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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Greyson is Cast-Free!!!!

So this was a pretty typical week...except for the removal of Grey's cast and the anticipation of the fun Halloween activities!!!
Tator Bug!!!

Morning walk = Cat Nap for this baby girl!

This guy stayed in green at school on Monday!

This girl does not want to ever sit in her high chair!  

One last picture with his cast on!


It's itchy mom!


Sweet Miss Sandy sent a Halloween craft home with Grey...he is one very loved lil man!

No cast!!!

 Other than being cautious for a few days, we have no limitations!  Hard to believe he was in that cast for 4 weeks!  Time sure has been flying!

I am not sure what has gotten in to Grey lately but he is being very challenging...very emotional.  He has no patience and cries at the drop of a hat.  He screams and yells often and is soooo easily frustrated.  Last night he spent 30 minutes crying in his room because I told him he was not allowed to have a vitamin b/c he screamed at me!  This morning he cried for a solid 3 minutes because he dropped his cup when he was getting out of the car!  Let's hope this is just a bad week and not the start of a new phase!

And this girl!  I mean I wish she had a personality!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carving Pumpkins, Halloween Party and Ben's Birthday Party

Not sure how a week has passed since my last post!  I guess time flies when you are having fun!

My handsome boy!

Silly faces!

So sweet...yet oh so sneaky!

Gettin in the Halloween mode!

I did a lil craft project this week!
Can you say "preview" of Halloween for Tator, Grey and his friends!
My sporty, spunky Tator!

I met Jill and Charlotte at Lattes and Lollipops and Tator seemed to this this baby chair was just her size!  Not so much!

A match made in heaven...Grey eating a cookie, Tator stealing Grey's leftovers, and watching an episode of Bubble Guppies!

Danielle captioned this photo
"Keep your hands away from my cereal" (spoken by Tator of course)

Are you seeing a trend...Tator loves to stand on tables, benches, and chairs!!!

 After a typical week, we planned an evening of fun on Friday night!  Pumpkin carving!!!
 And what's a night of pumpkin carving without raking leave piles and jumpin in them!!!!

Since Tator is obsessed with Dracula...I carved her up a Dracula pumpkin!

And Grey and I carved up a nice, square Spookily pumpkin!

After 5 nights of Tator giving Sky and I a run for our money...aka...not sleeping well at all!
This included screaming bloody murder, vomitting from crying so hard, and waking up often!
She would sleep as soon as we picked her up, but sleeping with us in bed or in the bean bag night after night was getting old!
Friday we let her cry it out and thanks to a lots of activity and fresh air, she slept like a champ!
She slept like a champ again on Saturday night...even slept in til 8am!
Fingers crossed this trend continues!  I am not used to having non-sleepers!

Saturday morning posing!

Saturday morning, I dropped Sky off to get his tires rotated and then he went to the gym with the kids and I came home to work out, do laundry and mow!  Saturday afternoon, we just hung out!  It was nice to relax and get caught up around the house.

We headed to Mingo Park Saturday evening with Derek, Kim and Isla!  Grey couldn't wear his Captain America costume with his cast, so we improvised!  He wore his Spiderman mask, cape and gloves!  Tator was the sweetest in all of her Wonder Woman Glory! Can you even stand it!??!?!

Isla and my spunky Tator!

Sunday Grey and I headed to Ben's 5th birthday party while Tator napped and Sky hung out.  Grey had a ball with the kiddos...it was a beautiful day!

The fun didn't stop there...we played on the trampoline and had more fun in the leaves!!!

One of my favorites pics to date!!!

 This was a wonderful weekend!  I am sad to see it come to an end, but looking forward to Wednesday when Grey gets his cast off and then Trick or Treat on Friday!!!!  Whoop Whoop!