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Monday, April 29, 2013


So Grey doesn't mispronounce too many words anymore, but when he does, Sky and I cherish it.  He is so funny without even trying and I just wanted to write this stuff down before we forget it!

His cousins recently visited and we told him they live in California....he pronounces it CAL I FOR N EYE EH!  (like Arnold Schwarzenegger kinda)

Giraffe is ga giraffe

Elephant is still Elphalant

Yogurt is Yoglut (but lately he has been pronouncing this right:()

We were on a 90 minute drive the other day and were giving him a bit of candy to help pass time.  We told him he was done for a while and in the sweetest voice he says "Can I Please just have a tiny lil piece right here in my hand?"  Needless to say, he got what he wanted!

Every time he talks to Tatum he talks in the highest pitch voice and rubs his hand, arm, face, head or even belly on her head.  He really loves her and usually is very good...but there are times when we think he might smother her!

Every time we take a picture of him, he says cheese and smiles the cheesiest smile and puts his hands on his face!  Goofball!!!

We told him not to say "NO" to his mommy and daddy...so the other day he said no to his dad and Skyler said..."Did you just tell me no?" and Greyson looks at him with the most innocent face...and says nnnnnn uh uh.  He thought about saying no, but resisted and said huh uh.  We laughed so hard!

Now instead of telling us no, he says "no thank you".  i.e. Greyson come here...response: "no thank you"

He tries our patience every day (sometimes every minute), but we love him like no other.  He is the smartest, sweetest lil man!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trains, Trains, & more Trains

So Sky has been talking about this "train" event forever and Saturday was finally the day!!!  A friend Sky worked with has a hobby that Munch definitely LOVED!!!
Mischevious boy!!!

Super excited about trains...


Our lil sporty girl ready to go along for the ride!

Budda baby!

Pit stop on the way to see the largest basket in the world!!!

Sky, Munch & Tutu:)


And finally we made it to the trains!!!

Tatum just chilled...imagine that!

On the tracks!

I mean was Grey in heaven or what!?!??!

Riding with mama:)

Grey and his new buddy, Liam!

Favorite line of the day..."Can I bish and bash them????"

"Tidmouth Sheds???"

We were at this train event from noon til  4:30, so needless to say, Grey was pooped!  He had a blast and it was so so so worth it!  Tutu left this morning:(  IT is definitely quiet around here now!  Feels like an empty house...back to the grind tomorrow!

The final days...

By Thursday, it was just Aiko, Emi, Eri, Judi, Sky, Grey, Tator and I!  Still a house full, but sadly Matt and Micah were gone.  We headed to COSI to let the kids go crazy!
Grey was perty excited!!!

As was Tatum...can't u tell?!?!?

Sweet Erika!

Cousin hugs:)

A pic with two of two actually looking at the camera!

3 for 3...Eri, Emi, and Grey boy!


In the "caves" at COSI


Me and my man!

Tornado winds with TUTU!


Hula Hoopin with cuzins!

And of course, our lil man found a train table!

Forget the playground and the live animals...this kid wants trains!

And not surprisingly, Tatum slept through it all:)

Until that is, it was time to eat...

She never skips a meal...that's for sure:)

Grey did pause for a minute from the train table to pet the turtle!

And the icky lizard!

Polka dots!

The "BIG" playground outside!

Needless to say the kids were pooped after a long day at COSI!!!

Friday we headed to the toy store and Chick Fil A.  Tutu wanted to spoil the kids before Aiko & the girls headed home.
Our lil diva was pretty excited about this:)

Somebody had enough and was ready for some downtime...can u tell!?!?!?