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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cousins and Grey's in a booster!

So this whole week has been about Baby Charlotte in one way or the other...which is just wonderful!  I am working in the office for a few hours the days I am normally home so that is a little bit of an adjustment for me.  I haven't gone to work 5 days a week in 4 years!  EEEK  LOL

Grey and Tator are staying with my neighbor Kim (crazy that both sitters names are Kim right).  Tuesday was their first day and they had a great time.  Grey is all about Hungry Hippo and Kim's daughter Isla who will be 4 in October!

Mimi and Pop have been in town as well!  Of course, Mimi is helping Danielle with the baby, but we did spend some time with Pop!  Grey hated that (insert sarcasm here)
Helpin Pop wash his new ladder!

Sweet Baby Charlotte

All ready to come home from the hospital on 7/29/14

Meanwhile, Tator is lovin her independence and being able to "fly" down the slide!

And its not secret this girl can eat!

& make a mess!  Ha!

Grey has officially moved to his big boy chair!  I am not totally comfortable with it yet, but he loves his booster!

The kids and I went over Tuesday late afternoon so the kiddos could meet Charlie!  It was precious!
Tator was more interested in Murphy!  Go figure!  That girls loves dogs!

"She's so cute"

"Can I kiss her?"

Thursday morning hugs with Grey & Isla!

On a not so happy note, my mom and dad had to put Woody to sleep on Monday.  His health had really deterioted over the last year...especially over the last few weeks.  Thankfully they found out after a 3rd opinion that Woody would have passed soon anyway and it would have been a lot less comfortable than putting him down.  Of course, they were very upset...  We will all miss Woody...he lived an amazing life with my parents.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Charlotte Lynn Supelak

I am an Aunt for the first time on my side of the family!  My sister Danielle and her husband Greg had their first baby yesterday at 12:02pm.  We never thought Danielle would go into labor because she wasn't even 1cm dialated at her 39 week appointment...but not only did she go, she went fast!!!  She woke up at 4am with contractions and went to Riverside at 7am.  She was 4cm dialated.  She got her epidural and by 8:30 was 8 cm!  Because she had tested positive for the Group B Strep, they did not want to expedite delivery at all.  Ideally, they want you on the antibiotics for at least 4 hours...  So Danielle was able to hang out comfortably until about 11:30 when her water broke!  Then it was go time!  Luckily, she was able to receive 4 hours and 2 minutes of antibiotics!!!

Charlotte Lynn Supelak was born at 12:02pm...7lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long!
She has a full head of black, long hair and is as sweet as can be!

Danielle was a champ!  I am so so so happy for them!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grey's 4 year check-up and our week!

Grey had his 4 year check-up today and I was surprised by the stats!
Weight: 40lbs6.4oz (82%)
Height: 41 inches (65%)
BMI: 16.9 (85%)

He also had 4 vaccines!  OUCH!  DTap, polio, measeles, and chickepox!
He was not happy but we managed!

So based on this height and weight, the doctor said he is on the higher end for his BMI.  She asked all about his eating habits...making it sound like we had to start watching.

This is comical to me as Grey is nothing but skin and bones (and muscle of course).  If he is overweight, I'd hate to see what they say to true overweight kids!  

Of course, it did make me evaluate his diet and see ways that he can eat a lil healthier and we can cut down on junk.  I swear a lot of that is summer time...slushies, ice cream, snacks at the pool!  But cmon, its not like my 4 year old is not going to eat ice cream and snack! YOLO! (you only live once)

We laughed about this because Sky's doctor told him he was considered "obese" based on his height and weight...and Skyler is far from obese!  He isn't even overweight!  So silly!

Anywho, other than that today was a great day.  It is my 35th birthday today!  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I am 35 and I remember when my mom was 35!!!  I still feel like a 22 year old!

It was nice that my birthday fell on a day that I was home:)  Grey had vacation bible school at New Hope Church this morning.  This was day 4.  He has been awesome for 3 of the 4 days.  Tuesday was not a good day.  He kept running away from his group and hiding!  The director, myself and his aids all had a talk with him and since then he's been awesome!  Let's hope tomorrow goes as well.

I picked the kids up McDonalds as a treat before Grey's doctor appointment (ironic since they rarely eat fast food and we were told Grey was on the heavier side)!  Ha!  

We got home and the Foley girls came over to play while Tator napped.  Then Dee and the girls watched my girls so I could get a mani and pedi that they treated me to for my birthday!

We spent some time playing and then Sky brought me Mexican for dinner!  Guilty pleasure!!!
The Foleys came over for birthday cake and then Dee & I walked!  

Although this birthday was very low key, I wouldn't change a thing about it!
35 is looking good!

Picnic before Grey's appointment!