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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fooling around

I don't want to jinx it, but Greyson has been such a joy lately!  He has been in the best moods and just making me laugh all day long!!!
Playing tools!

Showing off and counting his tools:)

Strawberry oatmeal...yum!

He really gets into it:)

Gotta love the flared nostrils!

Playing trains is serious business!
I am beyond excited to have a couple days off work and head back to my hometown....visit family, friends, the Canfield Fair, and hang at the lake!  Is it September in a few days already!??!?!?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend fun with Charlotte!

 Skyler finally came home Friday evening after being gone since Tuesday...boo!  We were both ready to just hang and enjoy the evening.  Saturday Sky took Grey to the gym and the pool while I got some stuff done at home.  I worked out, went grocery shopping, made a blueberry cobbler, and still had time to relax a minute.  It was nice to have a lil time to myself:)  Saturday evening we headed over to Mike, Jill and Charlotte's new house!  Charlotte was napping when we got there so Grey took full advantage of her toys!

Keep in mind Charlotte is not quite 10 months old....that didn't stop Grey from jumping right in!

He fit perfectly!!!

It wasn't too long before sweet baby Charlotte woke up ...what a cutie!

Grey was a ham with Charlotte....and she was a great sport!
 Today was a pretty lazy day....we managed to make it to church this morning and hit up the park afterwards!

Shocker that he brought his trains and played more with those than he did on the swings or the slide!

But who can argue with that smile!?!?!?
 We had our fantasy football draft tonight and it got me even more excited for football season.  My first love is NCAA football, but I won't turn town an NFL game either!  One more week!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School....

All the kids went back to school this week and I have to say I am so glad Grey isn't in school yet.  I am just not ready for that! 
Mr. Sleepyhead on the way to Kim's on Wednesday! He was excited to see the girls on the bus...can't ya tell!??!!?

Lyssa is the youngest daughter of Kim & Kevin...and she just adores Grey. He cried and cried when she got on the bus...I guess he loves her too:(

The rest of the week has been very typical!  I am beyond ready for the weekend!  Sky was out of town most of the week and Grey and I missed him!
Happy boy in the bath!!!

The new nightly ritual...let all the water drain out of the tub, lay down, ask for a "blanket"..aka towel, turn off the lights, and talk about how spooky it is!  Don't ask!!!! 

Today we headed to the park to meet Jill and Charlotte! Grey had a ball! P.S. Can you tell we are excited for college football to start!??!?!  GO BUCKEYES!

Enuf with the pictures mama!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Snugglin & working out!

Grey has been such a cuddle bug lately!  I love it:)  He will walk up to the couch where I'm sitting and say..."snuggle mommy" and then crawl up and get in the "spooning" position and roll up in his blanket.  I seriously cannot get enough!

He shares the love with Daddy too...there is no one he'd rather nap with!

After all that cuddling and sleeping, he was ready for a workout! Pumpin som iron....

And then lots of pull-ups!
He really doesn't work out, but he sees Skyler and I working out in the basement and likes to try everything we do!  It's pretty sweet!

I cannot believe it is the end of August already!  All the kids are going back to school...which means the Canfield Fair is right around the corner!  I can hardly wait to go back to my hometown, visit family and friends, see Blake Shelton, and eat lots of greasy fair food!  We are taking a few days off and heading home for a long weekend next weekend!  The only thing that makes next weekend even sweet is COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Haircut & The Zoo!!!

This week flew by!  Wednesday evening I had a dinner for work and then Thursday evening I met my friend Katie for dinner!  Needless to say, I was well fed this week:)
Greyson's hair was beginning to grow over his ears, so I figured it was time for a haircut!

And we went shorter than ever!  It grows fast so why not!

Friday after work the neighbor kids were out playing so Grey and I went to say hi! Grey got to "ride" the 4-wheeler! (By ride, I mean hang out on it and say vroom vroom!)

Big brown eyes and juicy lips!  I love bathtime!!!

I believe he was at the end of a "cock dugadugaduga doooooo"

Friday evening Sky drove home from Detroit and didn't get home til almost 8pm so we just laid low.  Sad to say, but we were super excited to watch Dexter.  The latest season was just released on NetFlix!  Can you say loooooosers!??!?!?!  That's our idea of a fun Friday night these days!

Saturday morning we went to IHOP for breakfast and then headed to the zoo!  Imagine this, but Grey ate bacon and fruit!  No french toast, no pancakes, no eggs.....just Bacon!  Who is this kid!
My lil stud headin into the zoo in his safari get up!
Hanging with the baby Rhino!
Not quite as cozy with the real animals...someone was in awe!
And before long, he was ready to jump right in!
At least I was looking...neither the elephant or my munch was cooperating!

Grey called this "the cage"!

But it sure didn't keep him contained!

We came home and took nice long naps...then headed to Saturday church!  Now...I am anxiously awaiting Grey going to bed so we can watch some more Dexter!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sky taught Grey how to talk like a rooster!  It depends on his mood how many "dugaduga's" we get!  Apparently he was in a pretty good mood yesterday morning!
Grey got in touch with his artistic side yesterday!

He started out sticking to the driveway...and then ventured off and decided his "rideable Thomas" needed some sprucing up!

Grey has a lil cold and seemed a lil more docile than normal yesterday...but so far it isn't too bad (knock on wood).  He was still pretty funny!
After his bath last night, I drained the water like always. Normally he dances a bit and says goodbye to the water before he's ready to get out.  Well last night, he really wasn't ready to get out.  He laid down in the tub after the water was all drained (no towel yet) and said "go ni ni"!  He was being silly, but it was pretty cute!

He called the towel his blanky and kept covering himself up saying "where did Greyson go?" It was too sweet! It took a cup of milk to finally lure him out!  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dani's 30th & our weekend!

I feel like I have been such a bad blogger lately!  I guess that's just summer!
Munch still loves to swims and is getting better and better at leaning forward and kicking his lil feet!

Well, most of the time!!!

My pensive lil man:)
 So I don't want to forget this lil quirk of his.  He isn't quite ready to potty train yet, but he is starting to show the first signs.  
Anytime he has to go #2, he runs into a spare bedroom and hides. If we come near, he says byeeee! If we don't leave, he literally pushes us out the door!  It's hysterical!  

Another lil think I don't want to forget is how much my lil man loves bacon. There are days when I ask him what he wants to do today and he says "eat bacon".  

And who doesn't love a bath picture:)

Or a picture of Grey in the closet with Sky's slippers on!

So this weekend was the big surprise for my sister's 30th birthday.  Greg has been planning it forever with help from my Mom and I.  It has been so so so hard to not give it away and up until the last minute we still weren't sure if she had any idea!  My parents and brother came in town Friday evening.  I just made dinner and we hung out!
Grey tried on my mom's glasses...

and thought he looked sooooo smart!!!

Saturday we had a nice breakfast at a lil restaurant and then just helped get ready for the party!
How funny is this cake!  This is Danielle when she was 6 years old...gotta love the 80s dance recital photo shoots! "OH NO, SAY IT ISN'T SO, DANI'S TURNING THE BIG 3-0!!!"

 I video'd Dani arriving at the party so I don't have a picture of her face, but it was priceless.  She just kept saying "Shut-up!  Shut-up!"
Sky's friend Nick, and Dani's friends, Katie & Jamie

Travis, Hannah, Skyler, and Evan.  (Hannah is a life-long friend of Dani and mine and it was so awesome of her and her husband to come!)

The birthy girl and her big brother!

The "Knoedler" women!  

Birthday girl, Dad & Mom!
It was such a fun night and I'm so glad we were able to pull off the surprise!  

Yesterday we headed to London, Ohio (a small town about 45 minutes away) to have dinner at Danny Husec's parents house.  Danny is a classmate of Sky's at West Point...so it's always great to get together.  Travis, Nick, Sky, Grey and I headed out around 3pm yesterday.  They live out near a bunch of farms so Grey had a blast running around.  He was loving their "kitty-cat"!  I forgot my phone and camera so I didn't take any pictures:(

All in all it was a great weekend and I am not so ready for it to be Monday!!!