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Monday, February 29, 2016

So life has gotten in the way of blogging!  I have no better excuse!  
Last week was a lil cray cray!  After returning from North Carolina on Monday, I hosted a Lularoe Party on Wednesday.  It was so fun and I got some fun stuff for Tatum and I!  BONUS:)

Friday was an ETSY party for a girl in the neighborhood opening a store and then Saturday morning was a birthday party at recreation outlet for Conley!
My Tator Bug sporting one of her new outfits!

Tator's favorite Picture Pose!

The future is so bright, they have to wear shades!

The birthday girl and my bae!

Who is this boy?  What happened to my baby?

Apparently this girl had a good time!

Saturday night, we got out for a much needed date night.  The Zuchegnos and Sky and I headed up to 1808 in Delaware.  It was so good and totally didn't feel like we were in Delaware, Ohio!  We laughed and enjoyed a couple hours without our babies!

Tatum has "officially" given up naps!  And by given up, I mean we no longer put her down for naps.  She will crash here and there, but no more naps!  On one hand, I'm sad, but on the other, its nice!  It's liberating!

We have had a few days of nice weather over the past week and we have been taking full advantage!  Anytime you can swing in February in Ohio and not freeze your you know what off, its a good day!

Before we blinked it was time for another week!  I was jam packed with a work dinner, a social dinner, Jiu Jitsu, and dance!

Another new outfit!

And Tatum has a favorite new toy!  Its a $3 phone from Wal Mart that was purchased for Charlotte!  To say Tatum is attached would be an understatement...she is out cold but still clutching on to her phone!

Thursday Grey tested for his orange stripe on his belt at Jiu Jitsu.  Tatum was super excited!  She passed out in the car and didn't budge until we attempted to wake her up for dance!  This was an epic fail so we let her skp!

Way to show off your stripe and face there Grey!

 After an exhausting week, we all crashed early on Friday!  It felt so good!  Sky took the kids to the gym on Saturday morning and then I took the kids to Bella's 9th birthday party!  How my friends have kids that are 9 still astonishes me!

 These pictures are some my new favs!  Despite the bickering, sass, and failure to listen...these two kiddos are pretty awesome!  It's moments like this that reassure me I am doing something right even thought I feel like I'm failing as a parent more often than not!

These two babies are my world!  They, along with their Dad, have this amazing power to drive me to the brink of insanity and then reel me back in with their sweetness.  Grey has such a temper and says some pretty nasty things and Tatum screeches anytime she doesn't get her own way and doesn't take her Mama very seriously...but deep down, they have such sweet hearts.  Its nights like tonight when everything seem to go wrong, that I have to remember that and remember just how lucky I am!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentines Day, Hayesville, and Fricken old man!

The kiddos had fun last Wednesday at Miss Nicole's making Valentine Crafts!  I just love how in to it Grey is!

Then Thursday was Grey's party at school!  Of course he wanted an Angry Birds box! It was so easy and turned out too cute!

I am so fortunate to be able to go to his parties at school!  He just lights up when I get there!  They played games, exchanged Valentines, ate treats, and got to come home in the car with me!

Thursday night was our usual Jiu JItsu and Dance, but Sky relieved me so I could run to the Minute Clinic.  Another double ear infection!~  Ugh!  I felt pretty miserable Thursday and Friday, but thankfully started feeling better after that!

We got in the car at about 5:30pm on Friday evening and started our journey to Hayesville, NC to visit the Woody's.  Since it is an 8.5 hour drive, we made a pit stop at my parents in Tennessee!
The driving conditions were less than ideal!  First horrible traffic, then a white out, and whiny kiddos!

 This was our pit stop at Big Boy in Cincinnati!  This was much needed and the kids did seem to settle after this at least a little!
 Until of course Grey, Tatum, and I were asleep and Grey woke up hysterical having to go Number 2!  Poor kid had the runs!  Luckily we made it just in time to a rest stop; however the entire car was awake!

We arrived at my parents at 2am and went straight to bed!  Everyone woke up in a much better mood!  We hung a bit, showered, and go back on the road!

Hayesville is a tiny town in the mountains of NC so there isn't much to do...thankfully the Woody family is huge and its so nice to let the kids run around while we just hang and visit!

Mr. Woody was recently diagnosed with ALS so the family is adjusting.  Its sad, but thankfully Dennis has a very positive outlook.  The entire family is so generous and welcoming....

Saturday we hung and ate and then I put the kids to bed while all the boys went and drank whiskey!  I love that Sky gets this time with his good friends...he doesn't do that often back in Cbus!

Sunday the Woodys went to Catholic mass so we all headed to the grocery and bought supplies for a big ole breakfast!

Everyone enjoyed bacon, eggs, and pancakes!  Tatum enjoyed schooling Leslie on how to put syrup on her pancakes!

Tautm is obsessed with makeup and lil Livie had the time of her life playing with her!  Tatum just loves the older girls:)

Tatum has pretty much officially given up naps, but usually by 5-6pm she is pooped...So both nights she passed out sitting up in the middle of everyone just hanging out!  Too cute!

Bad weather was coming so instead of waiting until Monday morning, we got on the road Sunday night about 9pm.  We initially just planned to drive to my parents, but we ended up driving all the way home!  We arrived home at 5:20am!  Thank goodness Sky can drive at night!

 We all climbed back into bed and slept until 8:30!  It felt great!  It was nice to be home and have the day before having to go back to work.  I went to Barre and Sky took the kids to the gym with him!

By Wednesday, we were back into the routine...Grey was off to School, Tatum to Miss Nicole's and me to work!

 Wednesday evening, I hosted a Lularoe party at my house.  Fun clothes that you can shop for and try on right then...buy, and take home with you!  It was so fun!

Then Thursday I got an interesting phone call.  Mr. Syroka (Grey's principal) called me at about 4pm to let me know there was an incident!  I cringed because Grey had been sooooo good lately!  Apparently he was great all day and received his paper with two stickers on it.  The kids were all collecting their backpacks to get on the bus, and Joey stole a sticker and ripped his paper.  Grey replied with "you fricken old man".  Totally not a nice thing to say, but the lil boy told the teacher he said "fuckin".  That is what was relayed to the teacher and the principal so that is why I got the call!  I have heard Grey say fricken but never the really bad word so I do believe.  REgardless, he lost his IPAD and we had a talk.  The principal did say that Grey is such a fun, bright, and articulate young boy that he really enjoys talking to.  So that made me feel better!  You almost have to laugh.....ALMOST!

So of course, he was not happy about losing his IPAD and was not a good boy last night....telling me he hated me and calling me an idiot!  Long story short, he lost his IPAD for a week!  EEEk....not sure who that will be harder on.  That being said, I think he is due for a break!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Beginnings and Valentine Celebrations

So last Monday was Tatum's first day at Nicole's house!  She walked in without turning back and had a great day!  I am so blessed with independent and resilient kiddos!

Last week was a pretty standard week.....Tuesday was Jiu jitsu!

And Tatum was wild as ever!
All of the sudden Little Miss has become harder to put down at night and is fighting naps.  So last Tuesday she didn't nap at all until we were on our way home from Jiu Jitsu!

She passed out in the car...

I was able to carry her in and change her diaper and homegirl didn't budge!
I didn't let her sleep long and waking her up was not fun!

 I decided to make Grey's Valentines this year for his party at school...and since he is obsessed with Angry Birds, we had to go with an Angry Bird theme!

 I started the project on Tuesday night and got farther than I thought I would!
We had a burst of warm weather last week so Nicole treated the kids to ice cream!  This makes me ache for spring!

My crazy kids on Thursday morning!

And here is the finished Valentine!

Yellow bird and Red Bird on top of Angry bird pencils with Angry bird fruit snacks!

My tiny dancer posing like a diva!

Smile for this sucker!  Cheeese!

 We were all worn out from the week and passed out early with the kiddos...good thang, becuase Tator was up before 6!  Before too long, we got ready and headed to the Zuchegnos for a Valentine Celebration!

Can you stand the cuteness?!!??!


 The kids had a ball!  Made Valentines, decorated cookies, ate pizza and ran around like wild people!

 We got home and Tator crashed out in a matter of 2 minutes!  Of course we couldn't tell her it was nap time...we just told her she could watch a movie in our bed!

 Poor bugger woke up with a fever and just wasn't herself.  We had originally planned to go out with the Zuchegnos but changed our plans and ordered in.  Tatum was out that night by 7:30!

She didn't sleep well and was so cuddly!

 We had planned to go to church and then over to the McFarlands for brunch, but we had to cancel:(  We laid low and tried to get healthy!  Then we watched the Broncos win the Super Bowl.  I was so happy for Peyton Manning!

Although Tator was still not 100%, Nicole told me to bring her.  She did fine and didn't break a fever until last night at 10:30.  It was another rough night, but she woke up and seemed fine other than a runny nose and cough.

 Danielle had her deviated septum surgery this morning so Mimi and Charlotte hung with us most of the morning.  Charlotte is usually a mama's girl, but today she was all about Auntie B!  I absolutely loved it!

I just love that these three will grow up being so close!

The little princess Charlotte!

Tatum finally crashed out about 1pm on the bean bag and just looks like a total angel!  She needs rest so bad and I really hope this is the beginning of the end of this sickness for her!

We have plans to go to North Carolina to visit the Woody's this weekend and I know the kids will have a ball!  Pray everyone stays healthy!!!

I don't want to forget a few things that Tatum has said lately:
1) Sky and Grey went to the grocery on Sunday and bought me a treat. It was a mini chocolate cake with some pink hearts on it.  Really sweet and Sky had told the kids it was a secret and not to tell me.  Well I came downstairs and Tatums said (with her eyes as big as saucers)...Hey Mom...I have a secreat.  We got you a surprise.  And Sky said, Tatum don't tell its a secret.  And Tatum goes...mom we have a secret and its cake...and its in the fridge! She was so proud of her self and it was adorabe!
2) Tatum loves to pose for pictures and her favorite is pursing her lips and putting out the peace sign.  It takes her a minute and she usually has to use her other hand to get her two fingers to stand up but I fricken love it!
3) Tatum also loves her phone!  (its just a playphone), but not only does she take selfies, she has fake conversations on it...with her sister...  And if I ask her what her sister's name is, she says my sister said a bad word!  She will say it over and over.  And the way she says it is priceless.

Although the days can be long, the years are flying.  I really love this stage and never want to forget just how sweet and hysterical they are!