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Friday, December 9, 2016

Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

This might be a new record....almost a month since I last posted!  EEEEK!!

I'll try and catch everything up (even though I barely remember what I did yesterday!)

So this year for the Christmas Cards, I opted to snap pix myself!  The kids barely sit still and are more concerned with being silly...but I did manage to get a few good ones and our cards turned out super cute:) 

 And these are just typical pix of Tatum...the girl that refuses to nap but can fall asleep in a second when we are in the car in the afternoon!

For the first time in four years, we headed to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with my parents!  It was a really nice trip!  We drove down Tuesday late evening.  The next morning we got up and headed to Chattanooga to go to the big Aquarium!  The kids had a ball and I think my parents even enjoyed it:)

Greyson is so into sea animals right now....namely Squid and Jellyfish!  He stood at the one window where their was a giant octopus for a good half hour.  He just rattled off ridiculous facts and kept saying how beautiful it was!  (Thank you Wild Kratts for his expansive animal knowledge)

 We spent Thanksgiving Day at my parents house and ate waaaaay too much food....which goes without saying!  We did get some exercise in Thursday morning, by going over to the mountains to do a little hike.  There is actually an old fort from the turn of the century that the kids really enjoyed.

 We headed back home late afternoon on Friday as April was coming into town and we were going to the OSU/MI game!!!!  To say I was excited would be the understatement of the year!

Throw back to about 8 years ago when April and I went to a game!
 Fast forward 8 years and here we are at the OSU-Michigan game!  OSU number 2 and Michigan number 3!

 And we won in double overtime!!!!  Talk about a nail biter!  What a way to win and now my Buckeyes, although, not Big 10 champions are headed to the Playoffs to play Clemson on New Years Eve!
April and I partied like we were in our 20s again!  Needless to say, we paid dearly for the following week, but it was so very worth it!

The following week was back to the grind!   Tatum joined me when I got a cavity filled, and of course, we had to stop for lunch!  Canes was her place of choice and we got this funny pic!

Grey started up swim lessons again as well!  He just loves it and is doing so well!  Tatum, meanwhile, just entertains me while we wait for him!

 Greyson sometimes gets a lil jealous that Tatum and I get one on one time two days a week when he is at school...so Saturday mornings, we have been doing one on one things with the kiddos.  This particular day Grey came with me to my workout and then we ran some errands and had lunch together at Kroger!  He loves their pizza!

Later that evening, we headed up to Delaware to make Christmas ornaments for Tutu and have dinner!  The kids had a ball and were just a tad wound up!

Drama should be this kids middle name!

Silly kids!

If you can't beat em, Join em!

Sunday we dressed the kids in Christmasy  clothes and took some pics for my mom to include with her Christmas cards!  Getting 3 kids under 6 to all smile and sit still is not an easy task!

We wrapped up the weekend with some Mommy/Daddy/Greyson time while Tatum went to a neighbors to make Christmas ornaments and cookies and have a board game swap!  The kids all wore pjays!  Can you handle the antlers!?!?!?

This week has flown by!  School, swim, dance, gymnastics, cub scouts...and here it is Friday already!

 And this was my sweet baby girl (after a rather trying day) passed out before I even finished reading her her book!

This morning was donuts with Dads...so Sky took Grey to school and I had took Tator on my way to work!  "OMG Santa"!  Do you love it!??!?

And the countdown is on....T-minus one week until we leave for Hawaii!~  Where did 2016 go?!?!?!?