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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank you


We had such a fun and crazy weekend that my lil man was worn out!  He had a hard time falling asleep Tuesday night and then woke up crying at 3am.  Thankfully he went back down around 4!
I headed to work and Grey went to Kim's for the day on Wednesday...
When we got home, he was not interested in doing much...no park, no bouncing...

He just wanted to play inside!

Who's there????
 Danielle did come over and spend the night.  Grey was happy to see Dani:)

Thursday morning in the back yard with Gordon!!!

Still recovering...just hangin in Daddy's chair!
The weather is cooling off a ton, so it will be a nice mild day and then almost chilly tomorrow!  It is a nice break from the mid 90s we had last weekend.  I think we are all ready for a "chill" weekend at home!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cookouts, Trampolines, & Cornhole!

The title of this post pretty much explains the rest of our weekend!  Sunday we had a cookout with some of our friends to celebrate Sky's 30th birthday!
Grey and his best friends...Garret & Rowan!

Grey making his girlfriend Charlotte smile with his dance moves!


Oh the drama!

Catching some shade and watching some cornhole!

Taking a bounce break with Rowan!

Pucker up!

Big kiss for Uncle Matt!

And another for Auntie Dani!

Action shot...Go Arlene!

Eric and Travis!

 We had such a great time!  The boys grilled burger and hot dogs and we had a bunch of yummy sides...topped off with a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake...perfect for the hot hot hot day we had!

Monday was Sky's real birthday and we were all pretty pooped!  We hung around the house until Grey got up from his nap...then we decided to stay out of the heat and enjoy some cooler activities!  We went bowling!!!!

Grey kissin his stuffed animal that Uncle Matty won him!

Spectating with daddy!

Uncle Micah and Ma!

This is the only motorcycle Grey will be riding!!!!
 After some fun in the arcade at the alley, we headed to Pei Wei and Handels!  Grey had a ball and loves his uncles so much!  All in all, we had such a great weekend.  Sky was so happy to have his brothers here!  Sad the weekend is over, but thankful for the time we had!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Family Fun!

Last night we got a sitter and went out to dinner and had a few drinks!  The boys refuse to ever pose for a "normal" picture!
 But I'll take what I can get:)

I was scolding Sky begging for a "nice" picture...lol!

I guess it worked...Kinda:)

Today was a beautiful day...hot hot hot!  We spent the morning on the trampoline and the afternoon at the pool!

I was on the trampoline with Grey and he asked to get down...so I put him down.  He ran straight to the deck, grabbed Micah's hand and walked him back to the trampoline.  He pulled him all the way on, sat in the middle circle, and said Ready! I guess good old mom wasn't a good enough bouncer for him!

 All the jumping made the crew hungry!  Grey got his first taste of a Krispy Kreme Donut!

Needless to say, he looooved it!  Who doesn't?!?!?!?

Uncle "MAP" as Grey would say!

Uncle "Mitah"


One lucky lil boy!

Grey decided he needed a lil break...so he climbed right on this chair...and no that isn't our towel!!!  He just couldn't resist NEMO:)
I am one proud mama:)
Our lil family!

Grey napped and the boys and I played Corn Hole!  It was hot hot hot, but super fun!  

The boys went golfing late afternoon so Grey and I played outside at his water table.  My lil man loves the hose!!!
We went back up to the pool around 5:30 with the neighbor boys.  Sky, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Micah stopped by to say hi and Grey didn't want them to leave.  He kept trying to pull Matt through the gate!  He loves his uncles!

It has been such a wonderful couple of days and I look forward to 3 more days with the fam.  Wish Sean, Aiko, Emi, Erika, and Hawaii Ma were all here with us too!

Friday, May 25, 2012


So Skyler's birthday is Monday and he is finally turning 30!  I "robbed the cradle" (lol) and married a younger man!  I am just shy of 3 years older than him...so I am luvin that he is finally going to be 30!!!  I always have such a hard time with gifts for Sky...he doesn't "want" much and the only things he does want are tools and guns, which I definitely can't buy for him!  He is a big time family man and misses his brothers terribly.  His older brother lives in California (Sean), Micah lives in Hawaii, and Matt lives in Texas so Ohio is a long way away and we don't see them often.  Sean is on a family trip to Japan, so he couldn't come...but Micah and Matt were able to come visit for the long weekend.  We have been plotting for months!  It was sooooo hard not to slip!

So Micah flew in Wednesday...Sky was working so when he got home from work, Micah hid in the bathroom and jumped out just as Sky was about to get in the shower!  The look on Sky's face was priceless!  We played it up that we were mad at Matt for not coming...that he couldn't get off work for this weekend, but he got off to go to Vegas in a couple weeks.  Then last night I told Sky I was going to pick up my sister from the airport (coincidentally she was flying in from vacation around the same time as Matt), but really I was going to pick up Matt!!!  It was late so Micah and Sky were watching TV upstairs in our loft when I got home...I walked up the steps first and said hi and then around the corner came Matt!  Sky nearly jumped out of his seat!

The boys were so excited to be together!  They are like kids in a candy store when they get together!  They stayed up and played video games and I think I only had to ask them to be quiet 10 times:)  Needless to say, I think this will be a memorable birthday for Sky!

Sky and I also had a BIG surprise for Mista Munch!  We decided to buy him a trampoline for his 2nd birthday!  We bought it last weekend and Micah/Skyler set it up yesterday.  We gave it to Munchy early so he would have plenty of time to enjoy this summer!

Grey boy doesn't quite jump yet, but he sure does love to run around with the neighbor boys!!!

Grey played outside all day!!!

I took the day off work today...we are going out for dinner and drinks tonight, pool time tomorrow, and a cookout Sunday!  I can't wait:)