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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Today was a fun-filled day that began with Easter Service at church!  Greg and Danielle joined us and then we headed to their house for a delicious brunch!  We feasted on honey baked ham, quiches, fresh fruit and lemon poppyseed bread!  Not exactly in the post-pregnancy diet plan, but it was worth it!

We did our Easter Egg hunt in the afternoon instead of in the morning...because, let's face it, getting out of the house by 9 with 2 kids is still a giant accomplishment for us!
Munchy loved hunting for his eggs...

"Can I hatch it Mommy???"

"Jellybeans!  I love Jellybeans!!!"

And "some bunny" sure does love this lil bundle of joy!!!

And don't even get me started on this cutie patooty!

This fun-filled day really wore our lil man out!  He refused to get into bed or turn off the light for nap time, so I didn't fight him and he still passed out!!!

And this lil diva pretty much sleeps most the day...
How bout them lips:)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Fever

The weather has finally started to warm up a bit, and we have been taking full advantage!
Testing out the new double stroller:)

Thomas came along for the ride:)

We even hit up the trampoline:)

Grey, Tator and I had a nice lil Thursday while Sky was working.  Thursday night, Travis and his new girlfriend came over to meet the new bundle of joy.  We had some yummy pizza and wine and cheered the Buckeyes on to a victory...Elite 8 Baby:)

How stinkin cute are these legwarmers and monogrammed onesie!!!

Gotta love having Tatem in Tow (ignore Mama's nerdy blue tooth)

I really wish she could relax!

Grey just loves his baby sister...

He always wants to know where she is and be right by her...

Or pretty much on top of her!  (LOL)

Saturday was the a beautiful day...almost 60 degrees and sunny!  The perfect day to head to the zoo for the Easter event that was going on.  We met our neighbors Christi and Emerson and the kiddos had a blast!
This lil lady was pretty excited...
Either that or gassy...either way:)


Grey is not capable of saying cheese unless his hand are on his face...pretty sweet:)

Who doesn't love a bounce house?!?!?!

Hurry Grey...a girl is beating you:) 

Pure Joy!

 Grey and his best Bud...Emerson in line to pet the fishies:)

 All in all, it was a great day.  We came home early afternoon and spent the rest of the day outside cleaning out the garage and our cars.  Such a great feeling:)  Unfortunately our Buckeyes lost tonight...but tomorrow is Easter and I am going to visit my mama later this week!!!