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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Lil Pumpkin

So I got this idea from Pinterest and I just couldn't resist.  Luckily it was a relatively warm day for late October...I couldn't be happier with out it turned out!  One of my BFF's helped me...God love the Foley girls!  I couldn't delete any of them...but I think this first one is the best:)

So Monday was pumpkin carving and hangin with the Foley's!  Tator was such a sport...no crying or anything. Grey was just thrilled to throw all the cut away!

Grey boy has a Halloween party at school on Thursday and I was in charge of cookies or cupcakes!  I found this idea for monster cupcakes on Pinterest...shocker!  LOL  I was really happy with how they turned out!

I had the kids dressed in their "Halloween-themed" outfits on Tuesday....Tator's is a hand me down from Grey and Mista Munch was too elusive to pose for a pic!

Tator only took two short naps Tuesday so she was pooped around 5pm!  She zonked around 530 and was none to happy when I woke her!

A nice warm bath put that smile right back on her face!
 And then she zonked again!  Lil Miss had 4 teeth just poke through...two front top teeth and one on either side of her two middle bottom teeth!

Both kiddos were perty happy this morning...and looking adorable if I must say so myself!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wonderfully Busy Weekend!

How is it Monday already?  I meant to post a million times, but just never got around to it!  How bout this lil angel on Thursday morning?!?!?!?

Who's guilty?!?!?

Color Coordinated and all...didn't even plan it:)

 Friday night was a low key night.  Sky thought he would be home early, but didn't end up coming home til abut 7:15.  Both kids were congested and I was tired from the week, so it was a nice chill night!

My lil piggy finished her food and decided it wasn't enough so she went for the container too!

Saturday was a whirlwhind.  The boys ran errands while I worked out and got ready for Ben's 4th birthday party.

We headed there with these two crazy kids and spent a few hours.  I just love Jen and her entire family!  Her Dad is seriously one of the most helpful, sincere men I have ever met....and her mama is a sweetheart!  Easy to tell where Jen gets it!

Before I knew it, it was 345 and time to head to the annual Search2Close tailgate.  It was chilly, but I prefer it that way when tailgating!
Me and my Sista!

With a fun filter:)

Dani and her man

Suprise visit from one of my besties!  Tara Brown!  

After the tailgate, we headed home to watch the game...the Foleys came over to hang!  It was fun, but this girl was pooped!  The kids were up late, but luckily enough, everyone slept in!  I slept til 8:50!  Granted I got up and fed Tator at 6:40, but we both zonked right back out!  It felt so good!

We headed to the zoo with the Foley's around 1pm!

My lil zebra!

Ireland, Reid and my crazy man!

Sky and his mini me! 
Lizard Statue!

Checkin out the Pirate show!

My man and our baby girl!

Merry Go Round!

Waaaay to appropriate!

Guilty as charged!

Needless to say we were all ready for some rest and relaxation after the zoo and dinner!  Too bad we were out of milk and bread...so off to the store I went while Sky bathed the kiddos!