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Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Fun and Charlotte Turns 1

 We took advantage of the beautiful weather all week last week.  Conley, Crew, Grey and Tator had a ball at the pool together!

 And they must have said "higher, higher, higher' 1 million times!  In the swing is James, Conley and Grey!

 And what's a post without some morning pix of the kiddos!  Sleepy and all:)

 We tried a new activity on Thursday!  Sidewalk paint, otherwise known, as body paint to Tator!

Isla and Grey sharing a refreshment after playing for hours!  

James and Grey!  Besties for sure:)
 Friday was a big day!  I turned 36 (ouch) and we had a big night out planned to celebrate Kim and my birthdays!  First, we had to go to work!

My sweet babies are so lucky and spoiled to spend the summer with the Alexanders!

Flying Greyson!

Work could not end soon enough Friday!  I was beyond excited for a night out with my hubby and great friends!

My silly Husband and I!

Getting a "normal" pic with him is nearly impossible!!!

Cheers!  A delicious punch bowl that pretty much did us all in!

Birthday Blue steel!

The Girls!

Kim drinkin right from the punch bowl!

Auntie Dani and Skumba!

Shot of Jameson!

Feels so good!  

Ashley looooooved the punch!


If this pic doesn't scream great time, I don't know what does!

Well yes please!

Me and Ash!

After a delicious dinner, dancing at Brothers, and a ride on the mechanical bull at Tequila Cowboys, we all headed home!  Needless to say we were all feeling perty good!

It's now Monday morning and I am still draggin booty!  If that doesn't scream old, I don't know what does!

We headed over to Auntie Dani's about 4pm on Saturday to celebrate Charlotte's 1st Birthday party!

Tator and Mimi!

You wouldn't know it hear, but my kids are both obsessed with Pop.  Poor Mimi!
Tator arrived and my mom was sitting outside and she didn't even say hi...she just said "where's Pop?".  She opens the door to go inside and says "Look guys, it's Pop"
We all don't quite get it!!! LOL

 DJ thought we were also celebrating Grey's birthday so he brought Grey a late birthday present!
On Sunday, we had to try out the new toy of course!  Needless to say he loved it!!!
 We all napped and then headed to Kinsale for some fun in the sun!  The weather has definitely gotten hot hot hot!  It finally feels like summer!

Tator had a blast splashing around and my big boy went off the diving board!!!  He is growing up so so so so fast! (insert tear here)

We capped off the weekend with dinner on the patio at Kinsale!

We had such a fun weekend and I am already looking forward to next!
My cuties bright and early!
 Last but not least, Happy Birthday to this sweet angel!  I cannot believe that it was a year ago I was sitting in the hospital waiting for your arrival!  You are the sweetest lil thang and my kids cannot get enough of you!  I look forward to you playing with Tator and Grey more and more as you grown (but don't grow too fast)!  Enjoy your day lil lady!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Fun!P

Last week was a great week!  It is finally starting to feel like summer!


Sleepy morning faces!

Smiles on the playground!

And fun at the splash pad!

To say Isla, Grey and Tator had fun would be an understatement!

 We packed a picnic lunch and spent a few hours there!  Needless to say Tator was ready for a nap!

Friday was here before we knew it and I capped off a stressful week at work with some wine and fun with Kristen, James, and Lane!

They boys had ice cream and were beyond happy!

 They played so quietly building legos for hours!  Kristen and I drank a bottle and a half of wine before we knew it!  It was a great way to unwind!

Saturday Sky ran some errands with the kids while I mowed the grass, then we all napped and headed to zoombezi bay with Pat, Kristen, James and Lane.  We were too busy chasing the kids to take pictures, but rest assured they had the time of their lives.  We rounded out the evening with some dinner at BWs and ice cream at Graeters!!!  Talk about a perfect evening!

Sunday, the kids looked especially sweet in their red, white, and blue duds!

 It was a scorcher on Sunday, so the kids played in the water at Conleys.  Conley and Crew had been in Hilton Head for the previous week, so Grey really missed his friends!

Crew is not a fan of pictures!
 We made tacos on Sunday night and lets just say Tatum enjoyed the beverages!

I kid!  But she was setting out a bunch of beers as if she was entertaining and then just started acting like she was chugging the beer!  Too funny!

 And whats a Sunday summer night without ice cream (so what if we got it two nights in a row...don't judge),  At least we played on the playground for a bit after it:)

 I am spoiled this week because Skyler will be home early every night except Tuesday!  He was home at around 5 today.  He took the kids to the pool and I did a cross fit work out with Kim..  It was hard as heck, but felt great:)