is in full swing and time is flying!!!  

 These two are definitely siblings.  They are so sweet to one another one moment and constantly bickering the next.  I know one day they will be great friends and when it comes down to each they really love each other!

The week of June 6, Grey, James and half the neighborhood it seemed like attended Safety Town.  This is for kids going into Kindergarten or First Grade.  The kids learn all about traffic safety, 911, fire safety, etc..  The kids had a ball.  Grey behaved most of the time.  He did have an issue the first day...taking other kids' stickers off and shoving a bit.  When the leader pointed out the rules, he told her he was going to cross the rules out.  So then he had to speak to a police officer!  By the end of the week, the police officer was Grey's best friend and the police officer was offering to visit Grey at our house anytime!  That boy is so sweet most of the time, but he can be such a turd too!

 The kids have been spending lots of time with the neighbors Addison and Ella!  Its so nice because they are only a few houses down and can run between the yards without us parents freaking out!

I love how Tatum says she doesn't nap anymore yet passes out almost every day in the mid afternoon!
I guess it doesn't count when you don't go in your bed!

We have also been cheering on the Cavs!  They won the championship this past Sunday for the first time in history!  The curse is broken!!!!!!!!!!!
Grey sporting his Lebron shirt holding a bird at the bed shop!

Tatum and Sasha holding a puppy at Petland!  The Alexander girls take them here on a regular basis!

The perfect ending  to a summer evening!

I missed Safety Town Graduation on that Friday but Kristen was nice enough to take pictures for me!

The look on the boys' faces when the Zuchegnos told them they were going to McDonalds!!!!

Grey hung out with Dani one day after Safety Town!  He helped her cook up some brownies!

 We have been taking full advantage of this gorgeous weather...spending lots of time at Kinsale's pool!

 Both of these kids love the pool!  Tatum is all proud because she goes under water all the time.  Grey is a stud going off the high dive and actually swimming strokes!  He has come so far!

A week ago Saturday we headed out to Coshocton to the Hot Air Balloon Festival!  It was a long drive and the festival had no hot air balloons and like 4 rides.  It was lame, but the kids had a blast and it was a great day to just hang as a fam:)

 Ella and Addison's Dad, Joe, made their deck a spash pad!  The kids had a ball with it!  Doesn't my Tator look like a sumo wrestler here!?!?!?

We have been continuing with swim lessons once a week...and they have done wonders for Grey, but Tatum isn't as receptive.  Home girl is not scared of the water and will go under like a champ, but she is deathly afraid to not be clinging on to someone when she can't touch.  Most of her lessons were her wailing and begging to get out, so we are taking a break for now!  Grey, on the other hand, is a champ!

Sky was out of town for his new job last week and I let the kids watch a movie in my bed and fall asleep. I left the room to do some work and when I came back in, this is how I found them!  Melts my heart!

Another day of Tatum not needing a nap!

 We met James and Lane for Chick Fila last week and these kids were so excited!

 Its moments like this I wish I could just bottle up and save forever!

This past Saturday, Dani and Greg had a wedding reception to go to so we kept Charlotte!  We had spent the day at the pool and then just cooked out with Greg, Ireland and Reid Saturday night.  We ended up hanging with Zuchegnos too.  It was a late night, but a perfect summer evening.  The Adults drank and hung out while the kids played hide n seek, made smores, and caught lightening bugs!

 Sky chose to golf and then spend the day at Zoombezi Bay with the kiddos!  It was a hot and beautiful day and we had a blast!


And yet another day where home girl doesn't need a nap!

This is her I don't want to take a picture face!
But I had to capture her heart Dad shirt for Father's Day!
We treated Skyler to a gift card to a fancy barber shop to get a straight razor shave!

 I mentioned before SKy was out of town last week so he crawled in bed with Grey on Sunday night and ended up sleeping with him.  When I woke up Monday morning, I also found Tatum snuggling Sky and Grey!  These three in this bed right here are my everything!

Yesterday we got to keep Charlotte again!  Grey had swim, then we went to Barre, then to meet Grey's old preschool teacher at the park for a picnic, then Jiu Jitsu and then home!  It was a fun-filled day but another perfect Summer Day!