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Friday, August 29, 2014

Tator's facing forward!

So this was definitely a week of transitions!  Grey started 4yr old preschool, Tator is facing forward in the car, and my days in the office/home flip flopped!!  Its been a jam-packed week, but now its Friday and we have a wonderful weekend ahead of us.

So I downloaded this app called Timehop and everyday it shows pictures from 1, 2, 3 etc... years ago.  The picture below is Grey two years ago...at the playground playing with trains!  Some things haven't changed much!

Tuesday morning and ready to go to Kims!

My big girl with her headphones on and facing forward in the car!

Tator found a boyfriend at Kim's!  (and a hat)
Austin is Kim's nephew and he is about 4 months older than Tator.  She used to hit him and push him, but now its all hugs and sharing according to Kim!  

 Wednesday was Grey's second day of school.  Good news...he didn't say "Shut Up"...bad news he told everyone to be quiet and kicked kids!  Mrs. Zimdars just shook her head and said he had a rough day!  She is a saint and reassured me all the kids are just readjusting to being back in the routine!  Let's pray today goes better!  Even the promise of a happy meal wasn't incentive enough for Grey to stay on Green!!!
Tator was really jonesin to get in that school!

Look Ma!

After school we headed home and had some down time.  Danielle stopped over and I got to snuggle this angel for a few.  She is so itty bitty!!!

After some failed naps due to a lovely cold, the kids and I headed out to get Ireland and Reid off the bus.  They came over and the kiddos bounced for a while!  Tator needed a break....

And a juice box of course!
As Auntie Dani would say...."like a boss"!

 Yesterday was a full day at Kim's and then a chill night that included packing for the weekend and watching Frozen!
Grey's "smooch" face right before bath time!  (Uncle Map...all u!)

And this hot mess!!!  (poor thing has a cold or allergies and her nose is stuffy!!!)

Check out her long locks!

Snuggles before bedtime!

Silly faces before bedtime!

Morning snuggles!

I think she likes the movie!  (Alvin & the Chipmunks was today's choice)

I work a half day, pick up the kiddos, pick up Sky and off to the Vernals Lakehouse we go!  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. The Vernals are our second family and spending time with them is always soooo much fun!  Grey can hardly wait for the hot tub and he remembers that there are toys in the basement!  Look out!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Grey's 1st day of Preschool 2014

Today marked a whole new schedule for the kids and I...but more importantly, it was Grey's 1st day of his 2nd year of preschool!

Both kids woke up in great moods!  We had about an hour and half at home before we had to leave.  We snuggled, had breakfast and played!

Girl never sits still!

All Grown up!

And of course we needed a quick spin before we took off!

 And a visit from Maddie and Charlie!....Oh yeah...and Auntie Dani!

Thumbs up and a cheesy fake smile...I'll take it!

Greyson had a pretty good first day.  The teacher said he behaved most of the time, but did have a pretty big mess up!  He told his teacher to "shut up"!  Eeeek...I was worried he would punch someone...so I guess that's good....kinda sorta!  Let's hope it was first day jitters!

Our week in pictures!! (#majorlyslackingsothisisaneasywaytocatchup)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Babysitting, Festival, & a boat ride!

We had a great weekend that started on Friday evening with me and this gal!  I got to babysit Charlotte on Friday night while Dani and Greg went out to dinner for a belated birthday dinner for dani!

 Sky had a project he had to volunteer for at work so the kids and I had a lazy Saturday morning!

Tator got some new boots...

So we had to make sure they fit!!!
Reider came to hang with us a bit so we spent part of the beautiful morning at the park!
We had been planning on going to the Bucyrus Bratwurst festival for weeks!  Last year when we went, Tator was still a lil baby!  She was super easy...just hung out and drank her bottle!  This year was a different story!  Miss Thang didn't want to miss a thang!

Pigtails and Glittery sandals...I mean just stop it!

Dad...let me go!  I want to run!

How big is Tator?????

Of course there was a monkey that was accepting money and tipping his hat to anyone that gave it!

Pit stop for a coloring contest!

Playin in the rocks was way more fun for Tator!

Winner Winner!  

Lil Miss loves her purses!  Too bad Dee's weighed about as much as her!

Reider & Grey!
And then the fun really started!  The boys went to grab a beer so us girls and the kiddos listened to some music!  Grey had an all out jam session! (#icryeverytimeiwatchthis)

Lil miss did some dancing of her own!  She attracted an old man with no teeth that got the biggest kick out of her!  Scary but cute all at the same time!

Sunday morning we made pancakes and lazed around!  Tator evidently was ready to go to the pool!

Sidenote...our microwave stopped working and we had to get a new one!  DJ and Sky got her installed today!  Thank Goodness we have one back!!!

After some home repairs, a walk and mowing the lawn, we went for a ride on DJ's new boat!

Grey said he is the best driver ever!
We ended the weekend with some ice cream at the Dairy Point!  Yum!  The banana soft serve there is to die for!!!