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Monday, April 28, 2014

Busy busy weekend full of soccer, friends, and a baby shower!

So Kim was out of town last Friday so Mimi came up to babysit the kids:)  

They were spoiled rotten pretty much all day!  Grey had strawberries, cheese and chips for breakfast, lots of cookies, a banana swirl, and then Dairy Queen for desert after dinner!  That's what grandma's are for right!??!?!?

Friday when I got home from work, Mimi, the kids and I ran to grab an early dinner...Sky was working late yet again:(  We grabbed DQ on the way home and then started doin some prep for Dani's baby shower.  Of course, my mom was a rock star and did all the veggie cleaning and chopping as well as all the fruit cleaning during the day!  WE took a big load of "stuff" to Dani's and had a glass of wine!  Then to bed we went:)

Saturday morning was soccer for Grey!  He had pictures first and he was such a good boy!  That all changed about 15 minutes later.  He was distracted and ornery!  He was pushing kids, spitting, and just plain not listening!  Then he had a melt down!  I finally pulled him aside and had a stern talking to with him.  Somehow I talked him in to being a better listener and the last 15 minutes went great!  Agh!  He did apologize about 100 times through out the day!  Sweet boy:)  The true test will be next week...let's see if he acts better!

After soccer, the girls and I (my mom, sister, Millicent, and I) went to get manis and pedis!  It felt great and I was loooooooooooooooong overdue!

We ran home and finished prepping for the shower and then more guests arrived!  Jody, Hannah ,and Baba!  We all headed to J Alexander's to have a yummy dinner and catch up!  We always have the best time with the Vernals.  They are our absolute oldest friends and no mater how much time passes, we still remain close!  

We stayed up talking til after midnight!!!

Sunday morning we got up and played with the kids a bit and then to Danielle's house we went!

Cheesecake bites and mini cupcakes!

The Door hanger:)

Fun, girly decorations!

The Favors!

Pinterest success...baby carraige shaped watermelon:)

Decorations and gifts!
Champagne Punch!

More decorations!

Diaper wreath behind and Mama to be up front...
Dani got so many great gifts!

Now all we need is a baby and a name!

It was a wonderful weekend, but I was worn out!  Sky was a champ and let me rest Sunday evening.  It was nice to get a few hours with the kids and Sky:)

Today Mimi has the kids again....

This just makes me want to crawl in the chair with her!  It's a rainy, snuggly kinda day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gordon's Adventure (according to Greyson)

The kids wanted to take a shower tonight instead of a bath so I said "why not?"  I even jumped in with them since I had mowed the grass.  Tator and I finished and got out...as I was dressing Tatum, I hear "Uh Oh Mom...we have a very big problem".  Of course I come running back in!  That lil stinker put Gordon and his freight car down the drain!  He hasn't messed with the drain in ages so I never dreamed I'd have to worry about that!  I was able to fish out Gordon's freight car, but not Gordon!  Both Danielle and I tried, but no luck!

The best part of the story was Grey's dialogue.  "Mom, Gordon wasn't being a good listener so Emily made bad choices.  Emily did not make good choices.  She pushed Gordon down the drain.  Gordon wasn't being a good listener".  

About 30 minutes later, he demanded to call Sky.  When Sky answered..."Dad, I have some very bad news to share.  Emily did not make good choices.  Emily did not make good choices at all.  Gordon wasn't being a good listener so Emily pushed him down the drain.  And now Gordon might have died.  Mommy couldn't save him so I need your help.  Can you do that for me?  Dad, will you be a good helper?"

I almost died!  How can you even get mad at him when he is so darn cute about it!!!!  Oh to be 3 1/2 again!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Easter Day was perfect!!!  We started out the day with church...after, we dressed the kids up in their Easter best of course!

Someone was sick of pictures!

Our favorite Tator face!!!

We think Tator confused Easter and Valentines Day b/c all she wanted to do was give kisses!

And lots of them!

Tator's Easter Basket!

Grey's Easter fun!  The Easter Bunny didn't come til our house until we were gone at church...

After church, we headed into Powell for brunch at Local Roots!  Talk about lots of food!!!!

Mom...watch me balance!

Kisses for Auntie Dani!

And several attempts at a family photo!!!

When we got home, Grey followed his Easter Egg trail up to the spare bedroom where he found that the Easter Bunny had left him the Castle Quest Set! 

Excited was an understatement!  He played with it ALL day and cried when he had to go to bed because he wanted to keep playin!

We even moved it outside since it was so beautiful!

The kids played and we washed cars and hung out!

Later that night we grilled burgers and had dinner on the deck.  Sky invited a friend of his from work over since his family was out of town.  It was a great Easter....just sad its Monday already!