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Monday, September 29, 2014

Tatum's 18th month checkup!

Who's a big girl!?!?!?!

Height 34inches - 95th%
Weight 26 lbs 14.5oz - 90th%
Head: 99%

So not much has changed!  Although my girl grew 2.75 inches in 3 months and seemed to plateau a little with weight! 

All in all our little girl is healthy as can be!
We are so blessed!

 In other news....we had a nice, relaxing weekend! Sky worked later on Friday so the kids and I went to Hamburger Inn and for ice cream with the Foleys.  It was a nice way to cap off the week!

Saturday, Grey had soccer and then Tator and I came home so she could nap and they boys went grocery shopping and got haircuts. 
How beautiful are these fall flowers the boys brought me home!?!?!?

Saturday evening we went to the Foleys for a little football party with the Foleys and the Gravers.  It was a perfect night...so the Gravers made a fire and the kids ran around with flashlights stopping only to make smores!

The Buckeyes won and the kids had a blast....it was a successful evening:)

Oh how times have changed!  This was right before I got pregnant with Grey boy!

Sunday we just did some yard work and got ready for the week.  We did make it to the library in the afternoon!  Our library is awesome so the kids love it!

We have a nice short week and then off to Sky's 10 year West point reunion!  I will miss the kiddos a bunch, but know they are in good hands with Mimi:)  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Our week...

One of my good friends (Jaime) had a baby boy this week!  Is he not sweet perfection?!?!?
James Roman 8lbs 12 oz!!!

And how bout  this pic from a year ago!?!?!  
Such sweet happy kiddos and Mimi!

Someone has started hiding when they go potty!

Are those two up to no good or what!??!?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stomach bug filled weekend!

So Grey started feeling and looking sick on Wednesday evening...it started with a mild fever and a sleepless night and by Thursday morning he was vomiting:(
He was a trooper and rode with me to take Tatum to Kims.  Thank Goodness he is old enough to know when he is going to throw up.  I think he used that trash can 3 times while we were in the car:(

Poor bugger slept and lazed around all day!

How cute are these twinsies???!?!?

Grey was still not himself Friday, so I took Tator to Kim's and went to work and poor Sky stayed home with Grey after working the night shift:(

Poor Grey was still a hot mess Friday evening...no fevers or vomiting, but weak from not eating for two days and not sleeping great.

Saturday the kiddos seemed tired, but not "sick".  We spent most of the day chilling, but did make it out to play for a while!

However by Saturday evening, this lil lady was headed downhill.  

And this lil man was just plain tired!

We had a pretty rough night on Saturday night.  Tatum never slept more than 30 minutes at a time unitl 5:30am!  <insert yawn here>

As a result of our sleepless night, we did a whole lot of nothing on Saturday....

Thankfully there were no fevers or vomiting tomorrow...just tired out kiddos...

Sweet snuggles and the Little Mermaid before bed last night!

Both kids slept like champs last night!  Here's to a healthy week:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tator's heart is perfect!!!

After an uneventful Monday and Tuesday, we headed to the cardiologist for Tator's follow-up.  She was diagnosed with an ASD (aka hole in her heart) and a murmur when she was 2 months old.  Thankfully it didn't affect her and our only course of action was to follow up at 18 months.

Today we received wonderful news!  The hole closed and she no longer has a murmur!  We surely didn't expect that, but are so thrilled!!!

Our Tator was such a good girl at the cardiologist!

The spinny chair was her favorite!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall seems to have arrived!

I hate to say I am ready for the cooler weather because its supposed to be a long, cold winter, but I am!  I love the cool mornings and pleasant afternoons!

Evidently Grey was not as happy!!!  Gotta love those pouty lips!

April sent the kiddos hats and this super soft bear from Telluride!  So sweet and Grey looooves that bear!

This lil lady was up early on Friday so she got to entertain me as I got ready for work!

After work, Dee and the girls came over to play and hang!  Dee and I had a few drinks (and snacks) while the kids played.  Tator was content spreading cheese on her feet!  Ew!!!

Saturday was chilly in the morning!  I stayed home with Tator while Grey and Sky went to soccer.  It was a little later this weekend so we didn't think Tator would make it the whole time without a meltdown!

Saturday afternoon was beautiful so we headed to the Delaware County Fair!

Tator wore her cowgirl boots (of course)!

Munchy and I on the ferris wheel!

Sunday we headed to church and then the fam came over for some yummy chicken tacos Sky made!
(throw in some football, mowing the grass, and a trip to the park...that pretty much sums up our Sunday)

She couldn't wait to go to church....really!!!!