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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

So yesterday was a mild, beautiful summer day.  We started out waking up with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snuggling....

Then we got dressed...pretty in pink!

Grey did a lot of this...(so grown up)

And Tator gave a lil sass!

We had a play date with Conley and Emerson in the afternoon...and then later in the evening, we went back outside and ended up having another play date with Conley, Ireland, and Emerson!  Grey was in heaven.  Sandboxes, bounce houses, water tables, bikes, battery-powered jeeps and mustangs, and a trampoline!  Between the three families, we have all the gadgets!
Lainey took this on Monday and I thought it was such a sweet photo...I had to post!

We ended the evening wit homeade meatballs with spaghetti and Antone's Sauce!  YUM!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First try with Rice Cereal

So Tatum has been eating more and more....she used to not finish every bottle, but lately she is not only finishing her bottles, but she is ready for her next one quicker and quicker...so Sunday, we tried to give her some cereal!
Bright-eyed and ready for church!

Happy Girl!

 Sunday evening, I tried a new recipe...Balsamic Mozzarella Chicken!  OMG, was it delicious!!!
 While we ate this, Tator tried her rice cereal!  She opened her mouth and eagerly ate about 4 bites, and then she was ready for a nap!!!  We tried feeding her at 6pm which is right in the middle of her normal bottle feedings, so she probably wasn't overly hungry.  I think I will try and feed her some this morning when its time for her 10-10:30 bottle....

Monday came waaaay too fast!  (Doesn't it always!?!?!)

Evidently someone was pretty excited about Monday!

And someone else wasn't quite awake yet!  (I'm with you Grey boy)

 Sky got home at a decent time so we had dinner on the deck while Grey played for a while.  It's so nice having Sky home in the evenings...  Then we were all pretty pooped!  Especially this lil angel:)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Birthday, Grey's first dentist appointment and Cedar Point!

Although birthdays aren't that exciting the older you get, it's still nice to feel the extra love once a year.  
My mom and Dad sent me these at work:)
My lil man can ride a Big Wheels like a Big Kid!

My husband managed to find me the perfect card!  29 forever:)

Thursday, Greyson had his 1st dentist appointment.  He did great!  (much better than I expected!)

His teeth looked great...no cavities and he left one happy lil man with a new toothbrush and toothpaste!!

Meet Betty, Grey's butterfly!  This poor bug died on our garage floor, but Grey didn't realize it...so now we have a pet!


My talkative lil lady!

Despite all the harrssing, Tatum absolutely adores her brother!

Drama King!

Grey said he wanted to sit up front in the car with me.  I told him that he couldn't because if we got pulled over by the police, I would be in big trouble.  This was his reaction!

Then he proceeded to say..."Mommy, I'm going to hit the police man.  Then he is going to come and steal your purse...and then you'll have to go to the store and buy a new one!"  This imagination is out of control!  LOL
Saturday, we headed to Cedar Point.  The weather was less than perfect to say the least.  It was 63 degrees and rainy!  We still decided to give it a whirl.  It rained the whole way there, but shortly after we got there, it slowed up a lot.

So Grey rode some rides!  

Then we headed to the area where Sky's company was having lunch for everyone.  Great timing...
Because the weather took a turn fro the worse...to say the least!

Tator slept while we waited it out...

Grey was ornery as usual!

As the rain slowed, we started to plot our next move!

a train-ride of course!!

We were just about ready to give up (as was Grey), and then the weather turned!

So back to the rides we went!

 It was a long, but very fun day!  We were all pooped!

We got home last night around 7....it felt great to shower and relax a bit!  Grey's favorite ride was the Snoopy Express!