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Friday, January 31, 2014

Peek A Boo

Dentist and ENT!

Tator was not amused with me not letting her have the pendant lights that hang above our island in the kitchen...!
In other news, life finally seems like its getting back to normal.  The temperature is positive and the sun actually came out today!  Grey was back in school and then we had a fun-filled afternoon at the dentist and ENT!
Grey did not get a good report from school (which is not surprising since he hasn't had school in two weeks)....he actually told his teacher to "shut up"!  What am I going to do with him!?!?!??!
Thankfully, he was a really good boy for the rest of the day.  We headed straight to the dentist and Munchy got his teeth cleaned.  No cavities and he did great!  The promise of a new toothbrush really excited him!
We had some time to kill between appointments so we headed off to McDonalds for lunch.  Grey ate like a champ...and so did Tator.  Grey had a Happy Meal and I gave Tator one of his nuggets...then she and I shared a yogurt parfait! 

I smile too when I have a warm cookie in my hand!

And she's like..."where's my cookie?"

We set off for the ENT after lunch.  Thankfully we didn't wait more than 30 minutes to see our doc.  Despite skipping a nap, Tatum was great...a lil squirmy, but great.  I had brought Grey's Kindle so he was in heaven for a good portion of the time.
As suspected, Grey needs tubes in his ears.  What we didn't anticipate is him needing his adenoids removed:(  Still a rather routine procedure, but it's still surgery!  He goes down to Children's on the 18th and they hope to send him home the same day...there is a chance he may have to stay the night:(  I so wish I could trade places with him!  Let's just hope this solves his issues and he doesn't need his tonsils out...Doc said that was the next step!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside...

This week has been beyond cold!  I believe the high today was 2 degrees...this morning the news said it felt like negative 30?  Last time I check, we don't live in Antarctica!!!
Monday we bundled up...

Put our boots on...

And headed out...the kids to Kim's and me to work!
The kids had a blast since the girls were off school...Grey went to the movies and Tator got a new hairdo:)
So you know how I have been mentioning what a stinker Grey has been...well...here is further proof.  I guess a sweet older lady came up to him at the movie and told him he was the cutest lil boy she had ever seen...Grey kicked her!  What am I gonna do with him!?!??!

This is about as close as we got to the snow...standing at the window!

 Today was more of the same...freezing, no school...you know..the norm around here these days.  I spent a few hours working Monday night knowing Grey would be off school.  We spent the morning hanging out!
Tator figured out her walker and is all over the place now! 

Then we headed to the mall to meet Dee and the girls for lunch and a lil fun at Dave & Busters!

Grey in action!
With his winnings, he chose a ring pop as his treat!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home...watching movies, playing trains, napping...Man, I wish I was a kid again!

 Tator is sporting one of her many Valentine's outfits today because I was worried she would grow out of it and I want her to wear it more than once...  I mean look at her...can you blame me?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One of those weeks...

I kind of anticipated some behavior issues with Grey after the holidays because there was so much going on and everything was so exciting...and then all the sudden, we are back to the normal routine.  Well, almost back to the normal routine...this bitter cold weather has caused two school cancellations for Grey....so we are stuck inside a lot!  That sure doesn't help!
Wednesday morning lovin...

Thursday was too cold for us to venture out so we spent the entire day at home!  Surprisingly, grey was really well behaved all day...

Bunny face!

Somebody likes marshmallows!

Sky was working late so the kids and I picked up Dee and the girls and headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Grey took a turn for the worse during this outing.  He stuck out his tongue at a couple that was walking out when we were walking in and wasn't a great listener all through dinner.  On our way out, a van identical to ours was parked right next to mine...so we all went to the wrong van initially.  We hurried to the correct van and off we went....only problem...Grey was convinced we were in the wrong van still.  He screamed the entire way home.  He got so upset he made himself vomit AGAIN AND IN THE CAR SEAT!  I had to get pretty stern to make him finally calm down...then I felt so guilty about yelling at him that I cried myself!  Parenting!!!
Friday was a crazy busy day at work and then Danielle, Dee and the girls came over to hang.  The kids were all really well-behaved and I drank my frustrations from the week away with a nice bottle of Ravenswood Zinfandel!
To we got a lot of snow so we spent most of the day around the house.  I did venture out with my lil sis to Babies R Us and Costco, but that was it...too cold and roads were too bad!

I got back from running errands just in time to cuddle with my baby girl! 

Tonight we headed over to the Foleys...Dee made homemade pizza and I brought a big old salad over.  The kids were perty darn good again!  I am hoping Grey is turning the corner!  He wore me out this week, but he still is the sweetest lil man when he wants to be....and he never fails to give me a big ol hug and kiss before bed!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Case of the Mondays...and no school Tuesday!

So yesterday was one of those days that started out fine, but ended in a way that even I wouldn't have believed if you told me the course of events that occurred!

Stuffy noses but perty sweet none the less!

Tatum is not too sure!

So the morning and day was like any other...the "fun" started when I got home.  Both kids fell asleep in the car...and Grey was so "out", he was snoring.  Waking him up is never fun so I went into it with the right mindset.  He cried and whined which was expected...but this going on for almost an hour was not!  I held him, I let him cry, I tried everything.  He finally semi-calmed down so I got his dinner and cup of chocolate milk on his table...well Tatum was "spitting" as he called it at him so he dumped chocolate milk on her.  I took it away and the tatrum ensued!  Finally after another 20 minutes and no dinner, we all headed upstairs for bath time.  I got both kids undressed and Tatum proceeded to have diarrhea on the bathmat!  Pause...put all bath mats in the washer and continue bath time!  After that, bath time went relatively well until Tatum pulled on this chrome piece and exposed a pipe and Grey bumped into Tatum and she fell right onto the drain stopped.  I'm sure that felt really good on her sore booty! 

I finally get them both clean, out of the tub and dressed.  Because Grey has peed through his pull-up the night before, I had sheets to put on his bed.  So Grey was in the loft playing and tatum was in the bedroom with me, whining for me to pick her up when Grey came in and said "I pooped".  I said where?  He said "in my pants"!  This was the first accident in months!  He was very concerned that I wouldn't think he was a big boy anymore!  He finished the rest of his poop on the potty and then we all headed to the loft to relax!
Soon after, Skyler got home!  He always misses all the fun!  LOL
Sky knew it was a trying night so he took over with the kids and I settled in with a glass of wine and Buckeye basketball!

Grey didn't have school this morning so after Tator's morning nap, we headed to Recreations outlet so the kids could play!

It was a nice change of pace!  Tator took another nap when we got home and Grey played all afternoon...trains of course...and a few puzzles and Lincoln Logs:)

I made a meatloaf and invited Dee and the girls for dinner since Grey is out of town!  Other than that, we are just trying to stay warm!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fevers, Ear Infections, and weekend fun!

 Friday was a low key night at the Foleys.  The boys were late getting home because of snowy/icy weather up where they work, but we still had fun.  Dee made tacos!  Quite the spread.  However the star of the show is Skyler...he always leads the kids in a game of "hunger games" in the basement.  The kids all have these bow/arrow type toys that shoot Styrofoam cylinders.  Let's just say Sky has the kids laughing and running around and he is POOPED when they are done.  Such a great Daddy!

Tator was a tad fussy and clingy on Friday so we made the decision to call the doc Saturday morning in fear of another ear infection.  Wouldn't you know it...Grey woke up early Saturday morning complaining that his ear hurt!  So since we were going, we made an appointment for him too!

Proof of fussy Tator!

How sad is this...but how cute does she look?

I mean I'd wear those boots!

Well we were 1 for 2...thankfully Tator did not have an ear infection, but our Munchy did...and he still has fluid behind both ears.  So on top of an amoxicillin prescription, we received a referral to an ear, nose, and throat doctor...I think tubes are in our near future:( 
Based on Tator's behavior, I kept saying, I'll be shocked if she isn't sick in the next 24 hours...
Tator and I came home, she napped, I showered, and the boys headed to a model train show about 10 minutes from our house.

Grey didn't have any fun...can't ya tell!

After a nice nap, this is my sweetie hammin it up at lunchtime!

Since she seemed relatively normal after naptime, we headed to go bowling and grab a bite with the Foleys Saturday night.  We had a blast bowling, but I left my phone in the car...so no pics!  Ireland got some so I'll have to snag em from her!  Tator ended up going downhill...she acted ok...just sleepy, but she was running super hot.  Last night was a rough night for her...she kept waking up and was super whiny...she would only relax if you laid with her.  Sky did most of the work so I took over shortly before 5am.  Poor girl was just not herself!

We spent the whole day in pjays relaxing at home.  She napped quite a bit while the boys went to the gym and store.  I was able to get lunches packed, lettuce cleaned, fruit cleaned, work out, shower, make dinner, and change sheets!  It was a relaxing, yet productive day! 
I'm really hoping Tatum is back to herself tomorrow!  Thankfully Grey's ear doesn't seem to be bothering him anymore...amoxicillin works like a charm for him, but that darn fluid just won't go away!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Swinging and hangin! (plus my cleanse)

So Tuesday was your typical day...Grey had school and then we hung out at home.  It was relatively warm for January in Ohio, so we were able to sneak to the park for 20 minutes in the late afternoon/early evening!

A rare snuggle sleep session with my Tator!

Just hanging out waiting for Grey to come out of preschool!


Shocker...Grey is playin trains!

Does this email not melt you!??!?!

My lil baby enjoyed the swings!

Swinging sure does tire Tator out:)
Do these two look like there up to something or what?

Wednesday was another typical day!  Kids went to Kim's and I went to work!
Bed head!

Thursday started out on the right foot...snuggles with my boy and smiles from my baby girl!

I have just been feeling blah and decided I needed a jump start...so I decided to do a 14 day cleanse...a friend works for Beyond Organics and turned me on to the Get Real Cleanse.  I started Sunday...2 smoothies and 4 meals in 2 days wasn't too hard...everything is just natural and organic.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Today are my all liquid days...6 Suero Viv drinks a day and that's it!  Surprisingly I haven't been that hungry, just empty!  If I'm being honest, I'm very excited to eat food tomorrow!