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Monday, March 30, 2015

Stomach Bugs, Colds, Easter Egg Hunts and Kites!

So we didn't have much planned this weekend and it was a good thing!  

The kids were all dressed in Easter pastels:)  It was Grey's last day of school for a week (Spring Break) and Tator....well, just because:)

"The Chicks are All Over Me!"

Friday Dee and the girls and Auntie Dani and Charlotte came over for some cocktails and pizza!  It was pretty chill and just what the doctor ordered.  Tatum didn't eat much for dinner, but I didn't think a thing of it.  

Sky was up later than me on Friday night so I slept like a baby only to find out Tator was up quite a bit Friday night.  She seemed okay Saturday morning...just lazy and sleepy.  We chalked that up to her being up a bunch and went on with our day.

A local church put on a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt at the local highschool...over 80k eggs!  Of course, it was the coldest day in weeks!  We bundled up and headed out with our neighbors...Pat, Kristen, James and Lane.

Pit Stop at the bounce houses!

Grey and James!

Grey perched on Daddy's shoulders to see the Helicopter drop even more eggs!!!

And let the hunt begin!

Tator was being a momma's girl but still managed to get herself an egg or two:)

After about 30 minutes of hunting, we were all frozen and ready to get warm!  Tator thinks she is soooo funny!  She is fake sleeping here and has a total smooooch face!  She gets it from Uncle Map!

We headed to Kroger on the way home to get lunch and do some grocery shopping.  Poor Tator has a massive diarrhea there!  We changed her and headed home...where she had 3 or 4 more before the evening was over.  Then to top it off, she threw up right before bed:(  Poor girl had a rough night and her mama slept with her!

Sunday morning snuggles!

Thankfully, Tator woke up and was diarrhea and vomit free all day.  She was definitely not her normal spunky self and didn't eat as much as normal, but seemed to be on the mend.  Sunday wasn't nearly as chilly so we got outside for some fresh air.  Sky built a fire in the fire pit and we all just hung out.

It was windy so we finally got Grey's kite out.  He was having a ball!

He kept slowing down and the kite would fall so I said here honey let me show you!  Within about 3 minutes, I got the kite stuck in the tree!  Mom FAIL!  Thankfully Sky was able to get it out!

We headed in for dinner and baths.  Tator demanded spaghetti so I cooked some up for her!  She ate great and we thought for sure she was good to go!  Then she threw up before bed.  She has a stuffy nose and has been coughing a lot at bedtime, so we think that was it.  Thankfully she slept okay and woke up seeming to be her normal self!

We made strawberry, banana and chocolate chip pancakes!  The kids decorated them and ate that and some yogurt!

We spent the morning hanging out at home and then ran to the store and to work late morning...more just as a way to break up the day.  After we got home and Tator went down for her nap, Ireland and Reid came over and the three kiddos watched Big Hero 6!

When Tator got up from her nap we colored Easter Eggs!!!

All in all we had a great first day of Spring Break!  Besides Grey having a very stuffy nose and Tator having a runny nose and a horrible cough (only at night), I really hope this family is on the road to healthier days!

Tator's Big Girl Room

Although Tator has been sleeping in her new room for a couple of months, it was just recently completed with all the decorations!  Since we had a gender neutral nursery, I had so much fun decorating her room!

Dream Big sign from Hobby Lobby

 Bedspread from Home Goods
Bed was a hand me down from my sister...it was originally black rod iron, but I sprayed it the off white color.
Curtain: Made by a wonderful girl off of Etsy
Window Covering above curtains: Pinterest success...cardboard, batting, fabric and a staple gun with some fun trim!
Toddler Daybed: Rummage sale find that my parents refinished for me!
 Pictures and flags above bed: Hobby Lobby
Decorative pillows on bed: Etsy (same woman)
Chandelier: Tatum's birthday present from Mimi, Pop, Auntie Dani & Uncle Greggy

 Lamp: Hobby Lobby
Window box, shutters, mirror: Hand me down from Dani and refinished by my parents
Flowers: JoAnn Fabric
 Quilt on Daybed: Etsy (same woman)

I left the one corner out of the room and that is just some book shelves that Sky helped make out of wooden crates that I spray painted.  Above them is hung a tin sign that says....

Also some super cool hooks that my Dad made for me...I can't believe I didn't include!  Update coming soon:)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Colds, Eye Issues and our week!

U know...just dancin on top of Sky's car!

Saturday Dani & Greg went to the auto show and dinner so we watched Charlotte on Saturday!

 On Sunday, we went to church!  As I was getting ready and curling my hair, Tator asked if I would do hers!  Now granted it only took about 6 curls, but she sat like a good girl!  And how fricken sweet does she look!?!?!  This outfit is from Sandy and Dee for her birthday and she looks like an angel!!!

I mean I can't handle it!

And just like that, she is transformed back to my spunky, casual girl!  She picked her hat and sunglasses all by herself!  MEOW!

 So Sunday night I went to bed feeling like I had something in my eye.  I really didn't think twice about it.  Well I woke up Monday morning with a seriously red eye and major swelling....along with some oozing gunk!  Sexy I know!

I used drops and tried to flush it out but it really didn't get any better all day.  By Tuesday morning, it was definitely not better...if anything, it was worse.  I was able to get in with my optometrist only to find out he wasn't really sure what was going on.  He checked for eye ulcers, a scratched cornea, etc...  He said we may never know what happened, but there was definitely swelling and redness going on.  I have been on a steroid/antibiotic drop for the last couple of days and my eye is pretty much normal!  Good thing I had Tator bug to show me how to use my drops!

Grey is always so busy...I feel like I don't get as many pix of him!  But he is still the sweetest lil mane ver!

My eye Tuesday morning!~

 Wednesday turned out to be a decent day in the afternoon so we played outside at Conley's for a bit.  It was windy as all get out but the temps were in the 60s!  Hallelujah!!!

On another note, Tator's room is finally done!!!  I will post pix of the finished product, but I could not be happier!  Here is a sneak peak of my sweet Tator on her new bed in her new room!  Muah!

TGIT!  I have the rotten cold that has been going around and I have never been so close to calling off work as I was today!  I struggled through and am managing!  I will be very happy when its over tho!  I went to bed at 8:15 Wednesday night and Sky had to wake me up at 6:10 this morning!  My alarm went off right in my ear for 2 solid minutes and I didn't hear a thing!!!  Hoooooly!