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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday and New Year's Eve Eve Pah tay!

Sunday was a low key day...an attempt to make the transition into Monday a lil less painful!
We did manage to get to church, but other than that, we bummed around at home!

Grey and Tator tested out her new ride!!!

Monday we were back to work and the kids were back to Kim's!  I had to drag them out of bed, but otherwise, the day went well!  Monday evening we hung at the Foleys to plan our New Year's Eve!  Oh the exciting lives we lead!  Dee and I both hosted for the holidays so we decided no cooking...so the big decision is where do we get take out!?!?!?!  HA!
Ireland found a new hair do for Bam Bam...I mean Tator!

Grey boy found a new app he liked! (shocker)

That is some concentration!

Is tomorrow really the last day of this year?!?!?!?  My mama turns 60 and the year comes to an end...how is that even possible!??!?!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

New TV, Wedding and Ice Skating!

Skyler and I were both off on Thursday.  So I spent the morning cleaning and hanging out with Tator while Sky and Grey headed to the gym.
Since our TV in the loft died Christmas Day night, we decided to head out and find a new tv hoping to get an after-Christmas deal!

The best deal we found was at Costco...60 inch Samsung!  We love love love her!  Grey also loves her...probably because he was able to get a smoothy for being such a good boy while we shopped:)

My girl in her ruffly pants:)

big girl!

Friday evening we headed to a wedding for a guy that Skyler works with.  We were the only people from work that showed up, so I'm glad we went.  It was a very nice ceremony and we were still home by 9pm!  Whoop!  My kinda wedding!

After a night out...selfy:)

Friday we got some things done around the house and then Sky, Greg and Tator watched football while Dee, Ireland, Reid, Grey and I went ice skating!

This was Grey's first time and at first, I thought we were in trouble!  But after about ten minutes, my lil man got the hang of it!  He needed the assistance of this red thingee, but he was a wild man!

We headed for a bite to eat and then home...we were all pooped!
I am sad that our week off together is coming to an end:(
At least next week is a short week!  2013 has been wonderful, but I am definitely looking forward to starting a fresh new year in 2014!

Check out this pinterest find turned into a new piece on my wall thanks to my Dad!  Wine is something I love...so to have this rustic wine holder in my kitchen is just perfect!

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas this year...not only was it Tatum's 1st Christmas, but it was the first year I think Grey really "got it".  He was just so much fun!
It was great having Matt in town too.  He is uh-mazing with the kiddos and Grey just adores him!
Monday evening we drank and I prepared for Christmas Eve Dinner!
On the menu:
Filet with a Madeira Wine Sauce
Linguine with Pesto
Garlic/Balsamic Brussel Sprouts
Maple Glazed Ham
Blackberry Cobbler
Christmas Cookies
Wine/Beer/Liquor (goes without saying)

Prep time....and of course, I need my wine and my special glass from the Foleys!

Sky and Matt kept Miss Tator busy in the basement on Grey's old Thomas!

She looks soooo big!

Don't ask!  Sky bathed the kids in the shower and Mista Munch was being as ornery as ever!  But at least his "goods" are covered!  HA!

My lil man, sweet baby girl and I on Christmas Eve:)

My wonderful lil family!

The dessert table!
(Notice the flowers...Uncle Matt brought me those)

Dinner all set...no food yet!

The Munekata boys!

Mimi and her grand baby girl!

What's that?
 After eating too much and having the kids open one gift, we called it a night! 
Ma...it's too early for pictures!

Our lil mover!

"Mommy...Did Santa come?" 

Taty Taty...Santa came!

The pjays match the paper!  And I didn't even plan that:)

Mimi Pop and Tator!

Tator's first baby doll!

Uncle DJ!  (Sky looks up and at em)

Hey Grey...that's Tator's toy!

Guess who the B.B. gun is from!??!?! (uncle DJ)

A kitchen and an artist desk for the kiddos! (we benefitted from Amazon sending the wrong thing and just letting us keep it!  Woo hoo)

Grey boy and Uncle Map lounging in Daddy's new HUMUNGO bean bag!

I love my sweater from Emi, Eri, Uncle Seanie and Auntie Aiko!

What is a better way to end Christmas Day then a ride on Daddy!!!

We were so blessed to have at least some family in town and be able to have a wonderful Christmas at home.   Our kiddos bring so much joy into our lives.
I asked Grey what his favorite toy was....it wasn't his Kindle Fire, or his kitchen, or his tools, or his bb gun, or his Lincoln logs, or his legos, or trucks...it was a book that Daddy borrowed from the library 3 days before Christmas called DINOTRAIN!  Didn't I say our lil man really understood the whole Christmas thing!?!??!  LOL!
Merry Christmas! (3 days late)