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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Potty Training, K Graduation for Grey, and New JOb for Sky!

 So this might be a record...almost 3 weeks without blogging!  A lot has happened!  Tatum is potty trained, Grey graduated kindergarten, and Sky took a new job!  Thanks to Shopkins, Tatum was motivated to go pee pee on the potty and once she started, there was no turning back!  She has an accident here and there, but for the most part, is doing great!  We made it through kindergarten!  I wasn't sure at points, but we made it.  Grey is still working with the counselor and really enjoying her.  He is just very impulsive and has a hard time working through his feelings.  We are working on giving him choices....i.e. you can choose to continue acting that way and we will spend the afternoon in our room or you can choose to stop acting that way and we will keep playing outside.  He likes to maintain control so this seems to help!  Definitely a work in progress!  And Sky was approached by a former colleague at Alstom and is going back to work for them again!  Its a different position and he'll either work from home or travel...but they estimate travel to be 40 nights a year!  It will be so nice having him around more!  The kids will love it!  It is a great move for him both for the position, increase in quality of life, and financially!  He soooo deserves it!

Now to catch up with some pictures...

Tatum and I getting pedis!

Followed by Lunch at Kroger:)

I dread the day I can't bathe these two together...

Until then I'll keep taking pics to use as black mail when they are teenagers!  LOL

Grey at the Home Depot workshop!

The boys made Angry Bird Bird Houses!!!

Dani and Grey had their annual Cinco De Mayo party and we kept Charlotte overnight!  She was quite the snuggler in the morning!

Me and Dani with our "we are so cool" faces!

We have continued with Swim lessons...Grey is doing awesome!  Tatum still freaks out unless she is grasping on to someone, but we are plugging away!

This pretty much sums me up!

Sky and Pat lookin oh so "mexican" with their mustaches on!  (or so they thought)

Crusin in the Elsa Jeep!

So embarrassed on the potty in the car!!!

We also particpated in the neighborhood garage sale!  It was a good excuse to clean out the garage and basement!  It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

We also were super stoked for the new Angry Birds movie.  We even made t-shirts!!!

We also crafted for end of the school year presents!  The principal got this bag with a Chipotle gift card in it:)

Mrs. Miller got a gift bag with this in it as well as stationary and a coffee mug:)

And just like that kindergarten was over!!!!  How did that happen so fast!?!?!?!?

The handsome boys on the last day waiting for the bus....

Look how much they have grown in one year!

The end of the year program was so cute!  Although my son could not stand still!

Then it was ice cream sundae time!

Smiles all around!

That face says it all!

Mrs. Miller is pretty much an angel!

After school fun at the park!

Chasing squirrels!

All tuckered out!

Mama got a new hair wand!  Dirty curl is back!

And finally it was Angry Bird Movie day!

We capped off the weekend with a chilly Dave Matthews concert in Cleveland with the Zuchegnos!

And Sunday was the very last football game!  They played at a local high school and even had an announcer announce the teams over the loudspeaker!  It was pretty cute!

On a much more somber note, a friend that used to work with me passed away on May 20th.  She fought cancer for 8 years on and off...1st breast, then lung, and finally brain and bone. The service was so incredibly sad.  We waited in line for 2.5 hours to visit with the family and pay our respects.  My heart broke for her family.  She was married over the summer and they were in the process of building a home:(  So not fair!

This week has been a great kick off to summer!  We played outside with a bunch of kids on Tuesday!  

And that's all folks!  We are looking forward to a nice long summer of fun in the sun!