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Monday, September 30, 2013

Our weekend

 Morning time is one of my favorite times with the kids.  Grey is not really awake, he is super sweet, and very cuddly.  He loves his sister very much and is always so excited to see her in the morning.  He always asks to snuggle her when he watches his morning cartoon and drinks his milk.  Lately he is into Paw Patrol!

Too early for the flash!

Looks like Tator is enjoying Paw Patrol too!

Sky is out of the country in Budapest, Hungary for work so my parents came up to keep me company.  Saturday we went to Dani & Greg's house to have dinner and watch the OSU-Wisconsin game.  It wasn't until 8pm so my mom and dad took Grey home and put him to bed and I stayed and watched with Tator, Greg, & Dani!

Tator was a big fan of Uncle Greg Saturday night!
My chubby lil girl!

Yesterday, us girls (mom, Dan, Tatum, and I) went shopping.  We had lots of returns and errands to run, but it was nice to get out.  My dad kept Grey at home...they stayed busy playing trains!

Monday already!  But how can your week start off wrong when you have these two faces to wake up to!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This week has flown by!  Part of that is probably because it was a short week.  (having Monday off).  The mornings have been nice and chilly but the afternoons have been perfect!  Bustin out Tator's new wardrobe is perty fun too!

I had a touch of a cold this week, but thankfully I had my doctor to give me a "check up".  I mean could he get any cuter!?!??!

It has been business as usual this week.  Playing with the neighborhood girls just about every evening!  Tator is growing up so fast...she was just takin a spin on Grey's Big Wheels...no big deal!

Tatum has started taking baths in the big bath tub!  Of course, her big brother had to join her!  I couldn't be more thrilled that he just adores his baby sister....and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.  No one makes Tatum smile more than Grey boy!

 Grey has been doing pretty well so far at preschool.  His biggest struggle is sitting still during story time (which doesn't surprise me at all).  There was an incident today...that's what the teachers call it anyway...Joshua bit Greyson on his hand because he wanted the toy Grey had.  Thankfully he did not break skin, but Grey does have a small bruise!  Grey did not retaliate and when I picked him up...he told me about it and then "but its okay, I forgave him".

Tator has 4 teeth now...the two on top look like fangs right now.  Everyone keeps telling me she should be a vampire for Halloween!  Too bad I already have her costume;)

Someone is getting close to crawling....she can scoot backwards, but can't quite move forwards...Although exciting and adorable, I am in no rush to have her mobile!

Grey said a couple cute things today that I don't want to forget..."I am going to make a strawberry cake Mommy...they are the fruitiest, gooeyest, most delicious things ever Mommy".  Shortly after that, I asked Grey to help me clean up his toys...and he actually helped (for once) so I was commending him and he said "no problem...that's what I do".   He is such a good kid!

Another major happening this week was Grey pooped on the potty for Kim on Wednesday!  She took him and bought him three toys!  He was so proud of himself.  I, however, have not been so lucky:(  He sat on the potty for me a few times, but wouldn't poo!  I worry about him holding it so I let him go in a pull up this afternoon.  Later he told me his tummy hurt again...so we sat on the potty.  I explained to him that the poo in the toilet was lonely and he needed to go poo in the potty so it wasn't lonely!  He actually tried to go and even tooted a few times!  No poo, but I feel like we are making headway!  (fingers crossed).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend at Mimi and Pops!

Skyler met his brothers out in Vegas this past weekend so Danielle, the kids and I headed to Tennessee to visit Mimi & Pop!
Grey was pretty excited!

So was Tator...can you tell!?!?!?
We left about 11:30 and made it in 6 hours and 40 minutes with only one stop!  The kids did so great!  I think they did better than Danielle and I!  Of course, my parents had all kinds of "treats" for the kids.

My mom has wanted a horse like this forever, but they are hard to find and usually pricey...

But after a few years of searching, my parents finally found one!

My dad has been working on restoring it...it's mid way through now, but Grey and Tatum still got to ride!

They also bought him a fire truck, which is funny, because I was just thinking...why doesn't Grey have a fire truck?  I guess they read my mind!  It's loud...but what toddler toy isn't!  My mom has been cleaning things out too...and came across some of our old toys/books/puzzles that she had saved from when we were kids.  They were new to Grey and it was so fun for Dani and I to reminisce!

Tator was a mama's girl for the first hour, but she warmed right up!

My content lil baby!

Thank God for dvd players in the car:)

And naps!

Saturday was a super rainy icky day so we ran up to a lil shopping mall and perused a bit.  The kids just didn't want to be in the car or out, so we didn't stay long.  We spent the rest of the day hanging, watching football, and eating my mama's delicious cooking!

Grey was wound up most of the trip...but he was perty happy too!  Poor Tator is such a sport!

My motto...if Tator isn't crying, then he is okay!  Most of the time she is smiling or laughing!

We brought Grey's bike and my dad tied a rope to it to make sure we didn't lose him down the hills!  It worked perfectly!

I mean...how does a 3 year old know to wave his hat and yell yee haw!  Too cute!

 Sunday was nicer...so we took a walk with the pups and then Dani, Grey and I headed out on the jet ski!  Grey had a ball!

We headed home Monday morning.  The kids did great for about 5.5 hours of the trip...then Tatum had a meltdown and Grey had to use the potty!  I tried to have him pee in a cup...but he refused.  I even put a pull up on him and told him it was okay this one time...but he refused!  We ended up having to stop 15 minutes from home so he could go!  I shouldn't complain!  If only he would poo on the pot!