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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good as New!

I am so so so thrilled we made the decision to have Tator gets tubes!  She is a new child!  She is back to her happy go lucky, smiley self!
Wednesday after her surgery, she and I hung out.  She slept a lot!  She had lots of catching up to do!
Then she gobbled up spaghetti!!!

I got lots of snuggles:)

Thursday was just another day.  Grey had school and we spent the rest of the day at home. 

We did spend some time with Maddie since Uncle Greggy was out of town.  To say Tatum loves Maddie is an understatement.  Poor Maddie doesn't get a minute to herself when Tator is around!

I was beyond happy when Friday arrived!  I got caught up at work and the kids hung at Kim's!
That night we hung with Foleys.  Dee Dee and I had some (too many) drinks!  We had a dance party and both passed out!  We had a blast...and it was much needed!  I felt surprisingly good Saturday morning!
I ran a bunch of errands and came home with this gem for my baby girl!

Saturday evening we headed out for an early dinner and the to the Alexander girls cheer competition! 
I had no idea what a HUGE deal these competitions were.  It was at the convention center and it was insanity!  The girls did awesome!  I was very impressed!

Sunday was laundry and chillaxing day!  Sky made a delicious dinner....steak stir fry!  YUM!  The kids were both in great moods and we had a wonderful day!  Best news is its going to be in the 60s tomorrow!  WOO HOO!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tube for Tator and Follow-up for Grey

I feel like we have spent waaaay too much time at the doctor in the last 6 weeks!  Yesterday we had Grey's 6 week follow-up for his adenoidectomy and tube surgery.  We got a perfect report!  They even tested his hearing and it was up to par!  (no more excuses for not listening!...ha)

Then early this morning we headed back down to Children's for Tator's tube surgery!  She was an angel for most of the morning.  We had to report at 6:30am and her surgery wasn't until 8:20.  If it weren't for her not being able to eat anything, she would have been golden!  She was digging through the diaper bag searching for food!  Poor girl!

Its a good thing we went through with the surgery because she had another double ear infection!  That would explain her rough few days of fevers!

Post-surgery...and chugging some water!
 We were on the road and headed home by 9:30!  It was a ten minute procedure and very short post-op!  I am so glad its over and done with.

Tator spent a good part of the day napping and then we visited Maddie!  Now we are just waiting for Auntie Dani and Grey to get home!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rough day for Tator

Poor Tator just can't catch a break....last night she slept in 40-60 minute intervals.  Thankfully Skyler stayed up with her most of the night..I was spent from three nights of no sleep.  I took over at 4am and as long as I was snuggling her, she was A OK.  She'd even be okay for another 40-60 minutes, but then she'd wake up hysterical! 
Today she woke up with no fever so I sent her to Kim's.  She did okay, but took a turn for the worse after bath time!

Does this pic scream rough night or what!

She wouldn't eat her spaghetti unless she fed herself...and she REALLY enjoyed it!

Bathtime rolled around and I noticed a blotchy rash...she screamed to get out so I wrapped her up like a lil baby and snuggled her.  I thought for sure she was going to pass out.  She was like a wet dishrag...  Then she spiked a fever.  So a dose of Motrin and a warm milk later was in order.  After some snuggling, she started to perk up. 

Then Daddy came home and she was as happy as a clam.  She even went to bed at a semi-normal time!  Here's hoping she sleeps through the night and is as good as new:)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend in Tennessee

Skyler went to Florida for Tim Crook's bachelor party so the kids, Dani and I decided to spend the weekend in TN with my parents. 

The kids are usually so good in the car, but the ride down was not the smoothest!  The kids didn't sleep much and they were both kinda whiny.  Makes 6 hours feel a looooot longer!  We did leave at 11:30 so not the best planning!

Luckily when we got there the weather was awesome!  We got to spend lots of time outside!

My mom and dad bought this old coin operated horse and then my dad restored it!  It works perfectly!!!  Grey loved riding "Frisky", but Tatum was petrified.  She would clench onto me anytime we walked into that room! 

h on

Ironically she didn't act phases when we went and visited my mom's friend's horse!

Grey was in heaven!

All in all we had a nice time, but it was hard to relax.  Tatum barely slept and was not herself.  She was very whiny and out of sorts.  We decided to leave to drive home Saturday night since Tatum wasn't sleeping through the night anyway.  We made great time and the kids did wonderful!  We are all happy to be home, but very excited to see Daddy!!!  He flies in later today!

So Tatum's 1 year pictures came in and my mom thinks this pic is a spitting image of Tatum now!
Me at 1 year!

Tatum at 1 yr