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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swimmin Wednesday

Yesterday was a typical Wednesday for me...but Grey had a super fun day!   I worked and the kids went to Kim's as usual.  However instead of hanging and playing train, Grey got to swim in their new pool ALL DAY!  Kim said he was in the pool from 10am until we left at 5:30pm.  He got out for about 30 minutes to eat lunch!  Needless to say, this boy was waterlogged, suntanned, and TIRED!
Well hello there mama!

Happy Girl!

He had a ball!!!

This lil mama had a great time relaxing in the shade outside too!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Three letters I never thought much of until today...  ASD or Atrial Septal Defect is what Tatum was diagnosed with this morning.  Due to the pediatrician hearing what he thought might be a heart murmur at her 2 month check up, we headed to see a cardiologist this morning.  Of course, we were not looking forward to it, but we weren't super concerned based on what the pediatrician had said and the research we had done.  Well...we were surprised to find out that Tator's murmur is actually a hole in her heart.  We learned that of all the "holes", she has the "best" one...if that makes sense.  Thankfully the hole is in the top right side of the heart...right atrium.  It measured about 7mm which is a "medium-sized" hole as far as ASDs go.  Could be worse, but could be better too.  There are typically no symptoms except for hearing it when you listen to the heart.  The right side of her heart is slightly enlarged as a result of extra blood flowing through that hole...but thankfully its not enlarged enough to cause immediate concern.  For now, we do nothing.   We will see the cardiologist again when Tatum is 18 months.  They will do another echo and EKG to see if the hole has closed at all.  Even if it hasn't, they still will not do anything at this point.  We will then see the cardiologist again when Tatum is 3 or 4 years.  At this point, they will do a third and final EKG and Echo to see how large the "hole" still is.  If it has significantly reduced in size (2mm or less and the right side of the heart is no longer enlarged), then they will probably opt not to operate.  If the hole is larger than 2mm or smaller, but the heart is still enlarged, then surgery is likely.  Thankfully the location of the hole should enable the doctor to do the repair via a catheter.  They would insert it at her groin and run it all the way up to her heart where they would insert a device.  Eventually the tissue would grow around it and the hole would be closed.  Worst case scenario, if this procedure doesn't look like it will be effective, then she would need to have open heart surgery to have the hole repaired.  We are hoping and praying that the hole closes enough on its own to not require any surgery, but if surgery is necessary we hope to avoid the open heart procedure.  

The doctor took her time with us and explained that this will not limit Tatum in any way.  There is no reason for us to be concerned at this time.  They rarely operate on babies with heart defects at this age and would never operate for the type of murmur Tatum has.  Age 3 or 4 is optimal....her lil body will be stronger, yet she will still be young enough that she won't have a memory of the surgery or hospital stay.  The lesser of the two procedures would only be a one night stay.  

It was definitely a lot to take in...for now, we just wait...which is sometimes easier said than done. 

Thankfully this lil mama wasn't affected at all!  She was happy as a clam!!!
Until of course, she got hungry...

 But that is a quick fix!

Tatum weighed in today at 13lbs 3.6oz and measured 24 inches long!  Her larger size is also great...skinnier, smaller babies that don't eat well are more concerning as far as murmurs go.  Of course, this is not a concern with our lil chunker Tator Tot!

The rest of the weekend...

The rest of the long weekend was nice and relaxing...
I forgot to post these pix from bowling Saturday night!

This lil lady was lovin the light action!

Sunday we got up and went to church and then Sky had to work...boo!
Someone was pretty happy about going to church....
But it sure did wear her out!

It was a beautiful day so we spent the afternoon at the park.  
Here is my 12 year old....I mean almost 3 year old:)

Monday was Memorial Day...it was cold and windy so not the typical weather, but we still made the best of it.  Plus Memorial Day isn't really about backyard barbecues...it's about remembering the soldiers/veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice.

And this lil lady was all about the stars and stripes...

She and her brother literally are the lights of my life!

Although it was chilly and windy, we still spend the afternoon at the park....
You would never have known it was almost June!

A hat...really!?!??!?

After hours at the park, the neighbors came over and played with Munchy on the trampoline!

Then it was bath and bedtime!  Sibling bonding:)

This picture sums up every minute of our lives right now....Tatum hanging and Grey forever touching Tator's head!  He means well, but he seriously needs to learn the concept of personal space!  LOL

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday Family Night

So because Sky is working 2nd shift right now, he gets up in the morning before I leave for work to help me out and feed Tatum and say hi to Grey.  Friday morning, Grey really wanted his Daddy to read him a book...who could say no!??!?!

And don't even get me started on this sweet angel...always so full of smiles!
 Saturday we ran errands and hung out at home during  they day...and then we headed for a family night out of bowling and dinner!

This lil cutie was all about all the lights!

Grey was quite the bowler!

Occupying Grey while we bowled was a full time job that included a lil...

Dirty Dancing style Dance moves!

Not quite Patrick Swayze, but I'll take him:)

Today we got up and went to church and grilled out for lunch.  Unfortunately Sky has to work this evening...boo!  At least its a nice long weekend!!!

Day at the Zoo with Daddy!

Sky was off work Friday so he took Grey to the zoo to see the new Dinosaur exhibit!!!

Baby Dinosaurs!

Petting an armadillo!

Hey Dad, is this okay?

Riding a dinosaur!

Giddy up!

My sweet boys!

Riding the boat around dinosaur island!

Look Dad!

Can I drive Daddy?

So much traffic!

Outta my way!

Carousel rides!

Happy boy!

Pure Joy!

Ridin the train!

Petting the goats...

So many goats!!!

Needless to say Grey was out cold 5 minutes after they got into the car!!!  Always a sign of a good time!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The many faces of our kiddos...

You talkin to me!?!??!

It wasn'tme!

Feed me!!!

Do I look hungry?

My heaven..sleeping Tatum on my chest:)

Someone's guilty!

And someone else is happy!!!
 We had a major cool down today...and lot of rain this evening.  Sky took Grey to the library this morning and I took the kids to Chick Fil A tonight...kill 2 birds with 1 stone...Grey plays and we eat!  I am looking forward to a nice long weekend...TGI almost F!~