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Monday, November 30, 2015


So last Tuesday, we helped a friend from work out and kept her 4 year old lil boy Mason!  Although he was super well behaved, it has been confirmed without the shadow of a doubt that I am done having children!  Respect to all the families of more than 2 kids...Y'all deserve props!

We hung at home most of the day, but did venture out to jets for some yummy pizza for lunch!

The kids hung with Holly on Wednesday!  She treated them to a chilly zoo trip!  We are so lucky to have found Holly and her family to watch the kids.  They just adore her and the kids!

Since Danielle and Greg headed to Cleveland on Thursday (actual Thanksgiving Day), Sky and I took the kids to see "The Good Dinosaur" at the movie theater!  It was a perfect family outing!  I couldn't be more thankful for these two rugrats!

 My parents drove in Thursday late afternoon so we just hung and ate dinner.  I made a roast so we enjoyed that and then they headed to Dani's house.

Friday was "our Thanksgiving".   The kids and I headed over to Auntie Dani's while Sky went to the gym.  Grey hung with Charlie and Uncle Greg while the girls and I headed to get pedicures.  We treated my mom for an early birthday gift!

As usual, Tatum was hamming it up and loving every minute of it!

My teeny tiny Mom and I on Turkey Day!

Sweet baby Charlie just getting up from her nap!


Whatever you do....DON'T LAUGH!

Grey's new friend, Liam!
 We ate dinner about 4pm and then just hung out til it was time to roll on home and put our stuffed rears to bed!  Between turkey and all the fixings...not to mention wine and dessert, I felt quite plump!

We were up and at em early on Saturday morning...ready for the big game!  The kids went to Kids Club with Sky while I went to Barre and then hung with my parents for a bit.

We watched the Buckeyes kick the Wolverines butts at 12:30 and hoped that Penn State could pull off a Michigan State upset to no avail:(  We really didn't do much else on Saturday....hung out and cleaned up around the house.
Grey's elf, Chunk and Tatum's new elf, Marshmellow arrived on Friday morning and have been up to no good.
They brought books the first day, had a snow ball fight on day two...

Day three they rode in on a sled and got snow all over!  (snow aka flour).
They even sported a hat/scarf and earmuffs/scarf!

On Sunday we headed to church and then just washed sheets and laundry.  I didn't sleep well the night before so I took a nice long nap with Tatum as well.  It felt great!  At about 4, we headed to the mall and grabbed dinner at BJ's.  We just felt like getting out!  The light was on, so of course we had to hit Krispy Kreme on the way home!  The kids didn't enjoy it at all!

And Monday had the elves up to know good!  Minion/Banana Mania!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Kindergarten Troubles, Kicking on the Holiday season and Grey's Christmas ListT

 So after a pretty positive 1st conference with Mrs. Miller, we have seemed to taken a turn for the worse:(  The teacher said that Grey was very engaged and making wonderful progress academically.  He seemed to have a few snags along the way, but for the most part, not having any major issues behaviorally speaking.  Well....about two weeks later I got a call from the principal, Mr. Syroka.  Evidently, Greyson was tagged out of a game twice so he told a the girl that tagged him she hated him.  He was put in time out by Mr. O'Neil and Grey told him he was going to kill him.  That won him a visit tot he principal's office!  They had a nice talk but Mr. Syroka did tell me that most 5 year olds would have been intimidated to be in the principal's office, but it really didn't seem to bother Grey!  EEEEk!  We had a long talk with Greyson and wrote apology letters to Abby, Mrs. Miller, Mr. O'Neil, and Mr. Syroka.  Let me just tell you that Grey was not a fan of this!  Not more than a week later, Grey had his clipped moved to red for throwing scissors at Kevin LaNassa.  Apparently Kevin was laughing at him!  We took away his IPAD and tv that night and wrote an apology to Kevin and Mrs Miller.  The very next day of school (today), I received an email from the teacher.  Grey's misbehavior is increasing in frequency.  He told James he was going to squish him like a boa constrictor, kicked him, and told Chloe that he was going to "bring the pain"!  Like what!??!/  What 5 year old really says this!  Mrs. Miller indicated that sometimes moving his clip from Blue to Yellow or Red only escalates the issues, she she is going to implement a sticker reward system for him to see if that helps!  I am definitely open for parenting advice!!!

Despite their spunk, they sure are cute!

Just hanging out in the hole on our way out of Barre class:)

Pit stop at the pet store...Lucky kiddos got to bed a lizard!  (I opted out of this!!!)

Tatum got to go swimming with Miss Holly last week,  Apparently she was cleaning the shower and singing "Let it Go" at the top of her lungs for a good 5 minutes!  

Thursday Morning!

Thursday evening Jiu Jitsu and Dance!

Both Sky and I took off Friday to kick off the holiday season with the Zuchegnos with the Easton Tree Lighting.  Before I get into those pictures, I have to share Grey's Christmas wish list!

1) Hang Glider
2) Pet Bird
3) My own Iphone
4) Gliding squirrel suit
5) New sled
6) Dragons
7) Gekko Suit

God love his imagination!  I used to complain about having so many Thomas the Train toys but at least gift giving was easy!  Now he wants a flippin hang glider!

Anywho, back to Friday and the Easton Tree Lighting!

We started off the evening with an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen...the kids were restless (to put it mildly).  Grey just has no respect of personal space!


Glen Ross Crew


Watching the juggling elves!

Failed attempt at a family pic!

Here comes Santa Claus!

Fake smile!

Conley James and Greyboy!

Oh the drama of cold hands!

Classic!  If only we hadn't ordered our Christmas Cards already!

Sneakin kisses on his girl Conley already!

 Saturday was pretty low key!  The kids went to the gym with Sky while I went to Barre and target with Kristin.  We picked up the kiddos and headed home shortly after.  I cooked up some sloppy joes and the Zuchegnos came over to watch the game.  (OSU Vs. Michigan State).  We won't really talk about that since we lost by a last minute field goal, but how bout this cuddle bug.  Dani and Charlotte stopped over for a while and I got some lovin on Baby C!

We headed to church on Sunday morning and then hit up Costco!

And despite my typical rule of holding off on Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, I resisted and decorated with my baby boy!  He was beyond excited!  Tatum woke up from her nap and "helped" too!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

 And then we kicked off a short week with our normal routine.  Grey headed to Zuchegnos to get on the bus, I took Tator to Holly's and I was off to work!  Only two more days until we have a 4 day weekend!  Whoop!