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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Pimpin!

 Sky was putting his shoes on in the garage and told Grey to get in the car...when Sky got over to his car, this is what he saw!!!!
Munchy found Uncle Matt's hat and some beads (don't ask)...

What Dad?  

I'm soooooo funny!!!!

Alligators swimmin in the water!

Grey loved standing on our balcony and looking for alligators!  I just love the way he says alligators;)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Most of the days of my trip were spent at the pool, walking around Downtown Disney, or exploring the hotel grounds with Mista Munch and his friends!  Thursday evening we went to the Winter Park area and had dinner with Travis, Magda, and Kasia!  We ate at a cute lil place called Dexter's and then walked down the street for some delicious gelato!  Friday evening we spent the evening at the pool with Travis, Magda, and Kasia!  It was so nice in the evening...the sun was down and it wasn't miserably hot.  We just ordered pizza and hung out...it was a nice change of pace!

Joseph and Grey 


Building Blocks!
Taking a lil reading break!

Saturday we spent the day at Magic Kingdom!
We got up and headed to the park so we'd be there as soon as it opened!  Joseph and Greyson were so excited!
Morning Hugs!

Waiting for the opening ceremony:)

Family Photo:)

Hard to see, but Mickey and the characters were doing an opening show up behind the balcony!
The quintessential  Disney photo op in front of the castle!

Mommy & Munchy on the Winnie the Pooh Ride!

Dumbo...here we come!

Grey was so amazed by everything.  He didn't act scared, but he didn't smile either...I just think he wasn't sure what to make of everything.  Stimulation overload!

The Goofy roller coaster!  Believe it or not, Grey and Sky were zoomin by in those lil red cars!

There's Sky and his co-pilot munchy!

Our lil Goofy!

Impossible to get a pic of everyone looking at the camera...forget smiling:)

Coolin off at the circus!

Someone is getting sprayed by an elephant!!!

It's a Small World!

My sad attempt at getting my Hawaii boys in front of the Hula girls!

Magic Carpet ride calling Munchy's name!

Grey wasn't sure what to make of Mr. Aladdin!


Is that Mickey Mouse?

Where'd he go?

There he is:)

Ending the day with a relaxing train ride around the park!
I'm not sure, but I think the lil man was all tired out after his day with Mickey!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 4 Disney

After breakfast and some playground time, we met Magda and Kasia and headed back to Downtown Disney.  We walked around a bit and then had lunch at Earl of Sandwich!  It was delic!  After that we let the kids run off steam in the splash pad!

Just asking to get squirted in the face...doin the baby squat!

Grey made all kinds of new friends!

Who knew a lil water would create such a great time!!!
Mista Munch should have been worn out, but for some reason he decided that napping wasn't a good idea today.  Not a good idea because that means I didn't get my daily vacation nap!  LOL  He was really fine all day, but he was spent after dinner tonight.  Sky's company had a dinner for everyone tonight.  Thankfully another mom set up a lil area for the kids to play and we all brought toys.  Grey barely ate dinner, cried at the drop of a hat, and went poo 4 times in a two hour period...(I would be cranky too).  Thankfully after a quick shower with Dad, he was out by 845!  That is the earliest he has gone to bed ALL WEEK!  He has to be one tired lil boy!  No big plans for tomorrow during the day, but I am lookin forward to dinner with Travis, Magda, and Kasia tomorrow evening! 

Downtown Disney and T-Rex

Just shaking the lego princess's hand!
My lil pirate!
It's hard to take pictures when we don't have the hubby's around to help, so that was all I got...needless to say our lil man was tired out!  I had to hold him to a two hour nap though...he slept 21/2 the day before and was up til 11:30pm!  Thankfully last night he was out by 10pm!  
Last night, Grey and I had a photo shoot before heading to T-Rex for dinner!   
Nothing amused him more than his own reflection!

T-Rex was uh-mazing!

Wooly Elephant according to Grey!


Daddy & Munch!

On our way to make "Build-A-Dino"

Mr. Helper!

Helping mommy complete our new dino's birth certificate!

happy boys with their new dinos!

Grey won't hold anyone's hand except Joseph's!!!

Mommy, Grey & Dino!

Playing with Carson!


Best Friends!

After a fun-filled dinner, we headed to the pool in hopes of wearing out the kids even more!

Grey had a blast with his Daddy!

Good Night hugs!

Grey named his Dino Red!  Original!
My new favorite words Grey says are Alligator and Dinosaur!  He is being so good on this trip minus a few melt downs here and there, but he is two, so what more can you expect.  Magda, Kasia, Grey and I are heading to Downtown Disney to play in the splash pad and have a lil lunch!  I love vacation!