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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Delaware County Fair and Jiu Jitsu

 The Gravers made Greyson's night by inviting him to go to the Delaware County Fair on Wednesday night last week!  Little Crew doesn't like to ride rides, but Conley loves to....so she and Grey made the perfect pair!

Tator, ,Sky and I spent the evening at home....and it felt so funny!  I think Tator enjoyed the alone time.  She sure did miss her brother tho!

I was a lil nervous about school Thursday, but thankfully Grey did great!  Tator and I took Grey to the bus stop on her bike!

We headed to my Barre class and then gymnastics!  I think Miss Thang was pooped from playing at class and then going straight to gymnastics.  She was anything but a good listener!

After a nice long nap, she was happy as could be!  She insisted on wearing a dress so I decided to pick my battles and let it ride!  Dani said she looks 12 in this picture and I hate to say it but I tend to agree:(

Grey was beyond thrilled to go to his 2nd Jiu Jitsu class Thursday night.  Since we were so pleased with the facility and staff and Grey was enjoying it so much we decided to sign him up!

Because we signed him up, he got his uniform!  To say he was excited would be an understatement.  He was so thrilled "to be on the team"!  LOL

 Friday Kristen, Ashley, Mary and I headed out for a late dinner at Wine Loft!  We drank lots of wine and had some nice girl talk!  It was a nice change of pace!

Just like that it was Buckeye Saturday and time for tee ball!  Lane and Tator are quite the buddies:)

I am not sure if its the age or what, but I am not sure baseball is Grey's thang.  He is thrilled to go to soccer or jiu jitsu, but complains about baseball.  He does okay when we get there, but definitely isn't excited!  Live and Learn!  Only 3 more Saturdays:)

 Sky and I got tickets to the Browns game from a guy I work with.  We had a beautiful day and really enjoyed spending the day just Sky and I.  It is so rare we do that anymore!

Take a Selfie of us Sky

No really!


And I settled for a pic by someone else...and what a picture it turned out to be:)

 The 1st half was one of the worst displays of football I have ever seen!  Thankfully the end of the game was a bit more exciting.  We lost, but it was still a fun day!

I have to share some things Tatum is saying lately!  Dani was nice enough to keep the kids all day for us.  They had a ball!  About 20 minutes after we left, Dani text us to tell us that Tatum just said "Damnit!"  She has said that several times since!  Another common saying for her is "I'm gonna kick your house",  "Get out of my sight", "You go away", Ughhhhh I'm so tired".  She is quite the ham!  Writing down what she says doesn't do it justice!  Her facial expressions and tone of voice is priceless!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Camping & The Wilds!

Time is just flying by and today is the official first day of Fall!  I love fall, but I can't believe its almost October already!!!

 Just a few pix of my cutie and James waiting for the bus on Red White and Blue day last Thursday!
And how could we forget Tatum!  Thursday is gymnastics so she gets to show off her cute outfits:)

Conley & Tatum front and center!

Miss Sassy pants has official hit the terrible twos!  She is determined to get what she wants and when she doesn't....look out!
This picture was after she grabbed a handful of chocolate covered blueberries from Danielle's fridge and freaked when I made her give 1 to Greyson!  I mean her mouth if full of chocolate!

Friday was a big day!  Pop was taking Grey to go camping and I was keeping Charlotte overnight so Dani and Greg could go to a wedding.
She was happy as could be! (and quite the lil eater)

Nothing makes her giggle more than her cousins playing with her:)

Tatum and I visited the campsite and made smores before heading home for the night!

Pop and his grand babies!

Bath Time!
I had been congested all week and started to get an ear ache about 4pm on Friday.  By 7pm, I was in soooo much pain!  Ugh!  I headed to minute clinic and had a sinus and double ear infection.  They put me on antibiotics right away and by 3am Saturday morning, my ear had "popped" and drained some nasty fluid.  Thankfully this helped the pain immensely!  I am still clogged in my left ear today tho!  Boo!  Sky was amazing and get both girls ready for bed for me!

Finally some Auntie and Charlie time...sippin on her milk at 7am Saturday morning!

Before long it was time to head home and get Grey cleaned up and ready for the day! (Game Day means Buckeye gear for this crew)

Breakfast!  Fruit Loops, Pancake and Mandarin oranges...yum!

After Dani and Greg picked up C, I headed to Barre class with Tatum while Grey and Sky waited to go to baseball.  We all met at baseball, came home and watched the game, and then Sky and I headed out with Pat & Kristen.  We went to Typhoon and then to a bar.  We had a great time!  The kids all stayed with a babysitter at our house and were still awake when we got home about midnight!!!
I thought for sure Sunday would be rough, but it started out like this and both kids were suprisingly pleasant all day!
Grey slept in til almost 9am...which might be a record!

Church for these cuties!
 After church, we just did some things around the house, watched football, I went to a barre class, and then we all headed to Costco to round out the night:)

Grey was off school Monday so Sky took the day off and took both kids to the Wilds!  It is like going on an African Safari only instead of going to Africa, you just drive to Southern Ohio!

Grey and his obsession with birds and anything that flies is crazy...so this was heaven for him!

After a fun-filled morning, the day was capped off with a late lunch at Big Boy!

Tuesday was a beautiful day and the kids and I spent a lot of it outside!  

We also got in the Halloween mood with some Halloween crafts and some Halloween Decor shopping!

Just like that, its Wednesday and Tatum is off to Holly's and Grey is off to school!