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Monday, April 27, 2015

This and That!

The weather has turned chilly, but we have still managed to get outside and have some fun!

Auntie Dani and Uncle Greggy bought Tatum a new chair!  You can't see but it has Anna and Elsa and she absolutely loves it!

And luckily Tatum was prepared for the rain!

This boy just doesn't stop moving long enough to get a clear pic!!! (unless of course he is in the mood)

Thursday was our 2nd day of swim and I got to swim with this baby girl!

She could not love it anymore!  She clings to me at the beginning, but by the end, she is brave as can be!

Morning Puzzle Sesh!

Saturday morning was quite chilly, but we still braved the chilliness and watched Grey play soccer!  He did pretty well:)  And Tatum was definitely the cutest cheerleader!

Run Grey Run!

Not Grey's favorite part!  Thankfully we had snacks to bribe him with!  ha!

We spent some time with Dani and Charlotte on Saturday night
Grey asking me to take a picture of these two was just about the sweetest thing..xoxoxo
 After the kids went down, Danielle and I had a date!  We went to Molly Woos for dinner.  We just ate at the bar, but we had so much fun!  It was a much needed few hours of fun:)

Sunday the kids and Sky went to church while I caught up on some things around the house.

Then we spent some time outside (despite the cold and fierce wind!).  Even Charlotte came out to swing:)

To say Grey and Tatum love their cousin would be an understatement!

Just like that, it's Monday!  I spiffed Grey all up for his school pictures this morning!  He is just so handsome!

And these cheesy (fake) smiles are to die for!  He is so his father!!!
His new favorite thing to do before bed is talk about the day.  He can barely focus for the book we read because he is so excited.  Its so sweet, because all we do is talk about what we are doing the next day...whether that be going to school and playing trains or going to Miss Sandy's and having swim lesson.  

Tonight my man was a bit emotional.  He asked for a big hug and said please lets just stay home all day tomorrow.  I don't want to go to Sandy's because you don't come with me!  This is so not normal for Grey...he is probably just tired, but it still melts me!

Tatum usually throws a fit when I leave and its all I can do to get out the door. I am not sure my heart could take two crying kids!  LOL

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Soccer, Ice Cream & Tator's 1st Swim Lesson

Saturday marked our first Saturday of Soccer for the Spring season!  
We were lucky enough to get on the same team as James, Conley and Isla!  It was so fun to watch them all together.  Grey did pretty well, but he got frustrated a few times...but all in all, I can't complain too much!

Sky got stuck working for a few hours on Saturday so we had Kim and Isla ride with us and then the five of us met Derek for lunch at Rusty Bucket.  Tatum had enough of gold fish so she resorted to licking ketchup off her plate!

It was an absolutely beautiful day so we spent the rest of the afternoon outside.  The kids played while I mowed.  We spent some time at the Gravers bouncing, riding the roller coaster, swinging, playing in the sandbox and so on!  Yes their back yard is like Disney Land!

No one felt like cooking so the Foleys and our family headed to downtown Delaware for dinner on the patio at Hamburger Inn and ice cream at Whitts after!

 These kids didn't enjoy their chocolate cones at all!  (and they didn't get any on them at all!)

On a side note, when Tatum wants her binky...she unmakes her bed and crawls in.  She'll say she is going Ni Ni, but she is just playin so she can have her binks!  That lil stinker!

Sunday night Danielle text me and asked me for pictures of the kids!  I snapped pix that second!  Yep...that's just a typical night in the Munekata household!  (I love my life)

Before we knew it, it was Monday!  And these kids sure made it hard to go to work!

My week was messed up because of some obligations at work on Monday.  That meant two days in a row on Monday and Tuesday!  Leaving these kids every other day is hard enough...let alone two days in a row!  Boo!

Its been a nice week so far though...Sky got home at 5:30 on Monday and was home by 5 to join us for swim lessons tonight!

Tatum goes from 5:30 til 6 and then Grey is from 5:45 til 6:15.  This was not Grey's first swim lesson, but this was Tator's!  To say she had fun would be an understatement!  She absolutely love love loved it!

These kids are my whole world!  I cannot get enough of them!  Some days I wish I could freeze them at this age.  Yes they are a handful, but they are just so dang cute and sweet!