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Monday, June 22, 2015

Ears, Movies, and Crawfish!

So just after Tutu and Uncle Map aka Pat, left, Mimi and Pop came into town.  Dad had work to do in Youngstown, so they stopped in Columbus for a day or two.  For some reason my kids are obsessed with Pop and pretty much ignore Mimi.  I can;t figure out why!  They are young...I always joke that they are young and dumb...in time they will learn who the sucker is:)

We all went to dinner at the Italian Warehouse Wednesday night!

Thursday was icky weather, so we ran some errands and took the kids to Chick Fila.  They could not get enough of the play area.  It grosses me out but with as much fun as they had, I was able to look past it!  LOL

I went for a later walk so Sky put the kids to bed that night...I stopped in to see them before I went to bed and this is what I saw.

 Sweet angelic Greyson and my little hot mess, Tatum!  LOL

Friday morning messin around!

 Unfortunately Grey is still struggling with his right ear.  Everytime he goes swimming, he gets water in his right ear despite wearing ear plugs and is so uncomfortable we have to leave the pool!

As a result, I took him to the doc Friday morning.  His left tube is completely gone and his right tube is still in tact.  Imagine that!  No infection and no swimmer's ear, but the interior membrane looked greenish in color!  Not sure what that means, but Grey has to see his ENT!  The first appointment available was July 7th, but I'm going to try and call to get a cancellation!

Friday Lainey taught Tatum a cheer!  She's a natural, don't you think?!?!?  Her favorite cheer is "Shake your Booty"!

 The weather was less than desirable this weekend.  It literally poured ALL day Saturday.  We took advantage of the bad weather and new movie release and headed to the theaters.  We met up with Pat, Kristen, James and Lane.  Sky stayed home with Tatum while she napped so Grey and I had a date!  The boys were so cute...sitting together, sharing icees, popcorn and candy!  Inside Out was such a cute movie!

The weather finally cleared so we headed downtown to Travis's Crawfish boil! Grey was super excited...can't ya tell!

Although not super kid friendly, Grey and Tatum had a ball!
Tator ate corn!

Grey saved one crawfish's life!

And played with him all night!

Tatum just ran around and sang!  My lil gypsy!

Sunday was all about Dad!  Sky is the best father we could have hoped for so we definitely had to celebrate him!

We didn't do anything exciting, but it was nice to just hang!  Sky wanted to make homeade pizza for dinner so that we did!  We ended the evening with some Dairy Point!  Yum!

And just like that it was Monday!

Tatum was a little sleepy when I picked her up from Sandy's and within an hour, it was obvious why.  She was running a low fever.  After some Motrin, she perked up, ate dinner, and seemed ok.  I gave her some Ciprodex ear drops just to be safe!

We get to watch Charlotte tomorrow so lil Tator has to stay healthy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Visit from Tutu & Uncle Map AKA Pat

Starting this post out with my sassy lil Tator bug in the morning on Wednesday!

And my sweet boy that is so good about posing!

Tator always comes home with cute pony tails from the Alexander house!  She looks so old with her hair up!

Our colorful new rug for the office that I am updating a bit for the kiddos!

 Sky worked later on Thursday and I didn't feel like cooking so we met Ashley, Conley and Crew at BJs for dinner!  Needless to say the kiddos had fun!

We wrapped up Thursday playing with the kids' new water shooters!  Who knew a bucket of water could create such a great time!

Tutu and Uncle Map arrived late Thursday (way after our bedtime)...but the kids woke up beyond excited!  For whatever reason, Tator calls Uncle Matt, Pat and Grey still calls him Uncle Map!  I'm not sure his name will ever be Uncle Matt!  Sky worked until early afternoon on Friday so we all just hung around the house...breakfast on the deck, fun with water, and lots of chillaxing!

We finally pulled ourselves together and headed out at about 6pm.  Our 1st stop was Dicks.  Sky used his gift cards from his family to buy a start set of golf clubs!  Meanwhile, Tatum used the putting green as her stage to sing and dance!

We can never have a visit from Tutu without a stop at Toys R Us!  The kids both got to pick out some toys and then we headed to Olive Garden for some dinner!  
Tatum ate an entire bowl of salad!  She had pizza and fries for her dinner, but she chose salad!  What the what!?!?!?!

We could not pass Krispy Kreme...the light was on duh!

The family that wears Krispy Kreme hats together stays together!  Ha!

Saturday morning the boys golfed while Tutu and I played with the kids outside!  All they wanted to do was play in the water!
Grey is a goof just like his dad!

We planned on going to the Clippers baseball game, but the weather turned, so we opted for the Hamburger Inn!

And finished our night at Dairy Point!  

Those smiles just light up my world!

We really didn't do much special, but we just have so much fun together!

Sunday morning we all went to church!  The kids had to wear their matching Aloha outfits!

We headed to Kroger after church and ate lunch there!  The kids were raring to go so we ran around outside while the others finished eating.  They are just so much fun!

After spending some time in the sun, Greg and Dani stopped over to visit with sweet Baby Charlotte.
How bout this pic of these sweet girl cousins!

Sunday evening we made Miso chicken and watched the Cavs lose a rough Game 5.

Monday Sky had to work so the rest of us just hung out.  Tatum had a blast making Uncle Pat sweat chasing her in the motorized truck!  Ha!

We were sad to see them go, but so thankful to have the visit.  The joy in the kids' eyes when they spend time with Tutu and their Uncles is just priceless.  It breaks my heart that we don't live closer.  Grey didn't give Tutu a minute to breathe and she loved every second.  She role played, acted like a bat, chased Grey up and down the steps, around the house....you name it and she did it with Grey.  Grey didn't want to leave the house because the ideal time was just playing his Tutu!  We are already looking forward to our next visit...whenever that might be!