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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring, Football, Blue Belt, Garth and Counseling...

Spring is finally here and we are taking full advantage.  I think I'll blame the great weather for my almost 2 week hiatus from blogging.  Lots to catch up on!

Refusing to smile for one reason or another! #spunky

The neighbors have a golf cart with lots of seating and seatbelts and Joe is such a good sport!  He takes the kids for such long rides all through the neighborhood!  8 kids and Joe fit on it and it sounds like they are on a roller coaster!  

This was church a week ago Sunday!  Such a sweetheart (when she wants to be)

Grey dressed himself...which would explain his pants on backwards!!!!

Flag Football kicked on last Sunday as well!  James, Lane and Grey are all on the same team!  They had a lot of fun!  The hardest thing for these 4 and 5 years olds is running in the right direction!  

Our little cheerleader!

Tatum and Charlotte wading in the pool!

We also continued swim lessons!  The kids are both making progress...especially Grey!  He is actually taking real strokes and gaining stamina.  We are working on breathing to the side so he doesn't have to stop and doggy paddles.  It wears a brother out!

We did a picnic at the park and used the Pizza Hut Bookits the kids earned from doing homework!  Two hours wasn't enough....the kids just love being outside.

I got top keep Charlotte last Thursday!  She is such a fun lil thang!  Although she is getting some spunk in her too...which I like!!!  Tatum, C and I hit up Barre, Tatum's school for next year, the library, and then hung at home!

Thursday was test night at Jiu Jitsu!  Since Tatum didn't nap, she crashed hard and wasn't too enthused about Grey's test!

But Charlotte was sure bright eyed!  She had a blue sucker since Grey was testing for his blue stripe!~

Standing at attention

Attack stance!

A successful test with Mr. Chitwood and his helper!

Friday finally came and was it a fun night!  Danielle and I bought my mom Garth tickets!  We had dinner on the patio at Bravo and then headed over!

After a slow start to Saturday morning, we headed to the movie theater to visit Red Bird! To say the kids were excited would be an understatement!

Our weekend was jam packed with fun stuff!  We headed over to Kevin's for a company picnic later in the afternoon!  The kids swam for hours!  It helped that the pool was about 95 degrees!

It was such a fun party!  Cornhole, Volleyball, Swimming, Drinking, Eating, and A fire to cap off the evening!

Sunday was more football and Mimi and Pop came to watch!!!

Sunday afternoon, we finally got some time at home!  I mowed while Grey helped Sky change my breaks!

And just like that it was Monday!  My schedule is messed up this week because of craziness at work.  I was home Monday and Tuesday and work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!

On Monday, Danielle's sitter's son was sick so I got to keep Charlotte again!  We went to Barre, met Krista and Lydia for lunch, then headed to the zoo!

The kiddos woke up Tuesday ready to chill!  Too bad swim was at 8am!  Luckily I caught this sweet shot of them snuggling up in the bean bag watching a show!

My sweet man before counseling on Wednesday!
Wednesday was session 2 with Mrs. C!  Grey really likes her and looked forward to going!  The first session was all about identifying different emotions using bears.  Since Grey had more happies than sads, mads, or scareds....he got a piece of candy!  This week was focusing on 10 things that make him happy that we can do when Grey gets upset.  3 of the 10 were about me..."give mom a kiss", "snuggle mom", and "buy flowers for mom".  He is such a sweet boy (most of the time).  He was all excited about his new homework and couldn't give Mrs. C enough hugs before we left!  I am so glad he likes going and hoping this helps us help our lil man control his emotions a lil better!

In other news, we are no longer going to Miss. Nicole's.  The arrangement started out wonderfully; however it went downhill fast when she picked up another infant and 2 year old.  What started out as texts telling me she looks forward to having my kids and is sad when they aren't there, turned into text after text about everything the kids did wrong.  Apparently Grey kicked her once and she told me if we weren't friends, she would let the kids go.  I tried to bite my tongue and almost blamed my kids...but in the back of my mind I kept thinking...my kids aren't perfect, but they aren't usually this bad all the time!  The kids dreaded going and I just got the feeling that Nicole didn't like having them anymore.  It all came to a head when I went to pick up the kids last week and Nicole was outside in her driveway with her almost 2 year old, another 2 year old she watches, and an infant.  Hunter (her 4 year old), Grey, and Tatum were no where to be found!  She had her hands in the air when I pulled in and said...They aren't here...they ran away and I can't run after them.  I don't know where they are.  I panicked and drove to my house...they were fine and on the trampoline, but holy heck!!!!  When I brought the kids back, nicole lectured my kids!  I bit my tongue and let everything settle.  Thursday evening, I text her letting her know I talked to the kids but I wanted to make sure she had a plan in the future so this didn't happen again.  Her response was we can't go outside because i can't trust your kids.  I can't run after them...I have other kids here and I'm pregnant!  I was in shock!  There was no remorse, she blamed my kids, and bottom line was insulting.  I finally told her that I could not take my kids somewhere that they weren't wanted, they didn't want to go, and somewhere that their safety couldn't be guaranteed!  We were done just like that.

It really is sad and cost me a lot of money!  I lost $80 for Friday to Nicole, $108 to Bright Beginnings for May kindergarten enrichment for Grye, and $200 for preschool registration for Tatum next year.  Furthermore all the preschool's are waitlisted!!!  It all worked out...Tatum is going to a preschool/daycare MWF next year with Lane!  Everything happens for a reason!  A week prior she told me that Sean (her husband) might be getting a new job and moving to Dayton!  She said if not, they still had to leave their rental house but would stay in the area.  A week later her tune changed and she said that they would move to Powell if Sean didn't get the job.  All in all, she was not someone I could count on!  I think she just took on way too much for being 7-8 months pregnant!