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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Back to reality!

 So bittersweet to have to leave paradise.  It's always nice to be back in your home, but its never fun to leave family and beautiful warm Hawaii!  Saturday was our departure day and we just hung around the house spending time with everyone...Matt's flight left at 2:30pm and ours left at 5:35pm.
The kids were content playin in their pjays!

And watching movies on their bellies!

Even the drive to the airport is beautiful!!!

Sky dropped us off near the departures and went to return the rental car.  The kids and I just soaked up our last few minutes of sun!

Grey was happy as a clam to listen to his IPAD and eat snacks!

Thankfully the majority of the flight was at the kids bedtime so they slept for about 5-6 hours.  It wasn't as easy for Sky and I to sleep because we were holding the kiddos, but it still wasn't bad.  We flew to Atlanta and then had a 2 hour layover.

Poor Tator zonked about 30 minutes before our flight left...

and slept the whole plane ride back to Columbus (lil over an hour)...which was great, because I got to sleep too!

Our silly kiddos sharing the stroller!

We arrived back home about 1pm and were so happy to be done traveling!  We unpacked, showered, and chilled...dreading Monday which came all too quick!
It feels like we never left!
 The kids went to Sandy's but I got a call about an hour after I dropped them off letting me know that Carly (Sandy's daughter) woke up with a fever!  Dee came to the rescue and picked up the kiddos for me!  The kids were so excited to spend the day with Dee and the girls!

Monday night we just hung out and ran to Dani's to see Baby C!  We missed her!  A 5 month old sure grows a lot in two weeks!!!

 Other than adjusting to the cold and back to our time zone, we are feeling pretty good!  So sad that its over, but so thankful we were able to make the trip and spend so much time with family!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

More Hawaii!

Tuesday we headed to the west side of the island to visit our neighbors that were staying at Aulani (the Disney Resort).  

Conley and Grey had a blast and us adults enjoyed relaxing on the beautiful beach in absolutely perfect weather!

Tator and Crewby!

Sweet kiddos!

The resort was amazing and we all had a great time!

Poor Tator woke up with a cold/cough Tuesday morning and seemed to get worse as the day went on!

Not only was she exhausted after waking up at 5am, napping for 45 minutes at the beach, and being all stuffy...but she also was messing with her ear big time!

Later that evening, Sky woke me up to come and smell her ear.  Poor thing had goop oozing out and the smell was nauseating.  Clearly our baby has an ear infection!

We called the doc and made sure that it was ok to use antibiotic ear drops and see if we should do anything else since we'd be flying in a few days.  Thankfully we were good to use those and clean out her ear with peroxide/water mixture.

Christmas Eve Grey and I headed to the mall while Sky and Tator stayed home to rest.  We helped Uncle Map buy a gift for Skyler!  Grey played and had a great time...lots of treats!

On Christmas Eve, we all headed to Zia for a yummy Italian dinner.  These kiddos looked Uh-dorable!

Uncle Micah and Tator Tot!

The whole fam...Micah, Lisa, Me, Sky, Tator, Tutu, Grey and Uncle Map!

After way too much to eat and Tator hamming it up with two other tables at the restaurant, we headed home and the kids got to eat yummy cookies from Auntie Lisa.

Christmas morning came waaay tooo early for a few boys...but not Grey and Tator!

They were so excited!!!
Tator kept saying Merry Kissmas!

The kids are so spoiled...Grey got Spill & Thrills Thomas train set, Dusty Fly set from Planes, Hook James (the train), a large train set, books, etc...  Tator got Frozen stuff, an Aloha doll, books, kinetic sands, etc..  #weneedtoaddonanotherroomforallthesetoys
After opening gifts and eating a yummy breakfast, we headed to Kailua Beach.  The weather was uh-mazing!!!!  We could not have asked for a better day!

Micah brought his roomates stand-up paddle board and we all messed around....even Grey!

Tator finally pooped out and Tutu sang her to sleep!  She took a nice hour long nap on the beach!  Much needed!

 Last night Sky cooked a yummy dinner for blue cheese and bacon steaks, rice, aspargus, salad, and mango cheesecake!  So delicious and now I need to go on a diet!!!

Today was our last full day in Hawaii...so bittersweet.  It's amazing how fast two weeks just flies by!  We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and headed down to Waikiki so the boys could surf and us girls and kids could hang on the beach!

The boys paddling out...

Auntie Lisa teaching the girls about Hawaiian sea life

After about two hours, Tator zonked out!  It was a great break, but unfortunately, that was her only nap of the day!

Flying with Uncle Micah!

Tutu brought a treat for the kiddos...french fries for Tator and nuggets for Grey!  Nom Nom Nom!

We were all pooped out after about 4 hours at the beach.  We stopped at Ginas for the famous Meat Jun and then came home and took turns napping.  (the adults that is...the kids never sleeeep!  LOL)

Tator was futless so instead of going out as a family, the boys and I ran for a quick bite to eat and Tutu kept Tator.  She zonked before 7pm!

Before we left, we took a quick pic of us girls in our matching Aloha dresses!

Poor Tator was sooo not in the mood, but looked so darn sweet!
 After eating waaaay too much at dinner, we hit up Tutti Frutti for some Fro Yo for Grey.  Given his obsession with the word Toot, we could not pass it up!  How sweet is my boy!!?!?!?

Tomorrow our flight doesnt' leave until 5:30pm, but we will probably just go out to breakfast, walk in the park with the kiddos, and then pack up.  Although I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, I am so not ready to return to the hustle and bustle of our  normal life!  This has been such a wonderful trip!  Mahalo!!!