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Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 Year Anniversary

Saturday was Sky and my 5th Anniversary!  I was so happy that Sky was actually in town so we could spend the weekend together:)  Friday evening Sky worked on his car...changed his oil, brakes, etc...so I surprised him and made him Buffalo Shrimp while he was outside in the garage working hard.  He always talks about Buffalo Shrimp when he travels to this one place in Kentucky, so I bought a fryer and gave it a whirl.  Sky was surprised and I think he really enjoyed it!

Saturday morning Grey and I played and let Sky sleep in!  We woke him up around 10 and surprised him with the 2nd part of his anniversary gift....an hour massage!  He was sore from working on his car so he was thrilled!
While Sky was at his massage, Grey and I baked him his favorite dessert...a red velvet cake!  YUM!

We had thought about getting a babysitter to go out just the two of us, but we decided we'd rather spend the evening together as a family...so we headed to Brio!  Greyson ate like a champ and was so well-behaved!  
Both Sky and I got to enjoy a cocktail and our entire meal! 
How did we get so lucky?!?!?!?

Sunday morning I woke up at 4am and could not go back to sleep!  I got my workout done, dinner prepared, and laundry finished all before 7am!!!!  By 8:15, I had a migraine and had to go back to bed for a couple hours:(  That screwed up our church and Sam's Club plan...so while I slept, Sky took Greyson out to play at the park!
He didn't enjoy himself at all...

Nope...not one bit!

He picked a flower for his mama:)

And directed a lil traffic with some sticks:)

This if from a few days ago...but it was too cute not to post:)

 This afternoon, Grey didn't want to go down for his nap...so Skyler coaxed him along a little and even napped with him!

My two boyz!

Love that he is holding his Daddy's arm:)

At least he isn't relaxed at all!
After naptime was over, we all spent some time outside doing some yard work.  Greyson just loves to play in the dirt...and "help" his Dad!  I neglected to take any pictures:(  We had such a nice weekend and we got great news...Sky was supposed to leave tonight to go work in Kentucky this week, but the job was cancelled!  Woo HOO:)

We have a had a wonderful 5 years together (8 total, but 5 married)...and and there is no one I'd  share my life with.  We have our ups and downs like any couple, but when it comes down to it...Sky is the man for me!  He is a wonderful husband and an amazing father...I am very blessed:)

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yesterday was just one of those days.  Neither Sky or I slept well Tuesday night, so we were both kind of in a fog...and I guess Greyson decided to follow suit come naptime!  He is like clockwork going down at 1pm...but for some reason, he just wasn't in the mood to sleep!  In the morning, Sky took him to the library, Home Depot, and Autozone...Munch ran around like crazy so we both thought he would crash out...BOY WERE WE WRONG!  Sky started the process and after 30 minutes, I took a shot at it...this went on for over an hour and a half!  Finally Sky and Grey both crashed out around 3pm!!!
He wouldn't relax in his crib, so Sky just laid him down next to him on the floor in his room...and  this was the result!!!

Yesterday evening, we just did some things around the house, ran to Wal Mart, and then grabbed a quick bite.  We all anticipated passing out early since no one slept great....AGAIN, BOY WAS I WRONG!  Sky finally got Grey down at 9:15pm!  When we checked on him at 10, this is what we saw!!!
When this kid crashes, he really crashes!!!  How uncomfy does he look?!?!?!?!?

We went in (snapped a pic), adjusted our lil man to a more comfy position, (snapped another picture), and then just admired our lil man!  He looks so angelic here:)
Now if you know me, you know I am not a night person.  If I stay up past 10pm, its rare!  Well I got into bed around 10 last night...but didn't fall asleep until midnight...and I didn't even feel tired!  Would you believe it if I told you I woke up at 3:30!  I thought for sure I'd fall back asleep so I laid in bed until 4...then I moved to the couch...and by 5:30, I GAVE UP and made some coffee.  Not sure what has gotten into me!?!?!?!?  Thankfully I work from home today, so I don't have to force myself to get ready and look presentable!  (at least not for a while...LOL)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


How is it possible that I love this lil guy more everyday?!?!?!  So thankful and blessed to be his mama!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy week!

 My mom and dad were here Monday & Tuesday and then my mom and grandma were here Wednesday through Saturday!  It was so nice to have the company while Sky was out of town working.

Greyson took a liking to this lil nook between the Loft railing and the lazy boy!  Don't ask!!!

Mimi & Munch!  

Thursday evening, Danielle and I hosted a party at my house.  Greg's sister-n-law is a 31 Gifts sales rep so she came over and showed us all kinds of fun stuff!
Greyson was ornery as ever!!!

But still cute as a button:)

I got some great ideas from Pinterest....dip in a hollowed out pepper:)

Yummy seven layer dip!

Waffle cone fruit desserts!!!

And what is a party without some balloons?

Auntie Dani chased him and the balloons until we finally hid them!!!

Friday, I worked and grey stayed home with Mimi and Baba:)  He put on a show for them....dancin to his keyboard!

Friday evening, we ran some errands and had dinner.  On the way home, we hit up Dairy Queen!
No one was happier about that decision than Grey!

Chocolate ice cream = much needed bath!!!

We said good-bye to Mimi and Baba Saturday morning and welcomed Dad home Friday evening.  This weekend the weather went from beautiful all week to cold and rainy all weekend:(  Sky, Grey, and I ran some errands and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen Saturday morning and then hung out the rest of the day.  Sunday was another lazy day....church, laundry, and ironing:)  Hard to believe the weekend is almost over!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Fun

The weather is starting to really warm up so we have been spending all the time we can outside!
with our friend Thomas:)

Sky bought Grey a dancing/talking Donald Duck on  clearance at Hallmark...Grey likes to toss him around!!!!

Good morning bright eyes!

Hi Mimi!!!
My parents arrived Monday evening and have been in town since!  Last night, Danielle came over and we headed to a brick oven pizza place for dinner!  It was delicious:)  Tonight, my mom, grandma, Grey and I are doing a lil shopping and dining!  4 generations!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Low Key Weekend

This weekend was very low key....it was a dreary, rainy Saturday so we hung around the house most of the day.  Sky did take Grey to the library and get his tires rotated...but other than that, it was BORING!  (which I LOVE).  

We did venture out for some Mexican on Saturday evening.  Grey was thoroughly enjoying his dessert...
Gerber Graduates Juice Treats, Fruit Medley, 6-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)
These are magic!  He is an angel anytime we give him these:)

Sunday was a beautiful day so we took advantage and spent some time outside...playing at the park and at home:)
It was perty sunny...

Or was it?
Today I am feeling very thankful for my husband and son...and all the wonderful friends and family I have in my life.  Reading others stories and going through things personally, makes me realize just how lucky I am.  I am looking forward to a visit from my Mom, Dad, and Grandma this week! (especially since Skyler is gone all week:()

Friday, April 13, 2012

Being a Mom to a Boy:)

I am linking up with http://www.kellyskornerblog.com since her theme today is perfect for me!  I am the lucky mom of a precious 21 month old lil boy....Greyson Kalani....aka Mista Munch:)


He truly is the light of mine and Skyler's life.  He never ceases to amaze us!  
I know I would have been just as thrilled to have a daughter, but now that I have my lil man, I can't imagine it any other way.  There is something very special about a mother/son relationship!  He definitely tests me, but melts my heart like no one else can!  He can kick and scream stop and I'll get so frustrated and then he stops and says "hi" in the sweetest lil voice....and all I can do is laugh or smile!  I am a pretty tough cookie with everyone else...EXCEPT him!  I am such a softy with him:)  
He is such a blessing and I couldn't be more proud to call him my son!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to the routine!

Getting back into the swing of things after being on a lil vacay is never fun!  But Munchy didn't skip a beat!

He is talking to much....he is into doors, trees, grass, and bears right now. Don't ask!!!  LOL~!
This robe almost fits him!  

My man was all smiles this morning!  

All ready to go!!!

I'll carry/drag my bag mama!!!!