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Friday, June 29, 2012

Chocolate Cookies & Such

So my child may or may not have developed his sweet tooth from his mama...turns out he doesn't like to share his sweets like his mama either!!!

Speaking of Sweets...Sky found this MEGA MARSHMALLOW MUNCHIE and just couldn't resist....1) because we call Greyson Munchy and 2) because he knows I would thoroughly enjoy the sticky sweetness that is a rice krispy treat!

Guess we'll stick to chocolate cookies for Mista Munch!

Or apparently ice is quite tasty!

Especially when we have record breaking heat in the great state of Ohio...102!!!!

Sleepy boy and his long lost Gordon!
Gordon was lost for about a month and a certain almost 2 year old was quite excited to be reunited with this Blue Engine:)

Got Gordon, ready for the Girls!

Well, I think I am....let me sip on it! (get it....like think on it, only sip on it...okay, bad joke)!
Happy Happy Friday!

Express Coming Through

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Lil Buckeye

Today started out like a typical Wednesday....
Ready to get in the car...playing with Alphie and Jack!
But then, Munchy got a surprise!

Kim and the girls took Grey down to the Ohio State Football Stadium...AKA the Horseshoe!

He looks like he belongs:)

Just readying about all the National Championships and Heisman winners...

In Awe!

Practicing his entry into the stadium...

Lauren, Brutus, Lexi and an unsure Grey!

And the meltdown ensues!

Lexi had a cheer function at the stadium, so Grey got to go with the girls to see the OSU Stadium for the first time!  Despite the last photo with Brutus, I think he looks like he is right at home:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Typical Summer Day

 Sky worked today so it was just me and Munch all day!  Last night we bounced on the "ampoline" and ate popsicles!

Gooood morning Munchy!


Playing with his trains...

Same trains, different table:)

Who needs clothes?

He is a hot mess here!  Funny face, messy hair and a crooked diaper!  Where is his mother?!?!?  LOL

I guess he needed a break (under the table on the driveway with no clothes on)

More popsicles!

He did get some food in his mouth...I think!?!?!?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pictures, Pool, and Weddings Oh My

Friday evening we headed to our club and swam for a bit and then had dinner on the patio.  It was a perfect summer evening.  Our lil Grey is quite the lil fish:)

Saturday morning, I sat Munchy on his "cars" toilet to drink his morning cup of milk...nothing happend, but it did make for a cute photo op!
This child crosses his feet ALL the time!
(P.S. we are not really potty training yet, just introducing the idea)

We had a photographer coming to the house to take Grey's 2 year pictures.  I was not encouraged at this point in the day....
 but as you saw from the post before this, they turned out fabulously!  He was such a good boy!  I only have seen the 12 pictures I posted, but should have the rest in a week or so!  I can hardly wait.

After 2 hours worth of pictures, it was time to get ready for Krista & Brad's wedding.

My Handsome Hubby and I before we left!
 Dani and her boo Greg were nice enough to stay the night and babysit Grey.  They did great (no surprise) and we didn't worry for a second!
The beautiful bride and her daddy walking her down the aisle!

It was a fun night out!  Needless to say we paid for it a little bit yesterday.  Sky took a nice long nap with Munchy in the afternoon and I relaxed at the pool by myself!
And here's to the start of another week!  Grey's last full week as a 1 year old!

Sneak Peak of Grey's 2 year pix!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Dayz

I have really been slacking on blogging lately...I guess we have just been having too much fun enjoying this beautiful weather to spend any more time than I have to on the computer!  It's funny that summer just officially started yesterday and the weather has been in the 80-90s for well over a month!  August could be a lil scary!
Grey in his new surf boy shirt from Uncle Micah!  Hard to see but is a body on a surf board and Grey's head serves as the head on the surfer!  Thanks Uncle Micah!!!!

Chillin on the lazy boy...asking to watch Thomas of course!!!
Thomas is no longer an interest of Grey's...it's an all out obsession.  He is either playing with his trains, asking us to read Thomas to him, or asking to watch "more Thomas"!  It's hysterical!

If you look closely you will notice Grey is holding Jack!  He doesn't leave home without one of his Thomas  trains!!!

Grey is so independent in the pool!  He has learned how to kick and gets around pretty well! 

He even got to swim with his girlfriend Emerson!!!  She wasn't so sure about him:)

Just hangin on the deck....

With Alphie, Isabella, and Jack of course!

Kim is on vacation tomorrow so she kept Grey today and I"ll be home with the lil man tomorrow.  It was so hard leaving him this morning!  Not only does he look so cute, but he was so sweet!  He did not want to leave me either...he was leaning into me and burying his head in my shoulder!  MELTS ME every time!

So Grey is forming a new habit that we are not too fond of.  We aren't sure if its because he is having so much fun this summer or what, but he has been skipping naps at least twice a week.  He is definitely tired, but just fights naps.  He'll even fall asleep while we read to him, but as soon as we try to put him in his crib, he cries....and its not just a whiny cry, but an all out hysterical fit.  We are hoping its just an adjustment period, because I am definitely not ready for him to be done napping!  He must take after his mom...I am incapable of sleeping in and only nap when I'm pregnant or sick!  Guess the lil man just doesn't want to miss anything!