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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another one bites the dust...

Poor Tator continued to feel pretty under the weather until Monday...and wasn't herself totally until today!  Sunday night was the first night since the previous Monday night without vomit!  Needless to say, Sky and I were beyond relieved!
She tricked us and had "okay" days with no vomit during the day...so we thought we were safe to have the Foleys over Saturday evening for some burgers.  She did great while they were here, but we were up a good part of the night that night!
Reid and Grey just hangin in the bean bag!

More snuggle pix of my Doobers!

Although still chilly, the weather this weekend was much more pleasant than it has been.  Since Tatum was fighting naps and Grey was bouncing off the walls, we decided to get some fresh air.  We walked, Grey rode his bike, and Tatum relaxed in the stroller!

Since she fell asleep in the stroller....we just brought the stroller inside so she could continue her much needed nap!!!

We went back to the doc Monday morning for a follow-up on Doober's ear.  Thankfully her ear looked much better and she had gained back 3 of the 16 oz she lost!  Since we got a good report, I took the kids to Kim's and off to work I went!

I worked in the office Tuesday too.  With Kim being gone and the kids being sick so much, my schedule is all out of whack.  Nothing too exciting to report about Tuesday!  Tatum was doing better and better everyday...EXCEPT she has been waking up at 4am or 4:30am!  NOT COOL...but I'll take that over vomiting!

On Wednesday morning, we headed to Kim's!  When we arrived, Grey complained of a tummy ache...but then said he had to go potty...so I didn't think anything of it.  Five minutes after leaving, I get the call that Grey was vomiting:(

After a small breakdown, I turned the car around and picked up the kiddos.  This was going on Day 10 of sick children!  (not too mention I was sick last week with a bad cold/cough and Sky is sick with the same thing this week!)

Grey did okay most of the day...no appetite and lots of diarrhea.  He only vomited one more time, but definitely was no himself!  Poor guy!  Tator, on the other hand, could not get enough to eat.  She was nearly impossible to satisfy! 

The highlight of my day was receiving these beautiful flowers....from Skyler's boss!  Sky was recently promoted at work and has been working lots of loooooong hours.  The boss just wanted to congratulate me on his promotion and thank me for putting up with all the crazy hours!  How sweet is that!???!

Two smiling kids is the perfect way to end the evening!
Although its been a trying couple of weeks, I wouldn't trade em for anything!
(P.S. Tator sees the ENT next week!)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

To think I was dreading Grey's surgery....

As mentioned before, he bounced back in no time...but poor Tatum is still having a hard time...

It all started Monday evening.  She was very sleepy and didn't eat much when she was at Kims....and as soon as she got home she vomited! 

She slept okay Monday night and got up Tuesday seeming okay.  She drank 3 oz of formula and kept it down (even though she was still having diarrhea).   Sky dropped her at Dee's and headed to the hospital.  Poor Dee!  Tatum was fine for a while and then vomited after eating some food:(  Dee then tried a bottle and she vomited again:(  After a blow out via diarrhea, Dee gave her a bath and snuggled her!  Sky picked her up about 2pm and homegirl took a good long nap!

Wednesday morning I stayed home from work and took her to the doctor.  She was diagnosed with a severe right ear infection and a stomach virus.  Omnicef (sp?) was prescribed and off we went.  Tatum seemed to be doing a lil better.  She kept down a few small bottles and her medicine and took another long nap.  She was fine the rest of the day until just after Grey ate dinners...she vomited:(  In the meantime, the diarrhea never has stopped...averaging 4-6 a day.

I stayed home again on Thursday and I really thought she had turned a corner.  She drank her bottles throughout the day and slept a lot....but no vomit!  Unfortunately she woke up at about 10:50pm Thursday night and vomited:(  She and I were up most of the night...she would scream and cry then have a diarrhea, doze for 20-30 minutes, repeat.  This went on until about three when she finally slept for a few hours.  Since her condition was worsening, I called the doc and sure enough they wanted to see her.  Turns out her ear was worse!  They discontinued Omnicef and opted for a shot of Rocefin (sp)....hoping this would cure her ear and help lessen her diarrhea.  That shot was not fun, but I was hopeful her condition would improve.  Again for most of the day, she seemed okay....sleeping a ton, but drinking her bottles.  She went to bed about 8pm and was up at 9:30 hysterically crying.  I think she just wanted her mama.  She and I went to bed in the spare room and sure enough about midnight, my girl woke up and vomited all over me.  She and I showered and as I was getting her dressed, she vomited more and had 2 diarrheas!  Poor Tatum! 

Thankfully she was able to go back to sleep and sleep pretty well until about 6:30.  The doc had suggested trying soy formula...so we did so this morning and lil Miss vomited immediately after drinking it:(  We were already scheduled to see the doc this morning at 9 for another dose of the Rocefin.  The doc checked out her ear and it was slightly better...the ear drum was no longer bulging, but it was still very red and inflamed.  She is down a pound which means she is mildly to moderately dehydrated:(  We are to continue to try Pedialyte and Soy formula today...and if that doesn't work, water and regular formula.  He also suggested trying rice cereal as rice really helps lessen diarrhea.  If her symptoms persist, I am to call the doc tomorrow...he may want her to get an IV of fluids:( 

So we wait and see.  At a minimum we are scheduled to see the doc at 9:30am Monday morning for a third and final possible dose of Rocefin!

What a week!  I feel so bad for my Doobers.  I hope and pray she gets better soon!  I'll miss all the snuggling, but I'll gladly give it up if she is healthy!

My throat feels better! (still groggy from his surgery)

Adnoidectomy and Tubes!

I had a lot of anxiety about this day, but it went off without a hitch!  My lil man was so brave!
We arrived at Children's Hospital at 6:50am....we checked in and hung out in a room for about two hours.
Lil man made himself right at home...watching Nemo!

He go to wear some cool blue socks!
 We saw a nursing assistant who got all of Grey's vitals.  Then we saw a nurse who Grey really liked.  He talked her ear off about his trains!  A nurse practioner from Anestesiology visited us too.  Lastly the Anestiologist visited.  He was awesome.  He told Grey about this cool balloon that Grey was going to try to have to blow up and pop! Grey was really excited...so this made the separation much much easier!
There was plenty of down time so you can only guess what Grey did!

He can play trains ANYWHERE!

Having his own Kindle Fire doesn't hurt either!
 Finally 8:50 rolled around and it was time to go to surgery.  I was able to walk part of the way with Grey!  I told him I'd be waiting for him when he was done!  Thanks to the balloon story, he didn't even cry!

Since Tatum was under the weather, Sky met me at the hospital just before Grey was coming up to his room.  The Doc had already informed me that everything went great.  The adenoids were blocking 90% of his earway...so he thinks we will see a real improvement soon!

About 2 hours after he left me, Grey was wheeled into his room where Sky and I were waiting.  The tranporter asked if he would like his Dad to move him to his new bed...he said..."um no thanks, my mom is going to be waiting for me".  It was the sweetest thing!  I guess he hadn't noticed we were there yet!
He was definitely still groggy, but his new train Boco still made him very happy!

My lil Asian boy!
 We snuggle and watched Disney Channel, ate popsicles, and drank juice for about an hour or two...then Grey ate a grilled cheese and French fries for lunch!  After that, he was as good as new! 

We hit up the play room and played there a while, but we spent most of the afternoon in his room playing trains and watch Thomas on his "ipad" as he calls it!
You'd never know he just had surgery!
We were released from the hospital about 4:30pm and were very happy to be home!  Unfortunately lil Tatum was not doing so great:(  More to come on poor Doobers!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Suprise 60th Birthday Celebration for Mom!

Saturday morning started out perty typically...
Grey was hammin it up...

And Tatum was into everything:)
 Then the day got a lil more exciting.  My mom, Danielle, and I headed to do a lil shopping at Polaris.  We fibbed and told my mom we were meeting some friends' of Dani's at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch....when really....Marilynn and Debbie were surprising her!
I wish I had this on video because this picture doesn't do it justice!  She cried she was so surprised and excited!

The day just kept getting more fun as time went on.  We came back and spent some time at my house chilling and then we all got ready for the big night out!

We started at J Liu for dinner....and drinks of course!!!
My mom isn't much of a drinker, but she had 2 Vodka tonic's at dinner! 

We headed downtown to the Arena after that.  The line to get in was outrageous so we ducked in the  Big Bang Dueling Piano bar!  2 drinks per girl later and we were on our way to the concert!

Several drinks later and Sandy was telling us that this was the best night of her life!  Although she was drunk, I really do think she had the time of her life.  She doesn't let loose often, but when she does, it's priceless!  I am so so so happy that we were able to plan this weekend for her!  It is one we will never forget!

Sunday morning Tator woke up way to early with a cold:(  Poor thing had so much congestion, it woke and kept her up!

Sky stayed home with her and I took Grey to a birthday party at Lattes & Lollipops!  Conley (neighbor) turned 3!
Cupcake = Happy Greyson!

We spent the rest of the day making Chicken Noodle soup, napping, getting haircuts and finishing up laundry!
Look who got some blue tinted hair gel!!!

After being up at 4am, two one hour naps and one 3 hour nap, the lil lady finally seemed to be in a decent mood!

I am not ready for the weekend to be over...I am not ready for Monday....and most of all, I am not ready for Grey's surgery on Tuesday:(  Ready or not...

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Tuesday my Uncle Tom and Aunt Kathy stopped by on their way in town.  We visited and I made a new roast recipe!  It was delicious...only one problem...there were no leftovers!  I guess that is a good sign, but still!!!
This lil eater definitely takes her share!

But when she is this pretty in pink, she gets away with anything!

Super Hero Greyson!

Who gave him that name you ask?  Well Greyson did of course!

Greg has been out of town all week so we visited Maddie while Grey was at school on Tuesday!  This lil lady loves her some Maddie!  She says Ni Ni and lays here head right down on Miss Maddie!

I don't think there is a sweeter dog out there!

Wednesday was supposed to be just another day...but my sneaky mom surprised Danielle and I by coming into town a day early!!!  Bad weather was on its way to Tennessee so she busted a move!  It was a nice surprise for sure!  We have a super fun weekend planned!!!