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Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st day of Pre-School & 1st try with baby food!

Tuesday was a day of firsts for both my babies.  Tator had sweet potatoes and loved them!  She opened wide and would have eaten the whole container if I let her!  I hope she is always a good eater!
 Greyson had his very first day of pre-school at Shepherd of the Peace church in Powell....I think I was more nervous than he was!
The sign is hard to read, but its says 1st day of pre school August 27, 2013

Does he look guilty or what!

He left me with no problem but the teacher did say that Grey kept saying he wanted to leave.  She didn't seem concerned and reassured me it was totally normal.
Auntie Dani & Baby Dooter Dot!

Hmmmm, this looks good!

This looks tasty...

Nom Nom Nom

 Wednesday the kids were back at Kim's for the first time since last Monday.  Grey was exhausted last night and was quite mean to the neighbor girls...hitting, biting, screaming!  After dinner, I gave Tatum a bath and Grey asked for a Pull-Up.  I put him on the toilet and said "push"...all of the sudden a toot came out and he pood on the potty!!!  I think it was an accident because his stool was kinda loose, but I'll take it.  He cried after he did it and said he was scared...I cheered and made a big deal about it:)  I hope this is a step in the right direction!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was so much fun!  I got to spend Friday home with my lil munchkins:)
Hi Mom!

"U talking to me?"

We headed to the park since it was such a beautiful day!  It was perfect in the shade:)
Miss Thang all grown up...sitting!

My wild man diggin in the sand!

Deep thoughts!

Friday night, about 9 girls in the neighborhood and I headed to Brio for dinner and then back to Danielle's for dessert and cocktails.  We had a fabulous time!  Before we knew it, it was 1am!  I haven't been out that late in a long time:)

Sky got up with the kids Saturday morning and I slept til 8:30!!!  Woo hoo!  We did some minor chores outside and this sweet girl took a nap!

Grey was such a big helper!

Sunday we got up and went to church!  I can't even stand how cute these two kiddos are!!!!

We spent the afternoon at the pool...probably one of the last of the year!  (insert tear here)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crazy Week

Monday started out to be a typical day, but then Kevin got some sad news early in the afternoon...his father passed away:(  So sad...and you could tell Kevin was really upset by the news.  Thankfully he was 85 and lived a great life, but losing someone is never easy.  He left for Michigan immediately to be with his mom and Kim followed Tuesday.  Of course, I didn't mind, but this left me with no childcare.  Thankfully my wonder neighbor Dee watched Tatum and I was able to take Grey to Kiwi Clubhouse.  I have never taken him to a "day care" for the entire day...so I was a nervous wreck!  Of course, he had a ball and was exhausted!
Monday morning Tator!

Monday afternoon Tator!

"I didn't do it!"

Innocent Tator!

Sleepy Wednesday morning Grey boy!

Happy baby!
 So yesterday I had an appointment to get the mud flaps installed and pick up the all weather mats and rear cargo tray at Honda.  I dropped it off at 11 and they told me it would take an hour....hour and a half tops.  So Danielle dropped me off and we ran errands for work.  She dropped me off at 12:20 and of course, they weren't done yet.  The manager said that it should be ready soon.  25 minutes later I asked where they were at and he came clean and said that they turned the Honda Vac on to check it out because they hadn't seen it yet and it wouldn't turn off.  They tried for 40 minutes and then popped the fuse out to make it turn off.  All sorts of indicator lights came on so they now needed to fix that too.  Of course, I was ticked they weren't up front with me from the get go.  So my options were to let them get me a rental car and hang on to my car until it was fixed or schedule another appointment.  I opted for the rental car.  They wanted me to go to the rental car place to get it and I'm like "Hello" I have to get back to work!  So the Honda guy dropped me off and brought a rental car to me later that afternoon!  Check out the gas they left me with!  How Rude!?!?!?

I'll be anxious to hear the outcome!!!

Sky used to do this thing called floating baby with Grey when he was smaller and now it's Tatum's turn!
Hi Mom!~

I mean I wish she was having some fun!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun & Productive Weekend

We started off our Weekend by going to the Bucyrus Bratwurt Festival!  Sky works in Bucyrus and heard good things, so we figured Why Not?  Dee's husband Greg works in Bucyrus as well...so Dee and Reed joined us!  We took our first road trip in the Swagger Wagon (aka my new mini)...and it was soooooo comfy and nice!
Too bright!

Much better (in Dee's sunglasses)

Grey and Reed hamming it up!

Choo Choo!

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

3rd time is a charm!

Don' tlet this pic fool you...it looks harmless but it was almost a disaster for Grey!  He was jerking around more than the other kids, but we just thought he was being silly....until....Reed fish ran into the back of grey's fish and his fish almost feel off the main part of the ride all together!  It was kinda scary!  Thankfully no one was hurt!

Grey could sit still long enough so I got a sweet pic of Miss Reed all by herself!

 We didn't get home until about 10:30pm and Grey was awake the whole 45 min ride home!  He was sooo pooped!  Thankfully he slept til 7:30 Saturday morning.
We were slow moving Saturday morning just hanging and playing before Sky got up!
 But we sure made up for our morning laziness.  We finished all of our yardwork!  Tore up old mulch, edged, layed edging rock and then filled in with the lava rock.  It looks so nice, but we are soooooooooo glad its over.  I also mowed the yard and Sky helped DJ with a few things (maintenance stuff on the house)  We were outside from 9am til 5:30pm!  Thankfully it was a beautiful day and the kids were outside with several neighbors most of the day.
Tatie was pooped!

This is what I look like when I have too much to drink! 
 Around 730 Dee and Greg and Sean and Arlene came over to hang and have a few cocktails on the deck.  Grey was in heaven with Reed, Ireland, Rowen, Garrett, and about 6 other neighborhood kids.  They jumped on the trampoline and played hide n seek all night long!
Miss Thang hung with the adults!

Just chillin in her specs!

She shared a beer with Daddy! (not really, but she really wanted a taste)
We played a game Judi had bought for us for Christmas last year...Battle of the Sexes...  It was fun, but the questions for the girls were a lot harder than for the boys!

Sunday we were back outside by 8:30am.  DJ came back over to help clean all of our gutters on the outside of our house and repaint/install our mailbox.  The boys worked until about 2pm.  I was outside being the gopher and playing with the kiddos.

Grey chose his rain boots even though it was sunny and 82 degrees!

Tatie was one tired girl!  She slept for about an hour in the morning and then passed out for a good 2.5 hours around noon!
Sky took Grey to the grocery store while I changed sheets and then Ireland and Reed came over to play.  We jumped on the trampoline a while and then headed to the Foley's to play in their basement and in the tent they set up!  By 6pm, I was pooped!  We came home, ate dinner, and the kiddos crashed!  Although exhausted, this was the best weekend in a long time!