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Friday, February 27, 2015

Monkey See Monkey Do!

The kids have been so funny this week!  Tatum is really starting to look up to her brother.  She watches his every move and tries to mimick absolutely everything he does!  It's so sweet!

Her language is really coming along too!  She loves to say Greyson (Gayson) and speaks in two and three words sentences now!  I swear 2 is the magic number for talking to really take off in our house!  Grey was the same way!

We had a pretty typical week and are looking forward to celebrating Tatum's 2 year birthday a few days early on Saturday night!

And yes its cold here!  -25!!!  Where do we live...Siberia?!??!?

Those chubby lil crossed feet!


Tator also likes to mimick Maddie!

So we set up a bunch of toys in the basement so the kids could run wild for Tatum's birthday party and naturally the kids had to test it out!

TGIF!  This girl is ready for a cocktail and some downtime!  This week seemed to drag and be full of all sorts of crazy!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Catching up, Girls Night out, and Snow Snow and more Snow!

 Some sweet pics of the kiddos before leaving for the day last week!  

Our lil Diva throwing an early morning tantrum on Friday!  Who knows about what!!!!

So Friday night was planned by Kim in our neighborhood (with my help!).  We rented the Search2Close limo bus and headed out for a night on the town...no men and no kids!  We had 9 girls from my neighborhood and I don't remember the last time I drank that much or had that much fun just being silly and dancing!

We had a delicious dinner at Hubbard Grill and ended up at Brothers of all places!  It started out as a joke but we ended up dancing and having a blast all night!
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Danielle had a few whiskeys at dinner and asked our server where to go.  He suggested this place and what a bust!  We were way too early and way too young to be there!  Ha!

I was a bit slow moving Saturday, but not as bad as I anticipated!
We got about 8 inches of snow on Saturday, so it consisted of laundry and playing in the snow!!!

Sky shoveled the driveway and made a snow hill for Grey and a snow house for the kids!  Hours of fun I tell ya!

Sunday was still awfully snowy so we skipped church.  The kids and I let Sky sleep in and just hung out.
My studmuffin son says..."Hey Ma, can you take a picture of me like this"!  Ha!

Sweet afternoon snuggles!
Back to the grind today!  School, working from home, and getting ready for the week!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day and Presidents Day!

We laid low Friday night and it felt so good...especially since Tator was not the best sleeper Thursday night!  We had the invite to go bowling, but we opted to chill and it was the right decision!  We were in pjays by 6pm!

Saturday morning was Valentines Day!  The kids had Toast with Nutella and bananas on their heart plates!  I added some pink marshmellows for some V-day flair!

I got the kids all dressed and Sky took them to Kids Club and worked out Kinsale while I worked out and headed to JoAnns to get some supplies for Tator's room.


Turns out I picked a bad day!  It was cold, but clear when I left the house and by the time I was halfway their...it was a complete white out!  That was mistake #1!  Then I get to Jo Anns and the Line to have fabric cut was more than 20 deep.  I will never go on a Saturday again!!!  It was fine...I got it and then headed home.

We hung the rest of the evening and had the Foleys over for tacos.  They were gone by 8 and we were all chillin by 8:15!  Such a nice low key weekend!


Sunday we went to church and then Grey and I headed to Bella's 8th birthday party while Tatum napped and Sky stayed home with her!

Crazy kids!

We had chili at the Foleys and then relaxed the rest of the evening.  Sky had to go in to work at 7:(  Boo!

Today is presidents day.  I thought Grey had a dentist appointment but it turns out its Wednesday!  The girls were off school so we went to the Delaware Y and swam!

My kids were a little reluctant to start, but as time went on, they got comfy!
 And had a ball!!!

We were chilled to the bone and ready to chillax after that!  It was a nice way to change up this bitter cold weather!