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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Visit from the Cousins!

So before we get to the visit from Uncle Seanie, Auntie Aiko, Emi, and Eri, let's chat about my Tuesday!  Mimi was in town helping Danielle and I with the kiddos since both of our sitters were out of town.  Tuesday we had Grey, Tatum, Isla, James, Lane and Charlotte!  That was total birth control!!!  We had a blast, but whew those kids have some energy!

My attempt to get the kids to relax and watch a movie!  It really just made a mess of popcorn all over the loft and in Grey's room because of course all 5 kids could not agree on one movie to watch!  LOL

The big kids!

The lil kids!

Tator and the peanut!

Mimi and Lotte...all dolled up for Halloween!

Last day of school before the cousins visit!

Tator's last day of gymnastics!

Does this not make you laugh or what!!?!?!  I saw this and just had to save it...sums up my life in a nutshell!
 Sean ,Aiko, Emi and Erika were brave souls and took the red eye in from California.  They arrived Friday morning!  We ate a big ol breakfast and the girls and kids hung out while the boys golfed.  We rounded out the day with dinner at the Firehouse Tavern!

And icea cream of course!

It was a great Friday...then midnight struck and poor Tator was cursed with the awful stomach bug!  Poor girls vomited all night...and when she had a break from that, she had diarrhea!  She finally calmed down by 6am and we all got a little sleep!  Thankfully it was short-lived and she was good as new by Saturday evening!

Tatum felt good enough to get out Saturday so we all headed to the mall for lunch and to let the kids play!

This goofball has been a total mama's girl for the last week!
Sweet cousins!

Dave & Busters!

To say this lil girl was worn out would be the understatement of the century!
 Before long, it was time to head to Isla's birthday party!  The kids got all dressed up and were loving it!

 Kim went all out and transformed her basement into a Haunted wonderland for the kiddos!

Wonderwoman...aka the birthday girl!

Sky and Sean hung back with Tator bug while the rest of us headed to the party.  They did make an appearance but we didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick!

By 8pm that night, Tator had her appetite back and seemed good as new!!!
By Sunday morning, she was definitely back to herself!  Proof above!

Playin after church!

Breakfast of champions....Donuts!  We had to fuel up before heading to Leed's Pumpkin Farm!!!

 The kids (and the adults) had a blast!  We spent 3 hours doing everything Leeds had to offer!  Unfortunately my stomach started hurting near the end of fun at Leeds.  Tatum was spent so we headed back to the car a lil early to rest.  She passed out in a hot minute and meanwhile, my stomach got worse and worse!

By about 5pm, I was vomiting!  That nasty stomach bug hit me!  I spent the rest of the evening/night in bed sicker than a dog!  Thankfully it didn't last long!  Now I am just praying Grey and Sky don't get it.

My sweet nieces!
 Some farewell pictures! 

The cousins walked Grey to the bus stop Monday morning and just like that the trip was over!
This is pretty much how we all felt about it.  The trip went waaaaay too fast! We are so thankful they came and had such a wonderful time!  We only wished we could do it more often!