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Friday, January 30, 2015

Bye Bye Bug and a Fat Lip!

Grey has been really into art lately.  He is watching a show on Amazon Prime called Creative Galaxy where they do a ton of art projects and he is all about it!

Tator, on the other hand, is all about sunglasses!  And no, she doesn't care if they are on upside down!

 Another day, another pair of sunglasses!

If this doesn't need a caption..."Diva"...I don't know what picture does!

More creating!


Someone got their appetite back!

And someone preferred eating only the parmesan cheese!

All smiles Thursday morning!

So not ready to get out of bed Thursday morning!

Just reading a book (in her birthday suit)

Score on this outfit...$4.30 from meijer!  Love finding deals like this:)

Check out Grey Man's fat lip.  His lip and Lauren's knee got into a fight....Lauren's knee won!  LOL
This happened yesterday and it did not look bad at all!  This morning he woke up and I was like Woa!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Night out and Tator caught the stomach bug!

We were all pretty excited to see Skyler after traveling all week!  Unfortunately he worked pretty late Friday:(  The kids and I hung out with Dee and the girls!  The kids had a blast!  They got a hold of washable markers and gave each other tatoos.  The night ended with all 4 of them in the bathtub!  (Ireland and Reid had bathing suits on...don't worry!)

Saturday morning...this was how Tator felt about Dad getting up!

Just hanging at the counter sharing some cereal!

A friend of ours had a baby on Tuesday (16 hours of labor and then a C Section)...so she was in the hospital for a few days.  While John went to pick up Erin, we watched their 3.5 year old son Grady!  He and Grey have a blast together!

Sky and I had a date night with Matt & Ashley on Saturday night!  Of course I took no pictures, but we spent 4.5 hours at the Wine Bistro.  We had a great time...it was the first time we hung out with them without our 2 kids and their 2 kids running around!  We drank waaaaaay too much wine, but had a great time!

I was moving slow Sunday morning so I got the kiddos ready for church and then skipped it!

I did stay busy sanding and prepping a black rod iron bed frame we have.  We are painting it to use in Tatum's big girl room!

I can't wait to see the finished product in the room!!!!

Sunday evening, Tatum went down with the dreaded stomach bug.  She threw up at 5, 7:30, 11 and 2am!  She and I hardly slept a wink Sunday night...poor baby!  By Monday she had no appetite and was super sleepy, but did not throw up any more!  Thank goodness!  It was a snow day for the kids...we got like 5 inches overnight!  Thankfully the neighbors took Grey out to play in the snow in the late morning and then sledding in the late afternoon!  I was sticking close to home to take care of my Tator Tot!
So sleepy she had to lay down in the tub!

Hate sick babies, but love how they cuddle!

She slept like this and didn't move for almost 3 hours!!!  Wowsa!

Thankfully she woke up this morning and drank her milk and acted like her normal spunky self!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Our week!

This is my man on the way to wash the car and pick up a few things at the store!  Needless to say, I think the sleepover took a toll on my man!

It didn't take long for him to bounce back!  Thankfully the weather wasn't brutally cold and we got outside to play!!

The fresh air does wonders for my munchkins!

Tuesday was back to the routine!  Since Miss Priss had finished her milk, she naturally wanted Greys!

And she let him know it!!!

Sky had to spend a few days in Cleveland so I put the kids to bed the last couple of nights....nothing sweeter than a sleeping child!  Of course Grey was sad his Dad was gone so I said well why don't we do something nice for him.  Grey's response...yeah, lets go to the store and buy him a gun so he can shoot the bad guys!  Say what!??!?!  I laughed outloud on that one!

Except maybe when the kiddos get up in the morning and want to snuggle together!!!

Wednesday Tator and I spent the morning at Lianne's while Grey was at school!  Tator was in heaven with all of the toys!

Sweet Vivienne!  

Wednesday afternoon, the kids and I headed to the library!  They just love it there...and we got a few new books!

 After baths Wednesday night, Grey laid down on the bean bag and said "Tatum, do you want to watch me play on my Ipad?" and she responded "uh huh" and laid right down!  Melt me!!!

Thursday was a pigtail kinda day!!!

Tator was up for a while in the middle of the night...not upset, but definitely not tired!  She was still in pjays when I took her to kims!  Lucky girl gets to cuddle all morning, while Mama goes to work!  At least its Friday!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Baba & Grey's 1st Sleepover!

So last minute we headed up to visit my grandma and the kids great grandma...aka BABA!
We left about 8:30 Saturday morning and were home by 10:30 Saturday night.  It was a quick trip, but well worth it.  

We headed to the mall and let the kids play and ate some lunch!

Then we headed back to Baba's to let Tator take nap and Grey play some trains!  He was in withdrawl after a 2.5 hour car ride and 2 hours at the mall!  LOL

 We took a kids on a long walk around Baba's complex and then headed to Antones for dinner.  We just love that place and the best part is...its two minutes from Baba's house!

We were all pretty tired so we skipped church on Sunday.  Sky took the kids to the gym while I worked out at home and went grocery shopping.

This little lady was pure sass on Sunday!  Not sure what the deal was, but dang was she feisty.

We are in the process of getting her big girl room ready and I can't wait!  DJ came over and painted today!

Since the kids were off school today, Greyson got to have his very first sleepover at Ireland and Reids.  The kids were beyond excited.  The kids and I headed over around 6 and I hung out until about 9:30.  Then Tator and I headed back over about 7:30am.  We treated the kids to Krispy Kreme this morning too!  What a yummy morning!

We came back home and the kids made quite a mess!!!  Like three little tornados!