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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gymnastics, Birthdays and more festivals!

 So last week was a good one...school, gymnastics, celebrating Kristen's birthday, and the Sunbury music festival!  I really do love my life:)
Orange Day!
 Since Tatum and I have a whole day alone while Grey is at school, I enrolled her in a mommy and me gymnastics class!  She LOVED it!

She was made for a leotard!

And Conley is in the class beforehand...perfect!!!

Beside makeup and gum, driving vehicles is her other obsession these days!  Thankfully she has learned to steer (kind of)!

Did I mention this girl likes makeup?!?!?

 And boy did we make the right decision with Holly watching the kiddos!  She has been amazing!  She took the kids to the zoo last week, took tatum to story time this week, and took Tatum to the zoo again today!

Friday Kristen and I planned to hang and celebrate her birthday while the kids played....but it turned out to be quite the evening.  Kim, Derek, Isla, Amber, Joe, Ella, and Addison all joined us too!  Don't mind the police car...we didn't get rowdy, we just parked our car horizantly on the side street so the kids wouldn't run into the street!  Cops didn't like it!  Thankfully he turned out to be a nice one and gave all the kids stickers!

Saturday was another perfect day weather wise, and I got to start my day out with these smiles below!

 And end the evening at the festival in Sunbury with these two guys (and my baby girl)!

I wish she had some personality!

Sunday morning cuties!!
 The day was perfect so we had a Sunday Funday at the pool!

And look at this cutie!

James and Grey with their scuba gear on!

We had a cold front come in on Monday and it really felt like fall was in the air!  I hate to say this, but I liked it!  (winters are cold and long....but for now I"ll enjoy the chill)

Fake smiles for Blue Day!
 Since T-Ball starts this weekend, Matt held a practice with all the kiddos!  He was awesome and the kids had so much fun!

Today was a mom-fail!  I looked at the "color" schedule wrong and dressed Grey in purple instead of green!  Of course, Grey has one purple shirt and he wore it on the wrong day!!!  Thankfully Kristen made a pit stop to look for a purple shirt and picked up one for us!

Oh the attitude!

 Zoo time with Miss Holly!

Sky worked ate, so Tator, Grey and I met Conley and Ashley at Roosters for a bite to eat!  We capped off the evening with Sweet Frog, baths, and snuggles!

 And just like that, its Wednesday evening and we are more than halfway through this week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

School, the Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival, and a new beginning with Holly Cook

Nothing like jumping in with two feet and going to kindergarten two full day back to back!

 Grey could not have been more excited!  He was such a good boy on Thursday that his clip was moved from blue to purple!  Purple is Excellent behavior!  Evidently held the door open for another class:)

Tator and I enjoy some girl time!  This is really the first time she and I have had a day alone in her life.  We had a couple hours with preschool the last two years, but that wasn't really long enough to do much!

We ran to the mall and bought Grey some new shoes and stopped for her to play!  (of course)

We stopped at Auntie Dani's to test out the swing we bought Charlotte for her birthday too!

 Friday was pretty uneventful.  I think the week caught up with all of us because we were all tired!  Sky was off work and kept the kids all day.  They had fun going to the gym and playing in the yard with the Slide/pool!  We ended up piling in the car and heading to Costco for dinner!  I'm sorry, but their pizza is the best!

Saturday was all about the Bratwurst Festival...but first Sky took the kids to the gym and I tried the Crossfit gym with Kim!  Great workout, but I pushed my weight on the deadlifts too much and my back has never been more sore!  I am not sold on crossfit yet, but I definitely want to experiment more!  I"m thinking joining a gym next year might make more sense because Grey should be in school full time and Tator will be in preschool~!  EEEK!

Anywho, we headed to Bucyrus for the festival with the Gravers and the Zuchegnos.  We could not have asked for a better day!

After a trip to a mini train ride, we headed to the slide!
Only Grey and James were tall enough so they rode twice and then we headed for the food!

After killing James and Lanes french fries, home girl moved on to eating ketchup straight up!  

And if you think she didn't drink 2/3rd of that lemonade...your wrong!

Silly Grey and Crew sharing a sucker!

Pretty sure Crew is scared of Tatum!  She is so much bigger than him even though they are only two weeks apart in age!  She is "THE BOSS!"

Who knew dancing to accordian music could be so fun!

Jame can put the biggest smile on Tator's face any day of the week!

The crew (minus crew)...no pun intended!

Just sitting on a bench watching the parade!

The WHOLE crew!

One of the only ways to avoid this crazy lady to not run or dance away from you!

Breather on the wagon with Daddy!
 After a pretty lame parade and lots of snow cones, we headed to the ride area!  To say the kids had fun, would be an understatement!

After about 6 hours of fun in the sun, the kids played one game on our way out (one that was "everyone is a winner").  Sky is slightly worried that Tatum will be a better athlete than Grey!  HA!

 Sunday was church and catching up around the house!  I think my crew was tired, because everyone was a bit cranky.  James and Lane invited Grey down to play on their new slip n slide and Grey was out of hand...he pulled hair, hit, and said some pretty mean things.  He ended up having to go home and have some quiet time in his room.  I am hoping its two straight days in school and a busy weekend that led to this behavior!
Miss Priss all ready for chuuuuch!

Handsome man!

We watched Charlotte for a bit in the evening so Greg and Dani could take the bike to dinner!
She just loves watching my crazy kiddos!  She was all smiles!

 Before we knew it, Monday was here and Grey was off to James' house to wait to get on the bus and Tator was off to the new sitter's house...Holly!

 I was thrilled when Tator didn't even look back after walking right in!  She had a great day and seemed to really like Holly!

Yesterday the kids were home with me and it was a trying day.  Grey was misbehaving again and tator was quite whiny!  I talked to Pat and Kim that day and both of their kids had rough days too!  Hopefully there was just something in the air!  I am headed to a much needed dinner out with Jen tonight!  (perfect timing)

 Just like that it was Wednesday and Grey and Tator were off to Hollys!  Grey seemed excited and Tatum did wonderfully again!

Thumbs Up!