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Friday, May 30, 2014

Monday Funday and the rest of the week:)

 After a busy weekend of soccer, cookouts, and the zoo, Monday was the perfect day off!  We spent most of it at the pool!

Is she the cutest lil watermelon you have ever seen!??!!??

And this was Grey's happy place!!!

Snugglin Miss Dee on our way out:)

An evening walk, the wagon and a popsicle!  What more could a girl want!

For this lil man...a popsicle and a bike!

Tuesday was a low key day!  We spent most of the day at home...which was fine by me!

Ireland, Reid, Grey, Tator and I spent some time with Maddie since Greg and Dani were gone most of the day!

And this is where my kids choose to hang out!  (sometimes I wish I could use a cage!  HA)

Messy Dinner = Naked Baby!

I worked in the office Wednesday and Thursday this week to give Kim Friday off...Lexi's graduation party is at the house today!

AFter we got home Thursday, Sky had  a late dinner at work, so the girls, grey and I went to Chick Fila for dinner!  Tator was happy as a clam rocking out with her head phnes on!  (Photos compliments of Ireland Foley:))

We even stopped to visit the "Wibbly Wobbly" (as Grey likes to call it)!  The kids had a ball...who knew the play area in Chick Fila could entertain a 14 month old, a 3 year old, a 7 year old and a 9 year old for a solid hour!

We ended the night snuggling in the bean bag!  (Grey just moves to quick for me to get a pic of him most of the time...I feel like all the pix are of Tator...but its not intentional!)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Heart of Africa at the Columbus Zoo!

I'm not sure today was the best day to go to the zoo...1) the kids were up til almost 10pm 2) the kids woke up at 6:45am 3) Its a holiday weekend 4) a new exhibit just opened..."the heart of Africa" 

All that being said, we still made the most of it and had a good time!

Tator ran every opportunity she had!

African lions layin right up against the glass!

Look Daddy!

The "ka giraffes" as Grey likes to say!
Grey used to say a lot of words "wrong" but it was so cute...the only word that he still says incorrectly is "giraffe"...or should I say "ka giraffe".  Too bad he was too cranky to even enjoy them today!!!  He saw the "camel rides" and had a one track mind since then!

We thought the line would be outrageous but it ended up not being too bad, so Grey and I rode a camel!

Tator watched!

She pointed and yelled!

Our came's name was Goober!
He will be on GMA tomorrow morning!

We thought for sure Grey would be in a good mood after the camel ride...but the second he saw Ireland's lemonade, he had a one track mind for that!  We had been at the zoo for 2 hours so we decided to cut our losses and head home!

If I wasn't already tired enough, this little man just wanted Mama to carry him!  It's so rare so I did...

The kids both slept on the way home...like out within seconds of getting in the car!  Tator slept til almost 5pm and Grey and I "rested" together for a solid hour and a half. It was some much needed down time  for both of us!

We headed to the pool after our rest since it was such a beautiful day!  Tator is quite the daredevil...no fear of water...that's for sure!


Daddy and his loves!
 We headed home for some much-needed refueling!  We had plenty of leftovers...but I think Tator's favorite were the brownies!!!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Weekend Fun!

First and foremost thank you to the service men and women!  That truly is what this weekend is about...not cookouts and parties.  

That being said, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a few friends/neighbors over for a cookout tonight.  Lots of food, kids, and fun!!!